OneNote app for Windows 8.1/RT updated with long awaited printing support and more


Owners of Windows 8.1 and Windows RT devices can now download a new version of Microsoft's OneNote note taking app from the Windows Store that finally adds printing support, along with a number of other new features.

Printing notes should arguably have been added to the OneNote app long before today, but at least it's now available for Windows 8.1 and RT users. Microsoft says, "With this update, it's a breeze to print your notes, and OneNote supports all of the features you'd expect including beautiful full color page previews, portrait and landscape orientations, multiple copies, duplex printing, and more."

In addition, the OneNote update now allows for file attachment support so users can save documents in their notes. Also, the app now allows for PDF printouts, with Microsoft saying, " ... students can read slides, assignments, and more directly in OneNote and annotate them with ink or text."

Finally, there's a new highlighter tool, with Microsoft saying, "Highlighter is now included in the radial menu next to the four pen styles, and you can customize the color and thickness to your liking. This feature is especially useful when combined with PDF printouts." What do you think of these improvements that have been made to the OneNote Windows 8.1/RT app?


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OneNote app for Windows 8.1/RT updated with long awaited printing support and more


Windows phone version is lacking in comparison...but I still use it daily and prefer it over other similar apps because of its simplicity.

He's talking about the universal Office touch suite for Windows coming soon. The said the reason it's delayed was that tehy want Windows to have the best experience and most features.  Unlike iPad/Android it'll be full Office. :D

Funny, I just got a SP3 and was like what the hell, I can't print and I can't highlight??? A few days later, this update. Kudos for once Microsoft. Kudos.

I have a Surface Pro 3 also. It's awesome. After two months, just found out yesterday you can double tap the button on the pen to take a screenshot. Awesome!

Please bear in mind that using OneNote would ideally result in a reduced paper consumption...However, there might occur situations where one still needs a hardcopy of sth. so the function is still welcomed 

Why is it so freaking hard for Microsoft to implement password protected sessions? It's already on iOS. Is it easier to code for iOS or is it that the OneNote team/Microsoft loves iOS so much?

What is interesting is that when functions like that are introduced in modern apps(winRT), you can expect that functionality to come to all Microsoft OSes including WP with Threshold release. *Fingers crossed*

Off topic: Plzz help me.. I was using dp. I downgraded and installed Lumia cyan on my 520. It's version is 12393. Battery is draining furiously. Lumia 630 ships with 12397 version. How should I update? Again dev preview? Normal update not available.

Anyone knees where to buy an N-Trig pen? Will it work if I buy one from other maker (mine was Sony's) because I lost mine?

Your best bet would be to buy a Surface Pro 3 pen. That'll be the easiest N-Trig pen to find. And yeah, should work fine across devices as far as I know.

I have both Sony Vaio duo 11 with ntrig pen and surface pro 3... pens for both work on both... you can buy either... the surface pen is like a real pen in size and the buttons are easy to use... the sony is smaller than a real pen but very durable and easy to use... for writing I prefer the surface but the sony has a cap to protect the pen tip... hmmm what to do...


http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Latitude-ST-XT3-Battery/dp/B00LU0S600/ref=sr_1_cc_3?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1408470775&sr=1-3-catcorr&keywords=n-trig+pen maybe this would work... $13

I love OneNote, but it drives me crazy how you cannot create a new notebook on the OneNote wp8.1 app. I was showing off office lens to a buddy who uses it on android, and he couldn't believe he could create a new notebook on android and WP users couldn't.

I use OneNote for Android and I have to admit it is more functional than other OneNote versions except the desktop one.

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Not that impressed with the WinRT version even now.  The WinRT app version of OneNote STILL doesn’t do any handwriting recognition / indexing for searching. Seriously, that’s one of the most useful and basic features of desktop OneNote, and it’s not a feature of the version they’re pushing people to use on the Surface Pro 3. If you want someone to have a reason to use your platform, you have to give them a reason to. Right now, there’s no reason to use (WinRT) OneNote over Evernote, or any of the other generic notetaking apps.

(Desktop) OneNote is an amazing program, but ripping out all of the unique functionality leaves you with something bland and nearly useless. And of course, that basic functionality missing is on top of the more advanced stuff that is missing like video or audio recording (also tied to your notes). I really hope Gemini/Office Touch brings an actual useful version of WinRT OneNote (and even more so that the other programs aren’t just as bland and generic compared to their desktop counterparts).

The Android app has also received a very nice update making the UI look more like the Windows version (only without the occasionally irritating radial menu) and with handwriting support.

I use a Surface Pro 3, a Lumina 1020, and I have a VivoTab RT. I love OneNote but never understood the value of the modern app version. The desktop version does so much more. I suppose when modern-only tablets come out, there will be a reason... until then, not seeing it.

I have a surface pro 3 and onenote, onenote does not show up in the store for me so I cant check i have the update, anyone else experiencing this?

I'm trying on a Windows 8.1 PC and I don't see it either. Searching for OneNote displays a message saying that the app is no longer in the store, and manually checking for updates tells me everything is up to date. I don't see the printing option or the quick highlight option in the app so I don't believe it has updated itself yet.

Simply amazing interface, its osum using and working on it.
Got everything in it...

Though one thing I really miss is a password protection. ! Please update it with a locking option of 4-6 digits.