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Pako for Windows Phone will make you rage quit, but you'll keep coming back

Games that make us rage quit are usually the ones that make us keep coming back. Here's another one of those games. Pako is a one player car chasing game developed by the same team who brought us Picnic Rumble. Cops are on your tail and there's no escape. How long would you last?

Head past the break to watch our hands-on and gameplay video with the Nokia Lumia Icon.

The idea of the game is to escape enemy vehicles as long as possible before you crash or the chasers catch you. Your car is always accelerating. There are no brakes. Press the left side of the screen to go left and press the right side of the screen to go right.

PAKO gameplay screenshot

High scores are recorded and you can see the scores of the best players online from the main screen. The current high score is over 6 minutes! We're having a hard time lasting longer than a minute.

There's only one stage right now, which is set in a mall parking lot. The developers say they are putting the finishing touches to additional stages. They tell us to expect a new level within a week or two. The new stages make small twists to the basic gameplay; for example, there are zombies in cemetery that the player can run over to gain more seconds, and on another stage, there are tanks that shoot the player.

PAKO screenshot gameplay

Pako is an easy game to get addicted to. After you crash, the game automatically starts over again. It's going to make you keep saying, "one more round."

PAKO busted

We like this game a lot, but there's one major issue. The ad that's displayed on top of the screen blocks the username field. We hope that gets fixed in an update.

PAKO ad screenshot

Pako is available now for free at the Windows Phone Store. It's heading over to iOS and Android very soon. Check it out and let us know if you can do better than our current high score.



Reader comments

Pako for Windows Phone will make you rage quit, but you'll keep coming back


This game is junk. Ads taking up real estate that you really need to play, and the car drives a tad too fast for the map it's on.

Hahaha this game is somehow hilarious and definitely gets my game of the year award! Has anybody else got an ad-free version too? Mine is! :D

I'm enjoying this game but damn its hard lol the controls are good though the car is wild!

This game is far too addicitve. A huge fan of the design of the game, simple yet affective. Got a high score of 45.3 seconds so far

Dammmm you you little over drifting car!!!!!!

To those complaining about the ads, seriously, your kidding right. Even on my 521 that TINY little ad barely takes up any space.

Can't get past 23:02 but I did find the best way to start the game since it starts out super fast, immediately go left, don't go straight forward, lol.

This game, like many other apps, requires too many access to my data (phone identity, owner identity, phone dialer, ...)

See that dog in the background? Hope nobody gets so roid raged they kick the dog, as the saying goes.

Been playing this game for a while now, it's a blast! But they should make a little city to drive around into ;)

There's a city, Suburbia, a cemetery and Tiananmen square levels to come. Zombies to hit to get extra seconds too! Different cars, different handing etc.

Guys, you could survive for long in Pako by drifting continuously until the police arrive and then keep dodging them. I've played around 10 games and my highscore is 40.08 seconds.