Oggl Pro for the Nokia Lumia 1020

Photos and video of Hipstamtic’s Oggl Pro, a Nokia Lumia 1020 exclusive

We first heard of Hipstamatic bringing their popular Oggl app to Windows Phone back in May. It was supposed to launch alongside the Nokia Lumia 925, but that didn’t happen. At least not with the European release of the Lumia 925. Instead, we’re getting Oggl Pro with the newly announced Nokia Lumia 1020. If you aren’t familiar with Oggl, you’ll know why the two are a good match. Photos and video after the break.

Oggl Pro is made by Hipstamatic. It will be exclusive to the Nokia Lumia 1020. It allows you to capture photos, apply filters, and share out to social networks. Those networks include places like Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even Instagram.

The app was built using some of Nokia’s new imaging/camera SDK. That SDK is available to all developers and all apps on Windows Phone. The guys at Hipstamatic did some pretty creative camera UI using the SDK. Check the video out above to see all the little touches that add up to what looks like a very compelling photo taking experience.

Oggl Pro for Windows Phone 8 SC

Oggl Pro also brings over some touches that you get with the current app on iOS. In the gear section of the app you’ll have access to filters that you can apply to the filter – lenses and film. Oggl Pro is free and comes pre-installed on every Nokia Lumia 1020, but access to the gear costs (like on the iOS version). It will set you back either $2.99 per quarter or $9.99 per year. With that you get access to the entire catalog of Hipstamatic’s lens and film filters, with new gear each month.

Oggl Pro for Windows Phone 8 SC

Here are the features of Oggl Pro vs. Oggl in your ever favorite, easy to digest, bullet list:

  • Have greater control of their shot by making a variety of manual adjustments
  • Reframe their shot by using the lossless 3x zoom feature
  • Set manual exposure and tap to focus
  • Orient their shots using the auto-leveling feature
  • Control white balance, ISO and shutter speed
  • Capture full resolution images at 41 MP and apply Hipstamatic’s film and lens effects

Oggl Pro for Windows Phone 8 SC

Why would you share to Oggl over others? Mostly Oggl is positioned to be a place where you find high quality, original content. Heck. They describe themselves as “a community for creative people to capture and curate their lives through photography”. 

Oggl Pro for Windows Phone 8 SC

What about everyone without a Lumia 1020? Can they use Oggl Pro? Doesn’t look like it. The Lumia 1020 will exclusively get Oggl Pro, but the original Oggl app is coming to Windows Phone devices that have at least 1GB of RAM! 


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Photos and video of Hipstamtic’s Oggl Pro, a Nokia Lumia 1020 exclusive


Nokia announced today that they ditched plans to release their Impala line of smartphones when focus testers complained that "8 lbs is a bit excessive" and "The Snapdragon MSM8960 is actually a little slower than a Cheetah."

Just wondering...should every app be dumbed down...I mean optimized to take advantage of lower spec devices? Should there be no advancement of features or performance for higher end devices? Heck, shouldn't Nokia just stop selling the high end devices and then stop working to bring any premium app titles over to Windows Phone. I can't afford to get this 1020 just yet, but I realize that I'm not going to get the same stuff as it gets either. Its a beast and will get beast worthy toys to play with.

Often features don't really need as much RAM as they finally end up taking, because some of the developers are either inexperienced or lazy, or both. Often there is no need to dumb anything down. Then again, some features do need lots of RAM and that may be the case here.

To be honest it doesn't look like anyone with less than 1GB RAM will be getting access to any of the new camera apps that use the new SDK.

well - specs in a phone are there to be specs not just to raise the price of the phone but to do more with the phone 
is like buying a 400bhp car knowing you cant drive them as fast as you want on your motorways :))

The imaging SDK runs on 512mb devcies, (See the example apps Nokia posted yesterday 1,2 ,3) so it's not the Camera Imaging SDK limiting access. Perhaps it will be a situation like Temple Run where they'll optimize later and get 512 support in. I see no reason why there couldn't be support for 512 devices on any WP8 app... Especially when Nokia is doing the heavy lifting (image processing) for you. Games, are a different story.

Apparently the dev wants a higher-level experience, hence a monthly fee for the Pro version. That said, I doubt I'd use either. I'd give it a whirl when I got a1020, but I wouldn't pay for it, as it doesn't seem to do anything more than Nokia's own Camera Pro and Creative Studio apps do (the only filters I use are the sketch and watercolor ones, because if i wanted my photos looking like an old Polaroid, I'd use an old Polaroid) and I don't use instagram.

Applying filters to the live video feed took quite a bit of time. Looks like the S4 processor is being used to the extreme! :)

Because not everbody carries DSLR everywhere?
Why make a big, great quality screen to a phone when you can buy great quality 60" TV for 3000 euros or 500 euros tablet? Same logic.

He said takign quality pictures not pictures. if you want to watch a movie with quality you would not suggest someone to put a 500 euro tablet in his living room, or would you?

Getting tired of this exclusive crap....buy a new L925 which is a new device but it's already 9 months old actually...whats the point now? owing a WP is like owning a outdated device...

You have a 925 & you're "tired of this exclusive crap"? This would be like the ONLY exclusive that excludes you.

I think the point he's getting at is quite valid. I have an ativ s and was pretty disappointed to find that Nokia was producing so many exclusive apps. I can understand spec based exclusivity but brand based exclusivity is a bit ridiculous and is detrimental to the overall success of a phone's OS. Now with Nokia introducing model based exclusivity, this will hurt the WP OS even more. I'm a windows fan boy but this exclusivity shit is making me see why iOS has been so successful. I considered trading in my ativ s for a Nokia and I'm glad I haven't so far as I'd be pretty pissed if i moved to a 925 or 928 only to find that 1020 exclusives are on the way. IMO, brand/model based exclusivity should be disallowed by Microsoft. Again, if it is based on specs then okay, but if Samsung introduces a new model with the same specs as a Nokia, then the same apps should be available. A better strategy would be to put a higher price on these apps for non Nokia users instead of shutting them out completely. I was so excited to see FIFA being released only to discover its exclusive to Nokia, what a load of bs. My 2 cents.

No I don't the point is with WP8 devices everything is so dam exclusive. with the exception of the HTC 8X everything else is exclusive. It's not the way to go.

Forget the 8X. It's crap. Didn't you know HTC doesn't care jack about their older phones? Well now you do.

You should transfer that last phrase from the end to earlier in the article :D I was just getting so mad and then, there it was!

Because Nokia spent time and money working with Hipstamatic to make a premier Oggl app. They want to promote their new flagship phone.

I understand that. But they basically alienated not just WP users, but every other Lumia phone holder. It's one thing to promote a new app with launch of a phone, something completely different promoting app with just one phone from the start. Wouldn't it make sense to make it available to all Lumia users? It's not like it's not Nokia's hardware.

Yes, I read the article. Still doesn't answer the question why exactly is it for 1020 only. What's in it that makes it exclusive to 1020? I don't think that an app could require more than 1GB RAM. Some graphics intensive games don't require more than 1GB RAM. When you launch a phone with an exclusive app just for that phone, you are basically saying "Sorry, but we are going to build a special store for 1020 only. All non 1020 users, you are stuck with lesser apps".

Suddenly they are creating a special store because of one app? A bit melodramatic. For once us Lumia owners aren't getting an exclusive app unless we own a 1020. Not a big deal...

The pro likely requires the extra RAM and/or other things that are 1020 specific. Not everything runs on every level of hardware. Did you read that you'll still get a version of the app? Geesh.

Edit: the Pro has some specific things that the rest of the Lumias can't do, like 3x lossless zoom, like capturing full 41MP resolution. The difference between the "Pro" and regular is listed right there when you're done being upset because you didn't READ the whole article.

What's the point of having a flagship device that has now special features or apps that take advantage of those features ? There are classes of models for a reason, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx and now 10xx. Whatever can be trickled down, will. The point is the Flagship pushes everything.

I like that there is a 9xx and a 10xx series now, there's room at that top to challenge competitors in spec wars and the ongoing race to the bottom for low cost devices. To complain about "lessor" apps in this case is like saying there should be no difference between a 1 Series BMW and a 7 Series.

Can you take 41 MP photos with your current device? As someone previously commented, Pro probably takes advantage of that. Calm down.

How dare you imply that i enjoy bullet lists! They are the work of the devil! The devil i tell you!!!!

I'm starting to get annoyed by the word 'curate'.  It smacks of fancy-pantsness.  I don't "curate my life", I keep all my crap in cardboard boxes and folders named "Stuff" like a man.

Ooh la-di-da, look at Mr Fancy Pants with his boxes and folders! I keep all my crap strapped to my back with barbed wire and duct tape... Like a real man! :P

"The app was built using some of Nokia’s new imaging/camera SDK. That SDK is available to all developers and all apps on Windows Phone."
I wonder when Samsung or HTC are gonna build SDK's for developers to utilize on Windows Phone.....bwahahahaha... Sorry, I couldn't hold that one in :)

Hipstamtic's Hipstamtic's Hipstamtic's Hipstamtic's Hipstamtic's Hipstamtic's Hipstamtic's Hipstamtic's

They too don't read articles before freaking out? Don't think so. They actually don't get the good stuff. We do. How would you want to use the ability to oggl 41MP shots on your Lumia 92x? Come on. Oggl for everybody. Hi-Res supercam oggl for high-res supercam phone.

Its worse than that, 920 released 9mths ago in AU making it now 3 models old and already its feeling left behind with this talk of 1020 exclusives and models running apps and WP versions not yet available.. finding it hard to get on the bandwagon when the horse has already bolted :(

i hope this is comment fail?  it seems the same response has been made further down to a post more relevant than this one.. if not, well i'm a bit stumped as to this outburst of rage :)

nope - the new windows phone version will run on all 512 devices at least for 36 month unless they fork it again like with wp7:) software wise you get what you pay for. are you also complaining that your engine doesnt profit of premium patrol or your pc doesnt run the newest games?

This really sucks! Why can't this app be released for older Lumia devices like 920? I'm getting tired with this fragmentation. I think its time to jump ships again.

It IS being release on the older devices like the Lumia 920. The pro features are the ones that can only work with that 41mp sensor so there's no point in them being on the older Lumia's because they do not have that sensor!

This really sucks!  Why can't people finish reading an article?  I'm getting tired with this incomprehension.  I think it's time to flag posts again.

I came here to whine about something, not that I really care about this, it's just this entitlement, so Nokia beware, I'll jump to a ship, or else. Something.