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Pinterest now officially available for Windows Phone

Official apps joining Windows Phone for the first time make us very happy. We've had a few third-party apps for Pinterest, but nothing official over the past few years. That changes today! Everyone, let's officially welcome Pinterest to Windows Phone.

Pinterest is a highly popular visual discovery tool and 'virtual' pinboard. It allows users to create, share and organization collections called boards. Those boards usually have a theme, like dream vacations.

Pinterest ( is joining Windows Phone in beta form today. Here's what we get with this first release:

  • Plan projects: home remodels, car restorations, garden redesigns and other DIYs
  • Dream up your next trip: outdoor adventures, road trips with friends, family outings and exotic vacations
  • Collect your favorite things: illustrations, tattoo ideas, hilarious quotes, tech gadgetry and inspiring art and architecture
  • Save great ideas: articles to read, movies to watch, gifts to buy, fashion and beauty how-tos, food and recipes to cook, fitness tips and lifehacks
  • Get organized for a party: wedding decor, birthday themes, costume ideas and game day menus


We've just installed Pinterest for Windows Phone and have been poking around with it. We'll admit we're not the biggest Pinterest users, but this is a nice app and we're sure fans of the service will love it. Look for a hands-on later, but for now take it for a spin and let us know what you think!

Via: @joebelfiore

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Pinterest now officially available for Windows Phone



Somebody please slap on Flipboard developers.. They have been sleeping for almost 2 years.

Flipboard has a beta. I got it. WPCentral never posted the link when I tipped them. Search WMPoweruser they posted a story on it with a link to download.

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I've just looked and probably wasn't posted here as it was a fake. They've amended the article at the bottom to say so on WMPoweruser. And to be fair they seem to pinch their correct articles from here anyway.

It's funny because last week I was wondering if they'd ever release "ooVoo", "Pinterest" and "BBM" on Windows Phone. Come on BBM come to us!

Lets be honest people.. There is no way around windows. The more we get to complete adopting windows 8..... The big boys need to come if they want a piece of the biggest pie in the computer world.... It's all just a matter of time but since Microsoft is finally showing some balls things are happening..... Quickly!!!!!

Yay ! Finally its out on WP. Official apps are on a roll out at the WP store. Windows Phone seems to be getting better and better day by day. ;)

Awesome! One more "official" app we needed to gain users!! Lets bring the official Snapchat next! In the words of Icecube, today was a good day.

The beginning of apps that are not anything more than shortcuts to a website? Yay!

I love good mobile websites. But I HATE when they are disguised deceptively as "apps".

If you didn't know, the app was awesome, but they had to remove it.
Anyway if you want to try it, it's still available from a site (xde developer) or something
But you need to have dev account to deploy the xap

Yet, as I said before, at least we now have a so called "official" app. Be it a mobile web wrapper. Lack of official apps is really something imporatant that needs to be eradicated, in any way. And something is always better than nothing, specially in this platform. By saying it a shortcut to website, you can actually cut down a large amount of android apps that does nothing but links to a website with some minor recognizable UI. Hell, some even don't do that, just pops up a full screen ad and then redirects you to an unknown web forgery site. While they're still counted as "apps".

Finally my wife will get this one! She's an addict and did a decent job but her iPad was the only choice for her. KUDOS MS!

I don't care for Pinterest myself, but this is one of those major apps that was leaving a huge hole in the platform's app selection. This is great to see!

Yes; And its a crap! So people will not use it. Then they will drop its support like 7-eleven because people don't use it.

Moral of the story: don't give away the crapp in first place.

+1 is pretty good - easy to use, but data use goes through the roof, so it will be interesting to see if this official "app" is more data friendly when not around wifi. is the best third party but even this web wrapper is on par with it. Pin.I'll probably stick with the 'official' one for now. 

Yeah. It looks nothing like a WP app should look. This is literally just the same as

Disappointing for sure.

Oh well. It's a checkmark in the list of app, I suppose. Even if it was available all along in IE.

Usually they come to WP when nobody cares anymore on other platforms, so I think you're right.

It feels very beta too. Google really pioneered the art of everything in Beta, used to be "pre-release", now it's..........

It's good to hear that more official apps come to WP every day!Anyway, concerning Pinterest, i think the third party app "Pin It" it's still better for the time being!

Let's be positive and hope that this means they are working on a real app... or a mobile website with full functionality. Yeah, I don't believe that either but it's a nice thought.

I'm wondering too... The beta part refers to the webapp or will they bring a native experience someday?

Haven't tried yet, the female led majority in my home have been "asking" about a better pinterest option for a long &@s&*% time.

Flipboard, NHL center ice, instagram update, vine update, twitter update, Netflix update, twitch, stumble upon, probably quite a few more that I can't think of right now.

Hopefully there's a Windows 8 version coming soon --- assuming this was built with a universal app in mind


Edit: Nevermind, I see it's a web app.

Aaaaaaaand I'm going back to This is just the mobile site. No way to add pins by URL or image (unless I'm really missing something on the mobile site). Glad they showed some interest in WP8, but this is a waste.

Now all we need is 750,049 more apps in the following categories "fart, torch light and more fart" then iVerge, iEngadget, iCnet are going to say "WP usually gets apps last, if you don't mind being last you should consider a Windows Phone. Ecosystem 7" hahaha

This is stupid. It is literally the mobile web experience that already exists. Go to ie, go to Pinterest. Its EXACTLY the same. They did no work to build this app. None.

Yep. Joe B should be ashamed for promoting this crap.

Wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft had to beg them and did the "work" for them even.

I think they are still preparing the web wrapper for Flipboard Beta in the name of an app. Final tests are going on for devices with at least 2GB RAM. It will land on February 30, 2015.

couple new apps said joebelifore today, now one we got it official pinterest & what will be other one might be BBM or any other official big app lets wait & watch

This is worthless... :/ hope whenever hell freezes over flipboard will be here and be as good as the one on windows 8.1

Dont use it but I dont think WP users are that desperate they would settle for a web app. Apparently Microsoft is though as they are so happily promoting it.

At this point I bet $100 BBM will also be a web wrapper! Place your bets gentlemen

Oh, and beta

and version



Webfuckingapp really? I feel like a beaten up wife who thinks her husband will change and make it up for her... MS I am loyal but throw me a bone and a big one or I go back to IOS. I know this pinterest issue is not MS fault but it is a way or another...

These apps are so claustrophobic. They need to get away from ios/android style and go metro.

Yeah you're bang on... No notifications on this beta, just a HTML wrap app of the mobile website, or so it seems to me...

All was good until I saw that you can zoom in and then I realized it was a web wrapper. Really? Are they not confident enough to put a real official app?. Ridiculous.

Wow nice another official webapp. We need real functionality, notifications ability to share websites straight from IE, etc.

So I emailed them with the title 'Windows Phone App' to pan them for making a web wrapper; they respond in two minutes saying 'we don't have a Windows app'.
At least the reply was fast.

How do you mean? I was more pointing out that this person doesn't even seem to realize that there's a difference between W8 and WP8, let alone that they just published an app on WP8.

Very nice. I'll have to see how this compares to Pin It. Chris Zorn has done a great job staying up on updates and tweaks.

I'll install the beta to keep the numbers up, but I'm fine with the 3rd party app that I'm using...on the once every other month occasion that I go to Pinterest.

Plus now I'm reading that its a web wrapper. The Cult of Official can use this; I'll stick with what works best.

Good news.
Sure it's a Beta and it's a mobile website wrapped in the guise of an app, BUT it looks and acts great. I like some features of I think the performance is better on the official app.

Per info from Engadget, "...The company tells us that the beta is a shortcut to its mobile web client with a few Windows Phone-native features thrown in. This won't be as tightly integrated with the platform as the Android or iOS versions, then...." So it's a typical lazy first effort.
Oh joy!(sarcasm) Let's see how long until it gets updates with more/better features *cough*official Instagram BETA.

You got it. But at least is a start. It made it to WP. Hopefully this app is updated regularly.

I won't hold my breath though. Look at how long Path took and Instagram is STILL a beta with no updates! The iOS and android versions have gotten multiple updates to their Instagram apps since we got the beta.
Our platform is still a redheaded stepchild to many devs.

Agree. But the names are here now. Not everyone knows is a webapp. Non techies can't tell the difference. Perhaps names can help on market shares. And then you know the rest..... Real apps for us. I hope.

True. A start is a start, no matter how fast or slow. But what people CAN easily differentiate is that our version says "BETA" and others don't.
So would you lean to a platform with apps tagged "BETA"....or the platforms that have apps out of beta?

Agree again. But we are in a Beta stage entirely. Be patient soon the momentum will shift. And when it does. WP will compete with the other two OS.

When has the mobile waited for anything? Be first, make the most noise, have the most of everything!
Patience = Last (best case) or Irrelevant (BlackBerry-worst case).
I'm a WP devotee and have only ever had it since the WM 6.0 days.
My criticism comes out of concern and wanting to see MS do better. Check my twitter lately.
I went from never using it to posting WP wants and ideas and criticism to devs everyday.

They'll only update it if people use it. And people will only use it if it's worth using. Considering it's the mobile site there's no reason to use it (over and above the mobile site).

Per info from Engadget, "...The company tells us that the beta is a shortcut to its mobile web client with a few Windows Phone-native features thrown in. This won't be as tightly integrated with the platform as the Android or iOS versions, then...." So it's a typical lazy first effort.
Oh joy!(sarcasm) Let's see how long until it gets updates with more/better features *cough*official Instagram BETA

Translation: We dont give a rats arse about Windows Phone users.  How is it that individual developers can make "real" apps. It's not just (4.5 starts), but PinInterest (4 stars), Scrapbook for Pinterest (3.5 stars), PinIt (4 stars).  There really isn't an excuse for company to have to resort to such lazy tactics. 

I'm sure the panacea over "official" will make people use the inferior experience of this non-app, web wrapper, but like I said, I'll stick with what works best.

Ooh a beta again... :/ wp can't be a choice without (full,Official) pinterest, snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc. So the popular mobile apps.

Pfffft...the versions I have work just fine.  Most people outside of these forums don't care if things are "official" or now...just that they work. 

Thanks for coming to WP. Update this webapp to a native app asap please. Happy to have you here.

I've got my fingers crossed so hard I have a hand cramp for there to be a REAL fitbit app with sync capability for the official WP 8.1 release this summer.

It will be a web wrapper. Oh, it does not have a mobile website? Then it won't be coming. Sorry.

This has supposedly been coming since 2012. In December, some concepts were leaked by a new developer they hired. But don't hold your breath, grindr is known to over-promise and under-deliver.

Oddly enough...that 7/11 app is listed in the WP 8.1 store in one of the featured groupings. Made me laugh after reading the article about it.

Agree. Support was drop temporarily but the app is still available. 7-11 will reconsider and fire Ana. Lol

As an hardcore user of pinterest I can say that the app is quite good. The only things that bugs me a little, and won't let me replace with the official app yet, is that is not possible to send pins through pinterest itself, and this option is available in both iOS and Android versions of the app. I'm really hoping this will be fixed in the upcoming update. Except that, everything is fine!