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Poll: Are you getting the Nokia Lumia Icon?

The Nokia Lumia Icon is here. Well technically it’s coming next week, but it’s still an awesome phone that a lot of you are probably going to pick up. The Lumia Icon is coming to Verizon on the 20th of this month, with preorders starting next week. We just reviewed the Icon, but we’re curious how many of you are planning on picking one up.

The Lumia Icon is the perfect size, but still packs all the powerful specs found in the Lumia 1520. You’ve got the same 20MP PureView camera that’s incredible, 2GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 800 processor. The display is 1080p at 5-inches and it’s incredible. We know a lot of you on Verizon are anxious to pick up the Lumia Icon. So take the poll below to let us know if you plan on getting one!

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Poll: Are you getting the Nokia Lumia Icon?



I would have voted yes to buying it, but it isn't available on TMobile's LTE network. And I'm switching to TMobile from ATT soon.

Well i know my friends 928 works just fine here (Ireland), no 4g though... Now i know the SD800 covers every 4G/LTE band so I would hope that this works with all major 4G/LTE networks... HOPE... I know this about Qualcomms SD800, what i dont know is if these bands require different ariels and if they do whether or not the Icon has them... If its anything like the 928 GSM and 3G work just fine, lets hope for 4G

I was going to buy outright but the lack of glance is a deal breaker for me. I'll be waiting to see if Verizon have any new hardware after 8.1

The specs look great, and then I read no Glance. Glance is maybe one of my favorite features all time on my 928, or any previous phone. So, until they enable it or an 8.1 device comes to vzw (which is unlikely anytime soon), I will be waiting.

I really want it but Glance is kind of a big deal.  That and double tap to wake.  The fact that the red clock on the nightstand next to me is so convenient is something I would really miss.

I'm tempted to get a Note 3 if I'm going to give up glance and double tap to wake.  I'll sign up with the VZ Edge plan and then get new 8.1 hardware this summer.  But it will be difficult moving away from WP.  I've been a happy user since the HTC trophy launched.  Just so slow with their updates it's getting really annoying.

I understand your dilemma, but the 8.1 update (if rumors are close to accurate) seems promising. Instead of pushing incremental updates for the features we WP enthusiasts desire, Microsoft (according to the recent leaks) has bundled much needed functions in their next update. If true, it was well worth the wait (in my case at least).

Why not use EDGE? I did. That way, in the Fall, I can upgrade to whatever VZW launches. They also waived my activation fee, gave me a $25 credit on my bill! I paid fulls sales tax on the unit (law in CA) and then first payment, plys 20% down, so like $189 out the door.

My EDGE payment is like $17.00

I think Bacalaohombre was playing off of the fact that you said "I'm poor RIGHT NOW", so he said "And you"ll be rich NEXT MONTH?".

Kind of like telling someone that they look amazing TODAY, and then they respond with, "Oh so I looked horrible YESTERDAY?"

At least that's the only way I can make it make sense. Notice the question mark at the end ofhis sentence.

Why go backwards , I have the 1520 . The Glance Screen Feature and SD Card and 6 Inch Screen is Mind Boggling. The battery life is good who needs a wireless charging plate. Have fun

I bought my 928 day 1 and haven't had any of the problems I'm always hearing about. So, I guess call me a cream puff... 

Maybe I'll pick this, and I'll give my 620 to my mom xD . I love this new smartphone! And with WP8.1 it will be A-W-E-S-O-M-E! :)

I like glance to much to give it up, but I'm still debating whether or not to look past it in order to take advantage of the specs. IE 1080 display and 20mp camera. Glance and a SD drive would have made this the perfect phone, especially with 8.1 when released

I know its stupid and what hardware restriction it has an amoled screen the 1520 has an ips LCD and it works just fine.

Not only that, 4K will kill any data cap. And will cost significantly more for the screen that doesn't make a difference.

I might have, if they released it here, instead of just one carrier in one country...

Looks to be the perfect Windows Phone

Yeaaa no. Its a shame that the device had soo much potential and then goes Verizon messing it up, no SD,pretty much the same size as a 1520, ugly design, and of course no fm radio/glance screen. Why does Verizon have to ruin it, not to mention att. If they made those two metal bars at the top and bottom notification leds id buy it no matter what because you'd be able to see if you have a notification w/o having to even fully pull it out of your pocket,note dependant on its orientation in your pocket. I doubt and w8.1 phones will have any user requested features either. Its bull because if I'm paying 500+ for a phone, I want a phone with everything. Just my stance and a lot others.

Seems I'll just keep my 928 with its slow 4g speeds compared to my old 822. Anyhow in phrase, Nokia get your crap together and make one phone loaded for all carriers such as apples iPhone, also make it so it has all of the radio banda included so I can choose my carrier. Thanks

I'd like to see what Verizon is going to do for users who got the 928 just last June, but it is likely I'm getting one.

They'll probably offer us $5 trade in value, but only if you sign a new contract and offer up your first born child.

SD800 kills the S4. Don't give me the old "WP runs fine on dual core", there are plenty of other tasks that greatly benefit.

He is specifically talking abt 920...and ur comment is really convincing...come again what r those other tasks on 920???

yeah, and he specifically commented on an article about the icon. graphics performance, camera performance, app loading and switching under load, that should be enough for you to stfu.

So are you trying to convince yourself or him? Since when is there Lumia Icon vs. Lumia 920 hostility dude? Relax. By the way, my 928 (Also with an S4 btw) does all those things pretty damn well, so I'm not sure many will notice the difference between an S4 and SD800 at the moment. Although the extra camera goods would be cool, but not cool enough to drop several hundred dollars on a phone off contract.

I'll want to see it at a Microsoft Store. Maybe will get one unlocked.

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Ah it wouldn't be a wpcentral comments section without someone immediately replying that the OS still isn't good enough

Nah. Only recently got my 920 and while the Icon is amazing, I want my next phone to have SD card support.

Plus there's no Verizon in the UK so I can't buy it anyway, heh.

I'm of a mind to upgrade when there is a significant reason to. I'll probably wait for the 8.1 phones to upgrade from the 920. It fits my needs well enough that I don't see a need to upgrade unless it were for a different style (phablet) or significant advantage (increased battery life).

Those are terrible poll choices. LOL. I voted "wait for 8.1" even though that's not true. I'm holding out hope for something for T-Mobile, but might get the Icon if it's not outrageously priced off contract.

Will switch from my 920 if something similar arrives here in Norway. But no haste, the 920 is behaving well. Want something with bigger screen, but still lighter, with Icon camera, 64GB, SD and keeping the wireless charging... Oh, and way better battery life, and need LTE for Norway...

It's really nice but it doesn't really have anything I, desperately, need.

BTW, I didn't vote because I don't have a 928 (really stupid choices).

Can't even consider it until it's offered through T-Mobile. Until Nokia and Microsoft understand that it's not enough to have good products, but that making sure everybody who make like them can buy them, they will never increase the rate of growth of their market share. Carrier exclusives are the kiss of death. I'm sure Apple now regrets having left a huge space open for Android's taking thanks to their insistence on keeping the AT&T exclusive.

I doubt Apple is worried about that. I can't retype the reasons why carriers rule the game, but you can be sure that we'd have no WinPhone presence in the US if we didn't have exclusives.


It is an amazing phone and camera!  I owned the iPhone 5/Galaxy S4 and I can honestly say that I will not go back to Apple or Samsung phones!  1020 is the best phone I ever owned, and this is my 2nd Nokia phone, I used to have a brick Nokia 3595 lol

Exactly, now why in the heck is it only on Verizon? lol I would have gladly made the jump to the Icon from my 920.

I don't understand why you post a Poll on a subject that only applies to a small part of the world. At least you could head it up, USA residents only!

If you guys don't start realising that many of us following your Site live outside USA, then I for one will be moving on to another Windows centric site. For the record I live in New Zealand.

I'm waiting to see what Microsoft has for us this summer.  Hoping for something like a Surface Phone, but honestly the big downer for me is no micro-sd.  My next Windows Phone WILL HAVE A MICRO-SD!!!!

Def. going to be picking this up, hopefully on launch day. Loved the camera on my 928 and this one will be even better!

Honestly, not enough change in design and screen size from my current 928. I seriously am trying to find an affordable way to switch to att and the 1520. Microsoft store has it on contract for 99 bucks but its 199 at the att store

I would get the 1520 and be on ATT in a heart beat if it worked at my home & office. I think Sam did a article on ATT phones and the 1520 32GB was only $139 online.

No. Absolutely no reason to if you already have a 928 and native 8.1 phones are not far off. Plus leaving Glance out is just unforgivable, even worse than leaving FM radio out of the 928. What are you thinking Nokia!

might pick it up when im in the US in april unless something better comes along.(doubtful & tired of being locked to my service provider when i travel outside of CAN.)

cant say i care about qi though as untill their contact less tech(shown @ ces by qi) is compatible with nokia im not buying it & more than likely ill be getting an otterbox case so it wont matter

If I would live in America, have money and be on Verizon, it would be pretty logical that I would get it, seing how it's basically a 2nd gen WP8 device.

I'm on T-Mobile and waiting for their quad core version and hopefully it's coming soon.


If not, I will have no choice but to get the 1520.

I shouldn't but I'm afraid I might anyway. Nothing at all wrong with my 822.
I can update now if I want to.
Not concerned about Glance or
SD card.
Somebody should help me to stop wanting something new for no reason.

Will it work with Verizon Prepaid plan if I wanted to test it and Verizon out?  I'm with T-mobile & Sprint right now.

Yes. Have had the HTC 8X on Verizon for 13 months now and I need something with a faster processor & better battery life.

Would love to get it but given that I'm on unlimited data, I'd have to pay full retail or find some friends who work at Verizon or a retailer really fast. It's definitely a compelling device but I'm also not sure if it's THAT much more compelling that my 928.

Will have to see the reviews and comparisons when it officially launches.

I'm thinking about getting one with my tax money. I really wanted to enter the phablet scene this year with a 1520, or pick up a 1020 for awesome mobile photography...but Verizon has no options in either area yet. Any wp8 phablets coming to big red this year? Or should I go ahead and settle for the Icon?

I'm converting from Android, btw.

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The problem is, I'm on Verizon. I can't get the 1520 in these parts.

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Can you not buy it online and then unlock it (if not already)
There are sites that allow you to upgrade even if the phone is not available in your country.

I don't think so, because Verizon runs off of a CDMA network and att runs off of a GSM network.

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They did, kind of :-) But, its a long sordid mess that you dont want to hear, but succintly, if you want to use the phone portion of the phone, youll need it provisoned for use on VZW's CMDA2000 network (Which their version of LTE auotmatically does. Its kind of cool).

It is another Lumia without microSD slot.

I have Samsung Ativ S and I'm waiting for next gen Samsung Windows Phone.

928 is still very current, will get the same software as this one, this one looks a tad too big for me. 928 cost me $50, don't want to pay $200 for a phone.

Not true - voted for my 928 until 8.1 devices come out. I am on VZW and have had my 928 since last summer. I would look at buying and passing on my 928 to my wife who has an 822, but no glance is a deal breaker if the 8.1 devices come out in the fall.

Verizon is a US provider and Americans don't buy WP smartphones so most of the WP users are not on Verizon.

Microsoft should ask US Goverment to allow people from Central Europe to work in the US. Soon there would be few milions new WP user in the US.

Not just my opinion, in the phone industry the WP's are considered as a joke to how bad they are in comparison. Plus nothing on them will work when they close Bing.

BS question. Assumes you like overpaying for mobile phone service. I'll get the GSM 5" day 1, and bring it to StraightTalk.

GSM, baby! No way I'd lock myself into a cdma carrier so they can hold a phone hostage with no other option, unlocked Rogers 1020 for me! :)

i missed the delivery from the post man or women, but on the paper it say Nokia, just wanted to give the heads up that the keyboard came, i will pick it up tomorrow and take pictures

I need to wait until December. Want 8.1 hardware anyway. Hoping that there will be more of a variety than just 3 Windows Phones to choice from by then.  Maybe Verizon will have more than just black and white.  Am I dreaming?

I dont think there will be any nokia phones in 2014 with better specs than this one, I just hope they 920 successor is better looking and with micro SDcard.

We just barely got glance back in what October? Then to get glance with noti's and switch to a new phone with out that option sux. Not to say that they can't get it later on I guess but its like taking one step forward and 2 steps back.

It looks so ugly fat and squared, Lumia 920 is still the only beautiful Lumia ever made. Danny can you please check night video quality if it sucks like the 1520's.

on AT&T, have a 920, and can upgrade in june...... IF i upgrade, i want a 1020 successor.


Still in AT&T contract and can't afford retail price. Oh well, I hope AT&T gets whatever replaces the 1020 & maybe they'll get over themselves and keep the Qi.

Meh... every time Verizon gets an awesome Windows phone, AT&T gets something to one-up it. I really like this for essentially being a smaller 1520... but it fumbled some of the major appeals of the 1520.

I'll wait for the inevitable AT&T variant that has expandable storage, a 64GB option and glance :)

3 questions.
1. This phone definitely has better camera than 928, but flash is not Xenon. I usually don't use flash, but i still want to know will there be BIG difference between 928 & 929?
2. I got my 928 back in July. It looks like brand new, doesn't have any scratches. Also absolutely no problems (freezing, rebooting, or any else). So for how much could I sell it?
3. Will it sooner or later have Glance support?

To answer your #2 question, you can sell your device on Glyde and get a couple hundred. Its a great service and offers the highest returns compared to the carriers or other resellers. As for #3, I'm sure Glance is just around the corner. I barely got the Black update today. Vzw is notorious for having slow rollouts and upgrades. You have to have lots of patience to be on Big Red.