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Poll: Are you seeing more random resets after installing Nokia App Folder?

Last Thursday Nokia had a very, very busy day. Not only did they start rolling out the Lumia Black update, but they introduced folders to Windows Phone via their App Folders application. It was received with mix results, mostly because it’s more or less a shortcut to apps and settings versus a native folder solution. Either way, we’re starting to get reports of random resets after users installed the app. Are you among them?

Both on Twitter and in our forums we’re hearing of devices like the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 920 having a higher than usual number of random resets. Tom Warren has been seeing it on his Lumia 1520 and Daniel has had it happen to him as well. In the forums there’s an entire thread where people are discussing their experience with resets after installing App Folders from Nokia. After removing the app, the reboots seem to stop

So we gotta ask, are you seeing random resets after using App Folders? Take our poll below!

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Poll: Are you seeing more random resets after installing Nokia App Folder?



No, there are even more reset's than usual.. At least on my 1520.. So far with my 1520 I've had two random resets, I still have the touch sensitivity issue, and the screen brightness dimming bug.. This has got to be the coolest WP device, with the most Android like experience.. Lol❕
Oh, did I forget to mention video recording quality is absolutely horrible on the 1520❔... My 920 isn't perfect, but next to my 1520 it does have a more quality experience...
Nevertheless, I love my 1520❕❕❕❕

I agree with video quality its horrible, I have maybe 2 random resets a week, screen brightness and sensitivity are not that annoying bugs. But the video recording quality its urgent.

No!!! I don't want Android like experience on WP. Don't see any reset. What kind of reset anyway? Uninstalled app folder just in case.

they mean reboots/restarts, not factory resets.. don't have to worry about it harming your phone.. so if you don't have the problem there's no reason for not using the app... I love it.. have no problems at all... 920

Had three random resets so far after installing the folders. All three were at the times I launched the WP central app. Wonder if that's a coincidence? Still love my lumia 920. If it is issue with a folder app, i dont have heavy heart to let ot go. Well at least for a while till this bug is fixed.

Really!! Android like experience on a WP fone does sound scary for sure.. lol.

i was waiting to install app folder on my 820 when it gets back from repair but i guess i will let it pass until they fix this bug.

OK, Nokia care told me that my phone is repaired and will get it in 2-3 days. Hope they upgarde it with gdr3 n Black update as well. 


Good luck with the 'new' phone and maybe the updates will be installed.

Seems hit and miss with the reset, so try it and see how it goes.

Daily resets on my 620 since folders, mainly during intensive activity like updating a long rss feed.

Nope, nothing on my 920, had folders installed for a week or so... But i never really see any resets anyway, is this really a problem for WP in general?

I installed it, played with it for about 5min and uninstalled, just don't need this functionality like most people I guess. Obviously no resets on 920 gdr3 with back, unlocked unbranded on att

Yes it is very slow, I am seeing resets when phone has been on for 5-6hrs with moderate activity.

I also have installed it on 720 with amber update.Hope black update will fix it.

Dont want to uninstall the apps folder, after all the tweaking that I did to organize my start screen. :)

I downloaded the app but never used it on my 1020. No resets, no problems. However I can't say the same for the wpcentral app. It's been acting up on me and the comment reply email notification isn't working the same. It no longer launches the app but I'm sure they are aware of this.

Daily resets on my 625 since folder. Especially when using multiple tabs or heavier programs on the device. Getting quite crazy over this. Just removed Folder App, let's see what it does after a few days.

Same here, everything seems to be fine, have two folders on the start screen for a couple of days now. Lumia 620, GDR3 + Amber

I've been using app folder (Samsung app) on my ATIV S for months. No resets at all. Solid phone with bug free software. Full stop.

Ahh the Shamesung fanboy. Fyi your company has done jack, only a app folder and ofcourse its bug free because that's the only thing available for your phone hahahaha lol

Just happened yesterday... It was embarrassing.. Everyone was watching.... I can't show my fizace in pizublic agizan....

I was starting to think it was either the wpcentral or super calendar apps causing it. I'm getting several reboots a day. I guess its time to remove the folders.

Mine too man Happens around 2wice a day now.. Rest of the times it just locks up. I have to leave it overnight or hard reset it :|

Happened on my 920 once after installing folders but hasn't happened again so far. I have amber w/gdr2. My phone never resets on me. But, I didn't think much of it at the time because I have been running without a reset for months. Thought it just finally needed it.

Sadly I can't recall if my 928 rebooted randomly once I installed the folders or before. But I do know a random reboot has occurred recently.

Only had a random reboot once on my 928 a couple weeks after i got it. I was interested in this folders app. Not anything I NEED so hearing about this, i will avoid it.

This may explain why my 928 rebooted when I took a photo on a recent trip.  It was the first time I have had a random reboot.  I spent alot of time organizing my apps into folders...I do like the app but if I have one more random reboot I will uninstall until they stabilize the app.

I've had one reset ever on my lumia 1020, and now that I think about it it was probably not long after installing the folder app.

Mh, I just had a random reset a few hours after installing App Folders...
The last reset I had was over 6 months ago. There is either something wrong with the app, or this is a reeeeeally strange coincidence :D (Lumia 920)

My Lumia 920 has been acting weird, resetting, not turning back on, showing battery is charging even when not connected to the charger... Idk if its cause of the app but.....

My 925 did the battery thing when I was messing with the battery saver on/off button whilst plugging and unplugging my phone... There's a bug somewhere in that area because I had to restart my phone...

Man I wish I had your luck. Every WP I've had from WP7 to now would reboot occasionally. But since I've installed the folders app my 920 reboots every few hours.

Ok... This is a bit out of control. Obviously there's a boundary the OS has and certain people hit it... Like too many apps on the start screen... Or certain apps running or both that simply just make the phone need to restart. Considering I've owned several phones and have had maybe 2 restarts since the existence of wp7. Imo

You know, u may just not have "seen" it happen. Considering it only takes, what?, 30 seconds. To restart... Lol. Who KNOWS what ELSE your device does in your pocket when your not LOOKING!. DUN! DUN! DUN! unless your one of those people who literally has to peel your face from your phone to have a human conversation with someone. Lol

At least on a GSM phone, and assuming you haven't disabled it, it will ask for the PIN again if the phone is rebooted, so it can actually be very easy to tell if it's happened while you weren't looking.

I've had one like 2 nights ago but so far nothing else. I got a 928 so that happens every month or so. unsure if because of phone issues or app folder.

Don't you know Nokia I'd perfect? This is why Microsoft is slow to bring certain features to our devices, but everyone wants this in a hurry then complain about them.

Hah..that should be a joke.Its not about features,its about the fact that MSFT still hasn`t got the background tasks to work properly and you blame it on Nokia?Its been admitted that the background tasks are a mess in WP8.They say it will be fixed when WP8.1 comes out,lets hope so.Nokia has always tried to innovate and make things better,but sadly they aren`t helped by the snail pace of WP developement by Microsoft which was deliberate IMO atleast until the Nokia acquisition.

Nothing on my L920. BUT The Sims Free Play has made the phone restart a couple of times.

In gddr3 beta got reboot twice after installing app folders didnt noticed after black update eveythings fine

I have a Lumia 1520

I am having no problems with this app! The Only problem phone I see on the phone is the "call+SMS filter" when you try and open the app it says ( Something went wrong) "Can't open the filter at the moment. Please try again later or restart your phone. 

I restarted and reset the phone. It still has the same problem. Other then that it works great!!!!

Check with your carrier. The visual voice mail would not work on T- Mo USA, until they reset/enabled this function in Anypath.

Yes, noticed two random resets in the last few days! NL920! Already uninstalled app folders, no issues since doing this!

I don't think so but I've crashed and restart while open Vine app since installing apps folder. It's never happened again before Vine app get an update a few months ago.

I doubt that its caused by the app, but I have been getting more resets here and there, not too severe though

L920 running developer preview GDR3 without black and using the new Nokia folders. Multiple random reboots since installing and using. At least 4-5 over the last few days. Hoping ATT releases Black soon for me which may help. Also noticed my App Updates icon isn't working on the Store. If I manually check for an update it works on that app, but I never get notified of updates anymore.

Is that it? I installed Folders but never launched the app. Recently I have experienced these random resets occurring, usually days apart, that I simply was not experiencing before.
(L920, ATT, Amber, GDR3P)

Lumia 1020 with GDR3 developer preview and Lumia Black-- not a single reset on my end.

As for the folders themselves, I've thoroughly enjoyed it since downloading.

Its happened to me and my Lumia 920 never restarts like that. This is why I began to pause between installing apps since I had my live tiles quit after installing Amazing Weather. Once I removed it, live tiles resumed.

1020 here: no, but my 720 started crashing a lot more using 6snap?? I thought it was Rudy's app, but maybe it was this, hmmm

No resets here. Woke up to a magnified screen this morning. Everything was enlarged " wallpaper/home screen" it was like wtf. Had to soft reset my 1020. Weird!!! Anyone else experience the same?

No resets here. Woke up to a magnified screen this morning. Everything was enlarged " wallpaper/home screen" it was like wtf. Had to soft reset my 1020. Weird!!! Anyone else experience the same? BTW, also colors are distorted on occasion momentarily, what's up with that?

I think that is a bug in Nokia's Glance. Do you use that? It looks to me like the phone gets stuck in the lower-memory/resolution mode used by Glance as it unlocks. I have only seen it happen occasionally, when locking then unlocking quickly.

Yes I do, you're probably right. It has that type of resolution. Thanks for your input. Now what to do?

No idea what to do. If my hunch is correct, turning glance screen off in settings should put a stop to it after a restart. But it doesn't happen enough to me (perhaps 2-3 times since glance screen came out) to bug me; I'd not lose glance screen to such inconvenience. :)

Guys I have a feeling the bug you're seeing here is you're double-tap to waking but the phone is registering the action as launching the magnifier.

If everything is magnified try double-tapping the screen with two fingers. That enters/exits the magnifying mode which exists in Windows Phone 8. You can disable this mode in settings though if it bothers you

Yep. 2 random resets while using my phone the past few days. I didn't even consider that it was an app problem but that would explain the sudden resets. Hoping that gets fixed soon. I like the folders but I'm not sure that they are necessary on WP.

Zero, nada. I haven't had a reset on my 920 since i bought it just 2 random freeze.

Maybe it happens after the update of Lumia Black,has someone still got Amber on in order to make a comparison

No issues with my 1020. After installing the app folder, I'm not sure I like it as much as I thought I would. So at this point, installed but not used.

3 resets in 3 days on T L920 GDR 3 preview... all 3 when using panning in web browser or apps based on webview, so I'd not think to blame app folders... but it was quite stable until this week.

I've been on 9gag also, twice, when my 920 has rebbooted in the last two days so I was sure it was because of their new layout/gif implementation. Never had any issues before.

I've been having random resets on my L925, but I installed Black at the same time and assumed it was due to the update. I will uninstall Folders and see if it helps.

I think I have had more problems since the Nokia Camera Beta. Quick Battery drain issues and random restarts, etc. I deleted it and the battery life is normal but still have random reboots. No apparent app resets - Nokia 1020

YES! On the international Lumia 920! I didnt realise that it was due to App Folders. Thought it might have been a small background update or something.

Im uninstalling it, never found good use for folders anyways, especially when theyre not Live.

I suppose, but then I only seem to have my reboots happen during use of the Nokia Camera...and I also think it may have been doing so before installing app folders =[

Yes on Lumia 920 at&t unlocked with beta GDR3 no Black yet.  One reboot today so far and a few over the past few days, all since App folder.  Also today app folder is not working - just crashes immediately.  Have created three folders that now aren't accessible.  I think I know what I have to do now....

928 has always random reset, usually during multitasking... Probably 3xs a week

Does Nokia / msft monitor these??????

Not only am I experiencing random reboots, buit certian apps that are stored in  the app folder either crashes, or the live tlie no longer updates, i.e., weather apps and xbox games.

Nope. Not on my 1020 fortunately. I guess we are expecting some more patches from Nokia / MS soon?

My 520 just went blank before Wednesday 15th 20:30pm when loading Bejeweled live then just restarted didn't ask me for sim pin though then after it had loaded up say 5 minutes later i was asked to enter my sim pin it has never done that before & i have App folder on my phone is it good or bad

L520 Reset the other day and I blamed Whatsapp as I was taking a photo with it at the time, folders are pointless anyway, removing

Big time, cant even play games or click photos. I was wondering y was there abnormal behavior in my Lumia 720 for past one week. Guess might be the same issue.

My 928 was pretty stable and last few days it has resetting one too many times Ra dimly! It does look like it happened after installing App Folders!

I had installed a couple things that day and didn't think it would have been this app. Good to know.