Poll - Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV S, which will be yours?

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You asked for it and so we're delivering. This morning you hopefully read our comparison between the top-three flagship devices with Windows Phone 8. That would be the Samsung ATIV S, HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920--all of which are fantastic phones.

Our audience yesterday was quite impressed with the looks of the 8X and it does look to be going to many carriers (whereas Samsung and Nokia are still up in the air). But assuming carriers don't matter, if you had to choose which phone would be yours, which will it be?

Voting ends Sunday at 6PM ET. We'll have the results up on Monday morning. To vote on your phone, head to m.wpcentral.com.



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Poll - Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV S, which will be yours?



It hasn't been confirmed that Verizon will have the 8X either, has it?  HTC only offcially said that Verizon will receive either the 8S OR the 8X when they were announced.  Has something else come up to confirm the 8X on Verizon and not just the 8S?

Great to hear!  I hope that holds true.  Now, if they would offer the option of 16 or 32 GB of storage, I would be all over it.

Daniel-just curious,being the camera enthusiast that you are where do you think that the pureview tech and the OIS will affect real world use? I notice a lot of people voting for the 920 solely based on the camera but what advantage does it really have over the 8X ? Will the average consumer really notice that big of a difference in photo quality? it looks to me like OIS might help in low light conditions where you need a steady hand to get clear pictures but what about day time with optimal lighting?

It should come in handy if you are ever in a Michael Bay movie.
The IOS is only one of the technolgies tipping the scales on Nokia's favor.

I'm not Daniel but I'm sure that under optimal lighting and zero shaking the difference between phones will not be noticeable. However these are hardly real word conditions as most people need to photograph at night or in situations with little stability. When it comes to video the difference will always be evident unless you are filming on a tripod

I'm not Daniel either but I notice a lot of people don't know how to hold a camera steady and they shake the camera when the press the button. For the record, one should not hold the camera with outstretched arms. Keep your elbows against your ribs, wide and steady stance, and slowly squeeze the button.

I for one have a very unsteady hands that 70% of my photos come blurry in optimal lighting.. Would love to see how the 920 would change that :D

I'm pretty sure all Windows Phones have software image stabilizing to help with shaking. Look in options in the camera and there should be an option to turn Anti-Shaking on and off. Some have better software to compensate for it. I think the 8X has a special chip to help with photos. The 920 will just rely on software less than other phones.

Yes, all of them have it. The thing is that doing it with software isn't nearly as good as doing it with hardware, like on Lumia 920.

You will notice it if you are moving to take a picture of a moving object, the picture should be clearer with less blur of the target of focus and less noise in night shooting, also the light sensor will pick up more light allowing for a better shot in general when using a 920. (You will get more detail in your pictures; which is also great for cropping options if later you decided you wanted to edit the picture)

Video is were there are big gains too as your foot steps will be better covered and less noticable, with some skill you could get a near enough dolly effect with some carefull stepping.

These things are possible to achieve without OIS but it will be far easier to achieve with less effort using OIS technology... which is far more practical in real world shoots when you might only have a few seconds to grab your shot or video.

Day time shots with OIS should be fun as you could get some very cool action shots while both you and the target are moving which would otherwise often end up blurred without OIS.

What about the speed of the 8X's shutter and the dedicated imaging chip,how do those come into play in real world scenarios? Would those be better for capturing a quick picture for example at a sporting event where the action is fast or you only have a few seconds to grab a photo before the subject has gone like in a wilderness setting.

Sorry for all the camera related questions,but trying to decide which phone has the better camera for MY NEEDS, as I like to go hiking and take scenic pictures and pictures of wildlife where sometimes you only have a split second to capture the subject before its gone. And I'm not really worried about MP's because I know its more about how the sensor and image tech translates that data into an actual image.

In actual fact, besides the more promising low light capability of the 920. The OIS image stabilisation looks to provide a seamless on tracks effect when combining it with high ambient light situations as well. Meaning any application bar the most physically demanding will come out almost butter smooth.
I sincerely hope that you do not believe a digital counterpart of the OIS feature will likely compare to the 920's physical solution. This is against the laws of physics for the time being. A combination of advanced algorithyms and machine parts is already a proven fact, when looking at higher orders of performance. It's one the main reasons why DSLR camera's feature image stabilisation in the lenses and not purely as a software solution alone...
Now look, Nokia have just found a very clever way to emulate that fact by creating a workable physical stabilising lens in a very, very small package, that is the main feat of engineering which absolutely places the 920 ahead of the competition.
I guarantee you the actual tests made after all the above handsets are released will for sure reflect this to be true...

OK you are partially right, but so far all things point to Verizon NOT getting the Lumia. For instance, the screenshot of their system that only shows them carrying the 820, and the fact that Lumia's 920 basebands don't support Verizon's system. This can be viewed on Nokia.com. Sooooooo....

Why did you not add the L820 to this list it is however a WP8 device and so is the 8S? the 8x Is a mid-range device  the L920 is exclusive to one US carrier.

What are you asking for proof of? The relative parity if on a tripod and lit with sunbrellas? OR that OIS will help in most average to poor lighting conditions and improve all images not on a tripod?

Do we know how the notification light actually works?  The HTC Trophy has a notification light that lights green when the battery is fully charged and red when it's not.  That is a complete waste of time.  If they function similarly to the BlackBerrys, that would be a big help though.

Not sure why you say a waste of time... I acutally like having the notication light. I look at it in the morning, if it's green, I know I dont need my spare battery with me.

My wife charges hers overnight and has plenty of battery to last through the day, so that means it's green every morning and red  five minutes later and for the rest of the day.  It's juts not that meaningful.

Would seem a notification light is redundant on these devices anyway. How aree you going to identify what it means? 1 blink for SMS, 2 for calls, 3 for mail ...
You will always have to go to the device to see what actually is there so there is no point really..

The notification light simply lets you know that there's something that needs your attention, rather than having to turn the screen on just to check. The one on my GNex is the best setup since it supports all colors. You can assign colors to different kinds of notifications.

Actually the light is changeable on BlackBerry's so you can tell exactly what you have. I was hoping this feature would've come to W8.

Yes I'm I'm waiting for Huawei too. But there are leaks indicating they will only put out low to mid range phones.

I gave my vote to Nokia lumia but if t mobile only gets the 8x I might settle for that & Samsung looks professional but the look on the 8x & 920 just fit me more

If I could upgrade today, then I would definitely be in the same boat, but sadly, I got my 710 a few months ago (should should have waited haha). Guess I'll see what everyone offers in a year and a half though, which if Nokia keeps shooting the bar this high, will be one heck of a beast.

The problem with the carriers is that they're not too bold on carrying colorful phones and would rather carry a generic black because they know it'll sell. This was the case with my provider, Rogers in Canada, they got the 900 but only in black, until a few months later when they got the cyan color, but it was too late for me by that point. 
So even if the carrier carries the specific phone, they may not have the color you want. 

Yeah I want a 920 but an 8X on TMobile sounds more realistic. I'd like to support Nokia but if I can't get their flagship on my carrier I have no choice. 

After taking in all the specs the 8X seems to be the best fit for me. I'm not really a big camera guy and not really worried about storage limits but I do stream a lot of music so the beats although gimmicky do have the amp to help out on the music side. No one phone is going to have everything a single person wants and there's no reason to put down any of theses phone,,,just pick the one that's best for YOU.

You should take a look at Nokia Music app. It allows you to choose from lots of radio mixes & save it to run in offline mode. Refresh it whenever you want .... which means no data usage in offline mode. To me its a real deal :)

I've never tried Nokia Music, but have been using Spotify for the past couple years. It's a really awesome service! It also has radio, offline mode, and other nice features. I'll have to try out Nokia Music (if I get the 920), but I'm already really satisfied with Spotify.

I'm really interested in the 8X because of the possible superior audio quality as well. One thing I've always hated about WP is that they went the same way as the Zune players and do not have any EQ settings, so if you like your music to sound a specific way, you're out of luck. This was almost a deal breaker for me since I listen to music so much but got a good set of headphones and the Zune pass helped make up for it. 
I've had the HTC One X breifly and I have to say, Beats audio is a gymic and basically just a preset EQ setting that sounded better than all the other EQ settings on the One X but that wasn't saying much. It's still better than not having any EQ setting but not as useful as far as I'm concerned, as an adjustable EQ setting. I assume the built in amp will be good mostly for amplification for outputting to external devices but also hope it'll help sound quality from the headphones. If so, this is my next Windows Phone.

I'm really confused on this topic of sound coming from a phone, maybe because I carry a portable headphone amp with me to listen to music from my phone.  Since I am not physically running with my Audio Technicas, why the heck would this be a benefit to me,  I understand the EQ and tinkering you could do, but will it actually let you tinker with it or are all of them preset garbage like it typically is.  I'm just really confused since if you are like listening to them at a table studying or something or at home why not just plug in your amp?  If you aren't using one of those higher amp heaphones then why bother the range of those earbuds are probably horrible.  I'm just really confused why this whole beats thing actually matters.  Can someone explain the tech to me or something because I've tried reading up on it and most people say it doesnt really matter.  And since we are on the audio topic, has anyone had the chance to actually play and listen to music on these phones yet?

Voted 8X because I was surprised by HTC offering to the point I am now doubting, as an heavy music listener the amp s tempting. 16gb is not though but might dedicate my Focus to mp3 listening and my phone as a phone/app/games tool. Ativ S is tempting for the screen size and the micro SD support, but the look is too generic for me.

Hands down HTC 8x!!!! Period!!! I can't wait to get it either hope I can get it by my birthday November 11th!

It bothers me that the image of the three phones side by side aren't to scale. They all look to be the same size. Makes some the comparison difficult. Anyone got the 'shop chops to render them side by side more accurately?

The 920 and 8X are close to sclae with the 8X being slightly taller, but the ATIV S should be noticeably taller than both so it's the one mostly out of scale.

That picture is not that far off in terms of scale.
The Lumia 920 and the 8X really are that similar in length.
The Ativ S is a few MM taller than the 8X though.

I agree, I think the scale is pretty close. Look at the screen size. Sammy has about the same frame size yet the screen is much bigger

Voted 8X.  Not really sure why other than I'm still coming down off of the high from yesterday's unveiling, and also due to lingering concerns about Nokia re: the faked footage.  Also, as a Lumia 900 owner, I haven't been all that impressed with Nokia so far.  Obviously the final decision will be made at a later date when all details emerge and the reviews are in and after I've handled both the 920 and the 8X, but if you put a gun to my head today and told me to choose, I'd say "Yellow 8X" without hesitation.

What about Nokia and your 900 hasn't been great?  Nokia gave you a free phone basically to make up for some very early release issues, and has since brought excusive apps and upgrades to the phone quite frequently.  Even the camera which was somewhat hangstrung by WP7.x got improved a reasonable amount.  Now if AT&T sucks and won't push out the updates, that's AT&Ts deal, not Nokia.

Well it's pretty sure it will be, but it could be on other carriers too, we don't know yet really.

HTC 8X has a slight advantage over the Nokia unless when I use it I know the camera and the "PureView" technology is superior to justify getting it. I'm not deterred by the lack of GB on phones because I realize these are phones first media second and not Harddrives/PMP's. :-)

While I love the design on the 8X, I have to ask - what exactly is it better at than the Lumia 920?
The Lumia has it beat on screen, storage, memory, camera, exclusive apps and additional services/support while all the 8X has is better audio. I fail to see what you are pointing at?
The only other thing going for the 8X is that it is on a large number of carriers (the pricing is amiss actually) but this too is a weak point since Nokia hasn't announced what carriers it is on board with.

I've been with HTC since my Pure running Windows Mobile and now my Surround. While the 920 might have a few specs over the 8X, I see no compelling reason to switch teams now. 8X it is.

Would love to have the 920, but not gonna switch to ATT so looks like 8X... not a bad consolation.  Wish the 820 had a better screen, but it may still be an option- especially if its only $100 on contract

It's not confirmed that AT&T will get the 920 exclusively (In the US) so don't assume too much yet.

920 as long as it comes to Rogers, if not, the HTC is a mighty fine backup (though another carrier picking up the 920 might be enough for me to drop almost 15 years of loyalty). The additional apps Nokia brings to support the device, the storage (16 gigs with the 8X?...only if I have to...). Though my Samsung Focus is alright, I really can't wait to go back to Nokia hardware...the Ativ just doesn't bring anything special to the table for me. 

Before the the latest WP Podcast - 920 all the way, after the podcast... still 920, but that HTC does look mighty tempting.  MIGHTY TEMPTING!!!

It's real sad to read our US friends get their choice dictated by the carrier, at least for the larger part it seems..
Guess there will be a lot of importing done soon. ;)

It really is. The BYOP options are relatively new here and we are so used to the subsidized pricing that the actual costs of phones is shocking to most. What a lot of Europeans don't understand is that even if I bought a phone direct from MS or Apple or Google, the carrier rates are the same as if I bought the subsidized phone through them.

So even though you buy 'SIM only' you still pay the same monthly amount for a certain plan.
That's called a rip-off overhere.. 

Except for T-Mobile, non of the carriers here in the US offer a lower monthly rate for bringing your own phone. It's actually kind of sad. I get jelous of the European mobile phone system at times like this.

It is I like to change phone every 4-6months because technology moves too fast but I'm stuck on a 2yr contract for my HTC sensation since then I had the lumia 710, iPhone 4s (unlocked) & current Samsung focus S (unlocked) to t mobile purchased them at regular price What a waist of money! Not many can do the same & even unlocked you don't get the full internet speeds. We are controlled by carriers.

HTC 8X is not even better than HTC one X, Samsung Ativ S not better than Galaxy S3, and these wp phones came after the android ones. Nokia is the only one pushing for us to get something competing against the other platforms.

Not true. The metal body on the Ativ>than the GSIII body. The 8X's ffc> ffc in OneX. 8X ppi>OneX ppi. BOTH are better than their android counterparts because WP8>ICS

Hardware wise not cosmetic. Android one x & gsiii are running on quad core processors. Yeah wp8 should run fine on dual core & there isn't apps that require a quad core but wp8 is still behind & ppl that like high end devices won't make the switch it's a down grade for them. Also more quad core phones will appear running android so why should they switch to a gsiii/one x with lower spects, running windows phone8? when on android there getting the best technology first? Don't get me wrong I love my WP but we are still playing catch.

Not quad-core in the US if I'm not mistaken.  Dual-core versions here.  And as most have seen, the 2 extra cores haven't done much for most people anyway.  Frankly I don't think Android is optimized enough for that.

I just dont see anyone dumping their Iphone or Galaxy S3 for this 8x of ativ s. A 920 surely will make them jealous because its got some serious innovations

This is a non issue and more people are aware of this fact than you  may give credit....
The Qualcom Snapdragon S4 dual core is a high end piece of kit. Which running optimised software like WP8 will have abosolutely no issues keeping up with the "SO CALLED" superiority, aka "Quadcore" gimmick.
The 920 wins it for me, 30% more battery efficient than a quadcore equivalent on a 2000mha battery! It's good enough....

Everything I've read says it's a brushed aluminum chassis. Most times specifically noting how it's nicer than the plastic chassis of the android version.

Well i like more the 920 and the 8x but no microsd is a problem for me since i need alot of memory , so for this one i go with the ativ s

The 8X unless Verizon gets the 920. Then I'd have to try both of them out. The 920 is really friggin' heavy, but the camera and screen might win me over. Then again, I'd really like to have the 8X's audio amp.
That said, I'm guessing that Verizon won't get the 920. They don't like to have too much competition in any given market segment, so I can't see them releasing more than one "hero" WP8 device at the same time.

I believe its heavy because it has wireless charging plate inside, 32gb instead of 16 and optical image stablization built in. Between audio amp and Doly digital with Nokia's free music app ... I'll choose Nokia anytime but again it all depends on individual preferences.

Very slightly if any depending if they are using more chips or double-density chips (same count).  The wireless charging and the polycarbonite body accounts for most of it I would think.  Nokia seems to make a pretty thick body shell to give it rigidity and durability.

Fairywater seems more fitting...
"185g is really friggin heavy"?? What good good stuff are you smoking?? I want it...
Unless your a seriously underpowered individual who also happens to plan on holding his/her phone ALL day then 185g is really, really friggin not that heavy at all.
I would prefer that little extra substance, combine it with Nokia's build quality, and I know, this device is top of the line.

I think all of the phones look fantastic, and overall there's something for almost everyone.  My one disappointment is the lack of micro sd cards on the higher end phones (except the Ativ S), especially after Microsoft let it be known that support for that feature would indeed be available.  I feel like the OEMs are thumbing their noses at the consumer, telling us that we can either have a nice phone with premium style features, or we can have a cheap phone where we will need to add the micro sd card just to have enough memory.  Maybe they have something planned for next year that gives us the best of both worlds, but I won't be holding my breath and I sure don't want to have to get a new phone every year just to get one new feature which could really be made available now.

They make these phones for the masses.  Most people will do just fine with 16GB.  To spend the extra $ (and space in the phone) to design and add removable memory that only a small percentage of "super users" will need isn't going to keep these companies in business

Which is why the Ativ S has it and 32 gig onboard already, not to mention all the Android phones that have been doing that for years now.

I agree 32 would have been nice, but the lack of sd in a unibody- super thin phone just makes sense and isn't really that big of a deal for the majority of the population

For me the winner will be the one that offers up an AWS version that will work on Wind/Mobilicity/T-Mobile 3G.
Here's hoping for a Nokia 920 or 820 refresh in the spring!  

I loved those (now ghetto) nokia unbreakable cell phones back in the day.   Those were good times.........

I can answer that from my point... being on US T-MO . I would love the L920 but I'm not on AT&T nor will I switch this family plan for what AT&T offers just for a device. Nokia exclusive carrier deals are a trun-off it's like not on AT&T you get the weeded down device.the L820 does not have gorilla glass and the screen res.errr. if you look at the 8X also a mid level device it's much nicer with gorilla glass and a better screen res the device looks very nice as well. one slab of poly. the L820 Is not hence the removable covers. also the ATIV looks nice spec wise. I will say the 8X because if your not on AT&T that device is much better than the L820 Nokia keep the exclusive deals they stink.

Way too much assuming AT&T will be the sole carrier for the 920 in the US.  You may be right of coruse, but we really don't know yet.  Verizon entered into a partnership with Nokia so it's plausible they get it as well.  We'll have to see.

Please kindly edit that to "God Dammit Everyone....In the US" cause the carrier issue is a non issue where I'm at....

The Pureview camera does it for me. Nokia Lumia 920 for me, though I wish it came in an HTC color and was the size of the ATIV S.

It seems every phone is a compromise at some level. For me, the 920 has the awesome specs, but it's too big for my taste. The 820 is a great phone--interchangeable colors, optional wireless charging, micro sd expansioin, but Nokia skimped on the screen resolution. Then there's the 8X. Beautiful design (love California Blue). Decent specs. Great screen resolution, decent camera, Beats audio, but only 16 gb of storage and no micro sd expansion.
Much of it will depend on which phones will come to Verizon. The 8X and the 820 seem the most likely candidates, so I will have to decide if memory expansion is more important than screen resolution. Since I've never actually used 16 gb in any phone I've had and I look at the screen all the time, I'd have to say it looks like the 8X right now. Nokia really shot itself in the foot by not offering better screen resolution on the 820. I guess I will have to see both in person before I decide. At least now I have a choice.

Is the width of the 920 an issue?  The 8X is actually taller (barely), just not as wide and has a smaller screen on it.

You do know that other than thickness, the 8X and 920 are about the same size, right? Dig out your ruler...
Height: 8X taller than 920 by about 1/16"
Width: 8X narrower than 920 by about 3/16"
Thickness: 8X thinner than 920 by about 1/4"

Non of this will matter once you get both these phones in your hands, trust me.
The 920 will feel every bit as flash as the 8x and those dimesions will mean very little in actual real world opinions.
With everything still being theoretical for the majority of people, no wonder many are wasting their time fretting over slight differences in size. Last time I checked I was on 1/1 with my fellow Homo sapiens, that makes my subjective experiences at least on par with everyone elses. So having said that then, these differences on those scales are negligible at best...

haha i guess you guys beat me to this point how people are compaining how big it is yet they are the same freaking size!!!  I just got off youtube with jimmykimmel and his experiment to see if people could tell the difference between the 4s and the......wait for it 4s (but telling them its the 5) and guess what, they thought it was faster, lighter, and the screen was bigger.  lol.

The 820. Sadly T-mobile is not even rumoured to be having the 920. I actually like the 820 over the 920 if not for the screen resolution. An 820 with 1280x768 screen would have been perfect.

I'd actually like to try all 3.
Very impressed with Nokia's build quality and support so far (I have the 900).
I've owned a LOT of HTC's and have missed them from the WPhone world, so I'll be really interested to see how the 8X looks/feels/operates and how HTC supports it.
Samsung seems to be at the forefront of the Android world right now, so I'm excited to see them enter WPhone and want to see what they bring as well.
My bank account is going to suffer trememdously -- and just before XMAS!!!

Tough choice between 8x and 920...my gut reaction is 8x but I like the Nokia apps and camera. The 8x seems to have some specs that are comparable enough for me to the 920.

Dont forget that Nokia has alot of fans in both Europe and China. And considering windows phone marketshare numbers are higher in those areas, the Lumia could be a hit there. Especially since there are few carrier exclusives.

There should be an undecided because of carrier and an undecided because I need to put my grubby little hands on all of them before I can possibly decide buttons.
I like the Audio amplifier on the 8X, does anyone know if the amplification assists audio from the headphone jack as well as the speaker?  This is key for me because I cannot get the volume I want from the AUX jack in my car with my Arrive.
It will be hard to not get the Nokia, I actually like that it is slightly heavier, and all those exclusive apps, larger stoarge, and the camera...  But the carrier and sound features might be able to sway me.
I am glad that we have not just 3, but even some great mid-range options too.  When I got my Arrive and had to choose between the Arrive and the Arrive.  Laters Sprint, take care...

I wish the photo of all 3 would show them with ACTUAL proportions, instead of being resized to all look like they're the same size.

The Samsung is the only one really out of scale, the 8X is barely taller than the 920 which looks about right, but the ATIV S is taller than both by a bit so it's a bit small by scale.

At full-size we are talking less than a fifth of an inch, which isn't going to show up in the scaled down images.

I suspect this is a little bit of fun and nobody is going to hold you liable for you decision. OR you could be a knob.

Still voted for the 920 but the Ativ still calls to me. I think to be honest it will be the holding and also whats new in WP8 that will make the decison.

My vote is 920 but it depends on T-mobile getting the phone or The phone being compatible with their network. Otherwise it's probably Samsung because I can't do 16GB and that's the only reason HTC won't be my second choice even though I wish they were. Something tells me to wait till the next batch of phones

I would switch carriers for the 920 though I wish it sported a 4.7" screen. I'm not interesed in anything less than 4.5"

L920 is bigger than what I like--I was actually thinking of settling for the 820 because of that. The HTC fits my size preference much better, and I'm more of a music-listener than a picture-taker anyway. 
I understand that Beats Audio isn't all that, but this should have better sound than the others. Together with the fancy wide-angle front camera it's a win for me--for now at least. Removable storage and battery would have been nice. Oh well. I still need to decide which snazzy color I want to get, but I want to see them in person to make that choice.

Lumia 920 for me.
Obvious it compares favorablly to the flagship phones from other OSes (GSIII and iPhone 5) and I don't have an issue with big phones or need 64GB for movies or music.
But really I'm just impressd with Nokia commitment to support app development on the WP platform whether its in house or paying for exclusives.
Have a launch Focus. Same 10 mediocre apps in the "Samsung Zone" since launch and no unique hardware lets me know they aren't "all in".

I really wished there was an option to choose 820. Unlike 8S, it really can be kicker. With mid-range price point, it has 8 gb storage and microsd, same processor and also NFC can be added via case. It really should be a option here in this poll. 

Size wise I would kill for a 4" device with high end screen and specs, but the second best is the 920, so untill something better comes along the 920 is the winner.

I dream of the time when WP has like 8-9% market share, Android has 60% and iPhone has 30%. At this point all WP sold are Nokia and 90% of Androids are Samsung. All Android OEMs go bankrupt and Nokia sells enough to stay profitable although not filthy rich like Samsung. In my dream I laugh so hard at the expense of all the companies that made Android their main bet.

I'm on board for the best phone Verizon gets, and I hope that is the 920, which is where I cast my vote!

I can't really decide unitl I've played aroud with all three in person and compared them side by side.
Also, I know you said if carrier wasn't an issue, but for me that IS an issue. I will be choosing from whatever comes to T-Mobile (as I have no intentions of switching carriers and paying more monthly). So it seems like the 8X is what I'll be going with. Though if there is an unlocked version of Lumia 920 that's compatible with T-Mobile's HSPA+ network (and maybe their future LTE network? Wishful thinking?), then I'd be willing to pay a bit more to get that.

Probably the 8X, as it'll be on TMobile for sure. No real interest in the Samsung. If the 920 also comes to TMO (unlikely) then it will be a tough call.

The 8X is my pick. Music and entertainment is a VERY big factor for me, when it comes to picking a phone. HTC has always made great audio phones, and the addition of Beats and the headphone amplifier adds to it. Plus HTC'S camera technology in the FFC and the main camera, has me even more convinced that the 8X is the phone for me. You just can't deny that sexy design!!

Lumia 920. The camera is better and has the stability, it has more memory than the 8X, bigger, more sensitive screen with higher resolution, and I love Nokia and support their business decision to go full WP. Had I had the funds, I would have gotten a Lumia for WP7 but I already had an HD7 and couldn't afford another new phone.

The 8X impressed me and my carrier, Rogers, already confirmed that they will be carrying it but the 920 is my choice based on what I've seen. 
The wireless charging seems to be what is tipping me towards the 920.

Nokia 920, though I gotta hand it to HTC on the 8X, its a great looking phone; I would have to hold the two in my hands first, but Nokia support and exclusives are better.

The 920 seems the best phone of the bunch, but I like the look of the 8X. In fact I love the 8S and for me I think that would be a great phone, don't really care about hd screen and amazing camera. I just really don't like the look of the 820, looks really ugly to me.

Lumia 920 for me please. I love the weight (don't understand why, heavy is easier to hold), screen size, the big one for me is wireless charging. But any would be awesome.

Yeah a little heavier and it's not ridiculously thin (which I think is getting overkill now and actually makes phones less comfortable to hold and more easily dropped) is one of the things I like about the 920.

Totaly agree. My first WP was a LG Optimus 7 with a Weight of 155g That I prefer than my actual Samsung Omnia W ( Europe name of the focus flash) lighter with 115g. The heaviest hold more securely in a hand.

I think the Lumia 920 wins with the super sensitive touch and pure view camera. pure motion HD+ NFC capabilities and wireless charging. Sign me up! Not to mention how sexy they look

I would like the matte finish, but currently have a HTC and am less than over happy with it. Titan 2 is current, original Focus was a much better piece of hardware. I do not like the looks of the AtivS , besides, name sucks. :-S

Not sure I want one as big as these. My main requirements are good phone performance (I can hear it, doesn't drop calls), fast browser, good camera, decent battery life, durable. Screen size on my Focus is fine, but need to be able to carry easily in my pocket, and I'm definitely not putting it in some fat ugly plastic protection case.
Any suggestions? Would I be better off with a sub-flagship model?
When will these things be available anyway? I'm soldiering on with the Focus even though I'm eligible for an upgrade

Have to say right now the Nokia Lumia 920, mostly because of LTE, a little because of wireless charging.  Samsung a close consideration because of sd card support.

Using 900 now and i am falling in love with Nokia again after years. Next one absolutely will be 920 yellow