HERE Maps Offline update

PSA – Nokia updating HERE offline map data for Windows Phone

Update 4:15 PM ET: Users in comments are reporting updates globally, so make sure to check yours

Late Friday afternoon here and we can pass along that Nokia has updated some offline map data for their HERE services. No, that’s not an app update but rather the map data that you hopefully have downloaded for offline usage.

We were tipped by reader Corey S. and the Windows Phone Central staff were able to confirm updates for at least Florida, Alabama, California, Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. In other words, it looks like a lot of the US has received some form of a minor update.

And we use the word “minor” here on purpose as this is not updating all of your maps but seemingly just parts of them, hence the relatively small file sizes (our three states were 52 MB).

So how to go about getting the updates? It will depend if you are using HERE Maps from Nokia or the native Windows Phone 8 Maps. We’ll give instructions below for both.

Maps (HTC, Samsung, Huawei)

  • Tap  at the bottom of the Microsoft Maps app
  • Settings
  • Check for Updates
  • Install

HERE Maps (Lumias, anyone who uses HERE)

  • Tap  at the bottom of the HERE Maps app
  • Download maps
  • Update current maps
  • Install

Are you outside the US and have an update? Let us know and we’ll change the headline!


Reader comments

PSA – Nokia updating HERE offline map data for Windows Phone



I have no idea what happened there :/ Was it up to date before today? I mean, I remember there was an update roughly 100 MB in size before, can you check for additional updates once this one installs? Because when I restored my phone to factory settings before and went to download maps for Croatia it first downloaded xxx MB and then offered me an update. One would hope Nokia would bundle the updates together... :)

I have the full US map (2,712.4MB)  and Canada (514.7MB) installed and my update is 3,104.9MB.  When I clicked on download, its redownloading the full US and Canada maps so I suspect Canada was also updated as well.  When the maps are finished downloading, I will post what the new map sizes are.

Just go to the store and download the app called "Maps" by the publisher "Live Tiles" and you will be able to use the Microsoft (Bing) maps that are on all non-Lumia doing devices

Well, guess it was a more widespread update than what I originally thought when I sent the email, just happen to check and most of the southeast US was updated, as that's basically the region I have downloaded.

Well I have china and Taiwan downloaded in addition to Cali and Massachusetts. 132mb download so it seems Asia maps are being updated too.

Updated in the UK too. Frustraitingly the satellite images are still rubbish, even though that's now been fixed on the HERE website.

Wonderful. That's one of my big pet hates with Here maps, the terrible satellite images. Oh well, I will still update though because they must have improved something

I have an update too (Guatemala) I used to have a Lumia 710 and I was able to use Nokia Drive here in my country, it worked fine. When I upgraded to a Lumia 820 Here Maps isn't available in my country, I don't get why this happens, I mean they support it in WP 7.8.

Hello! I'm from Guatemala and the same thing happened to me. Guatemala is not within countries with full navigation (navigation license). still do not understand why it has the navigation in WP 7.8 and not in WP 8. 

I had guandong area china , and Brazil maps, both had updated.
The Chinese map I had downloaded three days ago....

connecticut, mass, new hampshire, vermont all got updated. total=144mb. thats alot of new info. hope its better now!

Worth noting that GDR2 devices will only download the updated parts of the map so probably why files sizes could be smaller. Anyone with a GDR1 device has to download everything again....wonder which carriers those are.....:)

That would explain why my download size is the equivalent of all of the US and all of Canada.  ::shakes fist::: Damn you AT&T!

Exactly, actually, it's a new feature of gdr2. U don't need to download full map. After update, the content would be the same with a full download.

Oh thank you Nokia for being the savory lord of updates, the devil I meant ATT wireless is leading us the wrong way, praises you Nokia.....

Texas! The original size for Texas is a whopping 243.8 MB, and the update is only 37.8 MB

Just checked in UK update available here too, only had the phone a week so this is a very recent update.

Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria updated. After 5-10 seconds use of Here Drive or Here Maps and then quits. Several reboot -> no changes in behaviour.
Lumia 520, Amber, Vodafone, Hungary.
(preparing myself for a hr.)

Got an update for AZ...and I got a problem. Here maps shows my home address about four home east of where it should be...and I can't tell it otherwise. Also the satellite photos of downtown Phoenix are ancient. For instance there's a new tower for the superior court and the sat photo still shows a parking garage at that location that was torn down YEARS ago. In fact there's still a park pictured but its been gone even longer...its a mall now! This is very sad.

Downloaded a 80mb update for 300mb existing, Russian central region. Nokia really gives others hell, there is only local maps provider Yandex here which is said to be more actual, google maps and apple's homemade crap won't stand a chance against HERE here :)

UK and Portugal updated! Nokia and Microsoft rules. Nokia maps are the best for Europe.
And, I was thinking, Apple brought design to consumer devices, Microsoft brought it to the UX.

I just used the swipe up/down feature of livesight for the first time. Its awesome. And...just updated my New England maps.

Updates everywhere, but still no maps for Pakistan. Everyone uses Google maps in Pakistan because of no Here/Nokia support.

Yes, that sucks. If there was a Pakistan map, I would've downloaded it just for fun. Good Wishes, Salams...

Anyone got maps update for Lumia 800 with WP7.8? It should use the same maps, shouldn't it? And how do u get notified about map updates in the Nokia Drive? there is no Check for Updates menu option.. Thru the Store?

What do you mean? The Satellite View on my phone for Hofuf, Saudi Arabia works completely alright. Good Wishes, Salams...

Satellite view works good, but the images themselves are still old, here in Buraydah city in Qassim for example there many streets still 5 years old.

11MB update for Singapore, and given Singapore's size, it's effectively 20% of the whole Singapore map. o_o

Updating mine for: Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York State, Ontario.
That's all of my North American maps so I kinda suspect they are changing something to do with the file structure or mapping data structure rather than just the geographic information.

It would be easier to tell everyone to go to settings , maps, update than have separate instructions.

Mine is updating 94.3 mb MH/Goa India strange but I read some comments and some guys here have reported less size for their updates.

Is Nokia providing these updates becuse they own the maps division and got money or was it Microsoft. Doesn't matter just asking..

New Jersey. Does anyone know where maps are stored - SD card or Phone memory? I would download a couple of more maps if I knew that they were on my SD card.

Phone Memory. You can store them on your SD card downloading Storage Check Beta if you have a Nokia, but I wouldn't suggest to you.  Please, can you tell me what's the total dimension of US map now? Thank you.

I got an Update here in The Bahamas but I don't see any major improvements. The satellite images and road data are three years behind. I love here Maps but Google Maps updates ever three months for us in the Bahamas.

The maps here from southeast Brazil ruined my phone (Lumia 620)

Now every time I try to open the apps Here Maps and Drive + Here the phone reboots, disabling apps ...

I try to delete the maps already downloaded in Settings> Applications> Maps, when I try to open it the phone restarts again ...

Can anyone help me?

Sorry, I used Google Translate ^ ^

Hy Renan,

I have Lumia 720 and i´m in the same situation. When i try to open here drive or here maps the app reboot my phone. I tried remove both without sucess.
I´m from Brazil too.

Hi Renato,

For those who upgraded and gave crash in Maps apps, I found a "solution" to the problem is for those who do not want to hard reset the device, but make it clear that you will lose internal space on your device ...

1) Install this app

2) Go to Details> Maps> Change

3) In "Store Maps in" select SD

4) Open the maps app or managers plan and download the map again, now you will always have the maps on your SD card.

Remembering that this method DO NOT DELETE, the data stored in the internal memory of the device, so we have to wait for a response from NOKIA or appeal pro hard reset it ...

even more

Just updated my 720 to Amber yesterday and, sweet, the Map update is "only" the diff file of 58 MB, whereas the entire Maps I had was at least 500 MB worth of thing. Another good way of taste GDR1..