Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Quick take: Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the Nokia Lumia 920

Today here in New York, Samsung finally pulled the sheet off of the Galaxy S4, their next big flagship Android phone for 2013. Due at the end of April, the phone looks almost exactly like the S3 save a few minor differences, but it’s the guts and software that make this a killer device. It will launch on a massive 327 operators in 155 countries for complete global reach.

We’ll spare you all the details of the S4, though it does feature 2GB of RAM, an eight-core Samsung Exynos 5410 running at 1.8GHz, a triple-core PowerVR SGX 544 graphics chip with a massive 2600mAh battery. Oh yeah, it also has a swanky 5” 1080P Super AMOLED display at 440 PPI and various sensors, including Infrared gesture, temperature and humidity sensors, which while gimmicky is still really neat. Finally, it sports a 13MP rear and 2MP front camera, with some new "innovations" like two-way shot.

We briefly put it up against our Nokia Lumia 920 in a video and while this is far from a controlled “versus” battle, you can at least get an idea of how Samsung’s beast looks against Nokia’s.

Should Windows Phone and Microsoft be worried?

As much as we hate to admit it, yes. Samsung is a juggernaut right now with a lot of momentum. Just as the S3 is peaking globally they’re showing off the next version, which nicely builds off of its predecessor. For all of Android’s faults (and yes there are plenty), since the 4.2 1 update the operating system has stabilized with a more coherent feel to it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

The problem is becoming clearer with every release: Samsung (and other Android OEMs) can out maneuver Microsoft and its partners, both for phones and new iterations of the OS (though carrier updates are a separate issue).

Don’t get us wrong, loyal readers, we’re not down on Windows Phone at all and still prefer it. But we’re not blind either to recognize that tonight, the completion just ratcheted up to a new level. And if you saw the money and determination behind the Galaxy S product line, you’d be concerned too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

For more hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and more information, head to our sister site Android Central for all the details.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920


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Quick take: Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the Nokia Lumia 920



I know right.. I can't stand the galaxy S3 because of the cheap feel and the UI is just disgusting. I wonder if they'll fix that.

The problem is that Microsoft limited hardware specs. No full hd displays, no quad-core. They also limited some software. No custom keyboards, etc. These limitations shut out Windows phone from enjoying the limelight that comes from the newest hardware and some software.

But that's simply not true.
I've owned an Galaxy Nexus(a dual-core phone) and I can't remember having any notable lag on anything on the device.
The last device I ever had any serious lagging problems was the HTC Hero.

Not true either, I too had the GNEX and it did lag from time to time and it was 100% stock... WP with half the power never lagged.

I owned a HTC One S before getting my Lumia 920. Great phone but there was still quite a bit of lag at times especially after installing a fair few apps. My 920 is just quicker and slicker. Be interesting to see how much quicker the S4 is over the 920. Time for Nokia to reveal their S4 beater yet?

My fiancee has a Galaxy Nexus loaner phone right now and she absolutely hates that phone. Says the UI is clunky and unituituve. She doesn't understand why people line up to get Android garbage,

Funny my Nexus 7 lags an anoying amount, its usually fine flicking through menus, but if you actually try and start doing things quickly it can become stuttery. Ats thats with stock, overclocked, and all roms I have tried. I even noticed lag just flicking through menus on an Xperia Z, not anywhere near as much as droid used to have. But using it and going back to the 920, you realise just how smooth it can be, and how much improvement there is to make on android. In fact the best least laggy phone I have used was a stock GS3, but the interface is ugly.

Liar! I own a GNexus and it lags all the time even with Jelly Bean. Though with Jelly Bean I've seen massive improvement from ICS.

Android lags!
even on my HTC One X, which has very decent specs!
It's just the way the OS is built.. clunky.
All Android hardware manufacturers can do is woo people with more CPU cores and more RAM..
it's just silly.

In 2 years is Samsung going to introduce a 20-core phone? and for what?! to browse the web?

While the OS UI, performance and the phone design are still horrible.

It is effectively a quad-core because it only uses a maximum of 4 cores at a time. 1080p should be supported, but personally I don't want it in my phone.

No full HD display ? excuse me ? Lumia 920 has HD man ...
The keyboard doesn't need customisation has it is already good enough in itself
Actually your whole comment is just full of completely wrong details ...

Full HD = 1080p. The Lumia does not have a display capable of 1080p.
Your argument should be: "Why does a handset designed to fit in one hand NEED 1080p"

Perfectly said, very good points! Samsung is an OEM that wants to win iPhone users and but WP8 is not enough for them. I mentioned the same points to MS feedback about WP8. MS has to feed these OEMs well ahead how?
1. WP8 can't limit 720p, instead should support 4K ( I am not kidding, there could be Hardware limitations that OEM are forced to manufacture, rather than they wait for MS to release next OS that supports 1080p)
2. MS should certify Quad core processors as soon available in the markets, not necessary for mere Phone users, but sure it's a futre proof when consumer signs 2 years contract!!!

Paul Remember High Hardware Requirments mean OS is heavey. if you will talk about S3 ...even S3 was very high Hardware specs....but still S3 was
Halted during use
Restart it self
Slow apps open
and many more.
now in S4 again they use very high specs no doubt but just think WHY....because of ANDRIOD OS.
if we will talk about Windows Phone OS or Apple iOS they are much mature than Android. that is why they don't need high specs becayse they know their OS can run on midum level hardware.
ANDROID is OPEN SOURCE you can do whatever you want that is why at the end OS *ucked up.
iOS and WP OS don't allow to cooking that is why they are stable, non hackable, very very less crashing chances. and very responsive. ;)

Well, the good thing about Android is that on Google Play, you can download a number of different launcher skins to use in place of TouchWiz, which I'm not a fan of either.  Nova Launcher and Apex, in particular, are very nice.

S3 is 9 months old now, given the speed of changes happening with hardware improvements i think 9 months is fair enough time for a new flagship.

no. the s3 is one year old.except if you are from the u.s. i think they launched it there later

Watching the live event now and... some of their features already exist in windows phone... Just better presentation and i presume, marketing. Microsoft need to really be worried. Hahaha. I love windows phone but i do recognize a good device and featureset when i see it. 

I'm watching it too. Their presentation is so classy and grand. The software features are killer though. Microsoft needs to take the limits off hardware and software if we want to keep up. We got our hands full here folks but I'm hoping Microsoft can make a strong counter.

As an App developer myself, i totally agree,.
Android makes up for lack of its OS features with a more flexible API, which allows people to make killer apps. Microsoft is following Apple by severly restricting the API which is a dampner. 
If Microsoft opens its API a little more and adds true multitasking, nothing can stop WP from gaining huge ground. 
Open up the API already :D

Microsoft better be worried. If this comes to Tmobile before a Nokia 920 variant or ATIV S I'm caving in on W8. I LOVE W8 phones but I need a hero type device. A 4.3 screen and only 16 GB want cut it anymore.

I'm very aware... In a lusting kinda way. Tmobile needs something like this ASAP. They have nothing on the W8 front to compete with the Galaxy line phones. People swarm to my sons Galaxy 3 and look right over my puny HTC 8X. What's sad is even I do. Come on Nokia give Tmo a 920 variant.

I know the 920 isn't available on Tmo. That's what I'm complaining about. Tmo don't have no High end phone to complete with the Galaxy line. That's why I'm considering a Galaxy 4/Note 2 if Tmo don't get something like Verizon is getting.

yes just look at the effort samsung had done to promote the s4. 300+ carriers or is that 600+ in 155 countries. Just so aggressive and the fact that the way they talk about their features even if it existed three years ago in WP is like they have invented the whole idea (text to speech anyone a la mango?). 
Microsoft really need to drive their OEMS to make a HERO device, a WP Flagship that just smokes the S4. I have all the faith in WP and i want it to really shine.
Another note on how sad the situation of Windows Phone. here in Philippines, the two biggest carriers are promoting the BB10 as if it's a godsent phone. BUT I DON'T SEE ANY LUMIA 920 BEING MENTIONED OR OFFERED

Your fanboism is too much. You must agree that android has a lot more features than crappy Windows Phone. I know probably someone is going to say android is bad, but you can't change the truth... lol so fuck you all WP fanboys and NokiaMicrosoft ass lickers.

Every smartphone has some competition now. Hopefully Nokia and HTC can top it soon. ! Some features clearly copied from Nokia though. Built in Eraser feature to camera? pssshhh, Nokia Smart Shoot. (: Although, some camera apps have done it before, but still.

There maybe some truth to Nokia's claim Samsung stealing technology and ideas. Samsung's Galaxy game controller add-on proves it. Looks just like Xbox's.

Yeah, I know. It should be available since Day-1. I was being ironic about 2014, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.

Oh yes we can. It is increasingly apparent that Microsoft's plan is to do just enough to get by. They are not going to be the superstar in smartphone anytime soon and are not doing a lot to change their position.

Do you want a longer battery life and a lower hardware requirement in terms of ram, CPU and GPU power?
Or do you want pixels you cannot see with the naked eye?
The way I see it having a 720P screen is a bonus.
I'm wondering if this will be the year that marketing gets trumped by common sense when it comes to specs, 8 cores is ridiculous, okay only 4 active at a time, but even 4 is pointless in a 5" or smaller handheld device.  The XBOX 360 and PS3's are old now, but they offer far more performance and only are equipped with 512mb of ram.

These technical advances though have no benefit for the user, they appear to instead be driven by marketing reasons.  For the screen for example its either a choice between having pixels we can see or better battery life, people brought into the "retina" argument, but no one has stepped out and made the argument why we need to go beyond it yet.
Although honestly I expect that unless things change marketing wise all top end phones will require a 1080P screen to compete.  Looking at Nokia so far they have only included a feature if it will have an actual benefit - Wireless charging, OIS, super sensitive screen, fast update screen etc.  Maybe this is the year to start attacking competitors for poor battery life, as its one of the features of a smartphone that effects everyone.

I agree about the screen. I have the Surface RT with a lowly 768 display and it's gorgeous. Why we would need more than that on a phone is beyond me. I would much prefer a longer battery life and improved functionality than more pixels.

Except the S4 will have a higher res screen AND better battery life than the Lumia. Not to mention the fact I can get my movies and series simply across to the device and play them, no matter what format they are, and play them using one of the many free video players available on the market - including subtitles and alternate audii-tracks. In WP, I have to convert them. Again. I like WP a lot, but let's not pretend it doesn't lack basic functionalities available on Android.

... "will have..."? Are you from the future? AFAIK, that remains to be seen. One would have to do the same day-to-day tasks to see which has better battery life.

Also, no one was denying that Android has more apps and openness than WP.

720p is more than sufficient for a 4.5" screen. The S4's specs are plain unnecessary -- 8-core CPU, 3-core GPU and 1080p screen? That's going to kill the battery in a very short amount of time.

EXACTLY. The 2600mAh battery is not going to give you what you think it will. With Androids power management, a 1080p screen, 8 cores (although only 4 can be on at a time and Android/Linux has very more multicore support) and gimmic features like that IR beamer this thing will be lucky to get 6 hours of normal use. Then of course there the issue of battery wear. Higher capacity batteries are great for phones that don't chew through the battery, but for ones that do, you will get crap battery life after a couple of months.

Intel actually mentioned that even with 4.1(jb) android does not utilize even dual cores to full potential...which explains why a WP with the same processor smokes an android

Not a surprise at all, but its clear Intel are not pushing extra cores as hard as the competitors, probably because they know they can smoke them with performance per a core and get a real benefit in power consumption.
With multiple cores a lot of performance then gets lost in the memory management as the cores try to read and write the same block of memory, coding something to efficiently use multiple cores at once takes a lot of effort.

Spec is what drive sales. The first thing that tech sites do with phone is bench marks. Everything else comes second. If it doesn't pass their standards, the product is more or less done.

Sufficient = not good enough.  

Need's got nothing to do with it.  It's about want, and the tech public wants specs.  Give them spects.  Telling the public they don't need higher resolutions isn't going to win WP8 converts.  

Depends on you.

I don't know about the S3, but I do admire that the S4 has a similar metal frame lining as the Galaxy S2, with a few aesthetic differences like the microUSB port not surrounded by the metal. Hopefully, it makes the phone more durable.

Man, now I have to tell myself NOT to think about switching platforms. I don't want to abandon my Lumia 920.

That's a shock what the specs are but i wouldn't count Nokia out just yet there Nokia code name catwalk or 928 still yet to be shown to the world

im really liking that no android fan by any means but damn if windows doesnt top it by august im gonna have to pick one up.(definatly keeping my lumias tho)

Same here. I love Windows Phone, but these Android superphones' specs make our devices look like cheap, plastic toys.

Does your phone run the programs you have on it smoothly?  Do they lag?  Do you have to reboot on a regular basis?  What will the so called extra "specs" do for you?  How will they change how you use your phone?  If you tell me it's faster, is that .9 or 1.0 seconds destroy your ability to use your phone?  I'm really curious.  And I'm not talking about features necessarily because we know every phone has it own features.  I'm talking about capability of phone usage.  Do extra specs change the way you use your phone?

im all for windows phone i really am but the fact is microsoft doesnt seem to care half as much as everyone who buys thier product does. and my 900 is on its way to nokia atm because of black screens and speaker problems so you cant say they are perfect nothing is but atleast samsung cares enough about thier product to actually support it and push it to developers and carriers. I like Nokia and microsoft but i also like Samsung and right this moment its very clear that Samsung and Google care more about thier product then Microsoft. and to think that Nokia can carry WP8 all by itself well come on be serious. All that being said if nokia releases another windows phone better then the 920 i will get that for sure and if this mysterious Microsoft windows 8 phone ever shows up i'll get that too but as it sits right now Galaxy S4 seems to be top dog.

im not just bashing microsoft. 8 cores in a cell phone is pretty friging gimmicky what purpose could 8 tiny lil baby cores do for a cell phone that 2 couldnt.

Stop blaiming MS. You really have an obsesion against MS. They can't advertise more on windows phone. It's not like you buy a WP cd with license and install it on any phone. Thay can only make OS and make it usable for users and easy to incorporate by OEMs. Im sure they do everything to advertise its capabilities to OEM but in public they cant advertise as they don't sell it to end user so advertising to end users is useless and actually stepping on the OEM toes. And belive me MS cares and tries to make this a better ecosystem for users and developers. It's not MS fault OEM have to keep spec race in order to sell. A windows phone does not need new bigger processors to not lag. A 2 month old android device needs because of how messy it gets when you keep installing apps. Apple and MS don't need huge CPUs for their phones to work good. And google honestly cares nothing for android. They only want you to use their product and grab your data for their bussiness.

ugh i just wrote you a huge response but it wouldnt post then copy and paste wouldnt work so screw it im just gonna say your wrong go home i like ms and windows phone i dont like android but i do like samsung (they make the best tvs) but what im saying is microsoft doesnt seem to support windows phone the way nokia supports it. Samsung backs it products on android because they sell. even apple treats its tech like its gods gift. but microsoft is just "like yeah we made a phone you should buy it but if you dont thats fine".

when was the last time anyone went to a phone store like best buy or future shop and the phone rep was like you should buy this latest windows phone.. probably next to never. when I bought my 900 from future shop the guy working never seen one turned on before.

You are right. And it's not MS fault. Is OEMs fault, carriers fault, shopping fault. They look at charts. See the iphone is best seller and see that samnsung is best seller so they concentrate their marketing efforts there. If an OEM will make better deals with shops and carriers you would see more advertisesment for wp phones. It's manufactureres, shop and people fault. Remember the videos right after iphone 5 launch when users on the streets were given iphone 4 devices and were all asked what they can say about the new iphone 5. And people were saying how better is because it's taller and how better it works never realizeing they are playing with a simple iphone 4. Those dumb people are buying what is advertised to them. And advertising is done by carriers and OEMs who sells phone not by MS who is making an os not for end users but for OEMs

Again MS does not sells phones. What do you want MS to do???? Nokia sells phones and they do their support and stuff. HTC makes WP phones and they are somehow trying. MS has some campaigns on WP (the challenge campaign with free phone giveaway). Google is not advertising their android involvemnt. And it's in the same positions as MS. Samsung sells phones so yes they advertise their phones. Blame the OEMs if you want. But better blame the consumer users. Think of instagram and users. Chicken and the egg issue. Instagram does not want to make an app because of the lack os wp users. Users don't buy wp phones because of lack of instagram. Is instagram at fault??? Of course not they are a company and look at charts. Are users at fault? Yes definetly. Do you think an instagram app can't be made by 3rd party developers? Sure it can be made. Would you pay for it? No. So you won't have it. So please everyone stop bashing MS when it's not the case

ChMar, nowhere in my comment did I state that Microsoft is to blame for any WP phone's specs. I simply stated that the GS4 is making the phones in our beloved platform look miniscule or inferior.

Next time, read one's comment thoroughly before you blatantly accuse them.

GREAT POINT on the mircosoft not caring. i thought i was the only one who felt that way i have had a wp phone since the htc hd7 came out and i love the wp platform and the nokia lumia 920 is the best phone i have ever had BUT with what i feel is lack of support from MS who owns skype but cant get wp a good solid skype app and also they  cant get us what they promised like pandora available in januuary 2013  BULLCRAP! the way i felt was they hyped and promised so much with the windows phone 8 and once they released it theys topped caring. nokia cares 100 times more than microsoft so unfortunatly i have had enough and now i am a proud owner of htc one x on att- the gs4 to me is so unsexy i think the sony xperia z shits on it!  and the conseption that android phones need to be rebooted and lag all the time is all non sense i have had the htc one x for a month and it has been as reliable as my 920

Dude, did you ever had a GS3? or an HTC One X/S device?,  those 2 phones are solid phones in hardware and software, I gave WP7/8 a chance (WP8 twice) and came back to my GS3, I have never had to reboot my GS3 other than to install a theme or a side loaded app.  JB on the ONE X and the GS3 is smooth as butter whit no lag what so ever.  I had the 920 at launch but the camera issue and lack of app selection got me going to a HTC One X, then the update for the camera came and I switch again to the 920 only to go back to a GS3 (app selection been the deal breaker here).  WP8 is smooth and a great OS but the app selection is just not there and I can have the same smoothnes and flow on my GS3 with no lag and all the apps and customizations avaliable on earth.  so in short... stop been a fanboy.

I actualy have a galaxy s 3. And it lags. And battery life is inconssitent. If I download some apps and don't delete them I'm spammed nad the battery life is drain. It's lagging after factory reset it's lagging in dialer and I had to reset it numerous times. I'm not a fanboy at all. I just say android as a platform is just like windows xp a malware heaven if you keep installing apps. I have a life and don't have time to customize my phone not even once in a month. And about the app selection give me a break. Apps for smartphones are meant to solve problems and user needs. I doubt you can't find an app on windows phone do do that for you. Just because the app you used on android is not present in the ms ecosystem does not mean you can't find a similar one.

Says the android fanboy.

But to answer your question, yes I did have a Galaxy S3 and still have it as backup. For almost anything in the world, one's mileage may vary. While your Galaxy S3 had the smooth butter-esque experience Jellybean had to offer, I had lags and quite a number of application crashes, due to the fact that the GS3 still had ICS at launch day. Even after the Jellybean update, I had to initiate root on the device to delete the carrier bloatware. Even with all the improvements, the phone STILL lags in performance, albeit less commonly now.

The only reason why app selection for WP is a problem is because developers turn a blind eye to the platform. Almost every time, Microsoft has to urge app developers with cash in order for them to develop for WP and most of the time, the applications they release for WP is utter crap.

Also, International Galaxy S3 models have a quad-core Exynos processor while us stateside citizens of the US have a downsized dual-core processor.

If I were a fanboy of WP, I would be idolizing Microsoft and Nokia, which is quite the opposite of what I'm doing right now. Plus, while android does have its quirks, it is a great platform which offers extensive customization (even more so with root privileges), various OEM's and models to choose from, and quite an extensive app marketplace.

Sorry dude but I have a note 2 with jb and it lags, constant rebooting, malware even in my damn # I had to hack the shit out of it now less lag less rebooting still malware heaven but controlled, and it has twice the specs as sg3 and one x,(same specs as sg4). I've had my Lumia 920 since launch never rebooted, never lags and if weren't for some key apps I would be best platform. (also have an iPhone 4s alot better sg3)

Yeah.. actually they all like buying Alienware M17x laptop just only for posting " Today I eat 3 bananas" in facebook,
play some solitaire and watch youtube.

And now we will have to hear from the android community that all other phones suck unless they have an eight-core processor, 2gb of ram etc. Sorry, just tired of the spec war.

Well, know your audience, right? It's like pick-up trucks. How many people really need to be able to tow 15,000 lbs, etc.? But it's a spec war that plays on people's insecurity (need to have those monster specs for self-validation), and the marketing people have this dialed in with razor focus. I can say your car sucks because it's not a Ferrari, but that's not true. The reality of the matter is most people buy something much more practical, which meets their needs 100%, at a much lower cost. These specs are interesting if for no other reason than how far smartphones are being pushed (i.e. how much longer before these things, plus a good dock, just replace my PC at home). And while I don't discount the halo effect, at the end of the day whoever makes the best low/mid range devices is who will come out on top. The real thing Microsoft needs to worry about is buttoning up that market ASAP, before Android gets its crap together enough that it's a great experience (universally) on lower end devices too.

Except the majority of android users will be sporting S4. Oh and the majority of phones is android.

I agree.  The fact that a Windows Phone device on one of the U.S. prepaid carriers---Metro PCS, Boost, Virgin Mobile---doesn't exist, instead dominated by a plethora of Android mid-rangers and feature phones, shows that Nokia, HTC and Microsoft have dropped the ball in the North American market, as that's where most of the growth is.

Yeah, the 8-core 1.8Ghz proc is nuts. I have servers with less than that and most desktops don't even go there. What the hell could possibly require that? It's just a pathetic contest for dudes to measure other dudes by. Where does it stop? But hey, whatever.

It is not really octa-core. The PROPER wat to label this is a dual quad-core. There is a quad-core for idle tasks, then a second for high-powered stuff, like 3D gaming.

Stuff that 90%+ of users won't need.  I have a feeling this thing will get terrible battery life, despite the big battery.  My brother's Razr Maxx with the same size battery can go two days.  I betcha this one will have a problem making it to 12 hours.
Just seems like overkill to me.

I am not judging how the battery life will be, but the unused cores can be put to sleep so that they don't consume power when they are not active.

I get that, exactly what I'm saying - more that people don't need.  Sure it's great if you want your phone for games, but a lot of touch based games in the tradition heavy duty graphics genres (first person shooters especially) are terrible of touchscreens.  I don't think the dedicated game control model is going away any time soon.
So what else are all these cores for?  Samsung packed in a bunch of stuff that most people just don't need - either that or their eye tracking stuff requires a load of overhead so your phone will die fast if you have that on. 

It does a nice job driving up the cost and giving a reason why you can charge more for it.  I understand that they can shut down, but if they are shut down most often then what's the point in even having them?


Having power when you need it, having efficiency when you need that. How well it works remains to be seen.

I've just picked up on that, why does the processor need 4 cores to run low speed (idle) tasks though? Why not instead shut down unneeded cores, and then use the extra space for cache. That in turn reduces the number of writes to main memory speeding things up and lowering power consumption.
Which I guess is why Intel and AMD already do that. It seems like an example of really poor design to me.

if oem or people think like you, 1gb pendrive would be the max for what we got today..people said that wp only need 1 core to perform well last year,what happen the following year?

Your understanding is way off. His point wasn't against advancement of technology, but against unnecessary resource expense. If you were an employer and paid your employees $x each, would you rather pay 2 people who could get the job done efficiently or pay 8 people who'd do the same job in the same amount of time?

Look at all that wasted screen space due to windows phone 8 and that stupid black area st the bottom of the 920 wp8 should cover the entire screen . There's little less than a 1/2 " missing st the top there's about 1/4 combined for both sides of the tiles.. Nokia will never be able to compete while being stuck to Microsoft. There's nothing in windows 8 that you can say out performs any os. Dont say live tiles because half the time they don't work and a tiny percentage of apps actually have them.

How awesomly comfortable to hold one hand and use your thumb to hit that button...not. Sorry, but having that space down there and not putting the buttons too close to the bottom where it will be uncomfortable to use is a plus in my book.

I love WP and my Lumia 920 but S4 makes it look like an mid level smartphone.
Let's hope 928 / upcoming 10XX devices along with WP Blue have the answers to this phone.
Damn now with Galaxy S4, Htc One and Xperia Z in the flagship race our Lumia 920 looks dull.
but IMO 920 is a 2012 device, honestly comparing it with S4 or any 2013 flagship would be illogical technoligically.
Lets have better hopes from MS, Nokia & other WP OEM's in 2013.

What are you talking about? they put on 8 core processor make L920 middle level? The only thing Samsung is good at is pile up spec sheet. I rather have BMW without auto door than a Chevy with it.

Honestly I feel like what windows really needs is very powerful processors with very powerful gpus. Honestly the only reason I found this processor better than any of other processor is because of the a7s energy efficiency. But if arm is as efficient as it is claimed to be, wouldn't they be able to make a powerful a15 like processor with a7 efficiency?

I agree with you but than again that is what helps them sell millions of galaxy smartphones.
Not everyone knows how many cores are being used when they are using apps on their phones.
what most of the people understand is that more cores = better performance.
I have always been a windows guy from gaming consoles to PMP's, i own 920 have used 820, 800 and HTC Mozart along with few android devices with earlier android builds.
The way i see S4 and samsung is that they know how to market, sell and make profit with marketshare.
Nokia and MS is working very hard and fast but WP definately needs 1080p and quad cores, it's 2013 for god sake.
These specs do make look my 920 a middle level smartphone to be honest.
I never like the design of any samsung galaxy though.

How so exactly? 8 cores only really mean anything if the OS and apps can use all the cores properly (and they can't). This is a little retarded. Almost like putting a V12 in a Civic and saying its the most innovative thing ever.

Nokia still outguns the S4 because they focused on a broader range of things to innovate upon instead of slapping more horsepower in.

Wp8 doesn't need a 4 or 8 core processor because it doesn't do anything. It trickles along with two year old tech right now and missing features. Android has the options and needs the gpu. Just wait, while android is leading edge, Wp8 will be Apple 3-4 years ago. OS will get features, but phones won't handle them efficiently. From what I've seen so far, MS is 2 yrs from having the options and processes necessary to mandate more than dual core.

So your telling me that android needs more processing power than our computers? Don't be ridiculous. First of all, the s4 is probably the only s4 that's gonna come with an octacore in while. And while I would agree that the s4 has more features than the lumia 920, that can also be said about any other smartphone there is, including android. Also if you really think about it, most of these features are just gimmicks. The camera, they didnt do anything really different besides the dual record mode (as far as ois or anything like that), besides, I really dont see too many scenarios where that would be used. The gesture features, although nice, have proven to be pretty much useless for most people, or more hassle(battery) than benefit. And well like I said before, these specs are just overkill. True, Microsoft needs to step up the game even harder now, but don't count them, or Nokia out just yet

Nokia, you should be ashamed of your presentations after this one. Other than that, it's great to see that Nokia put out some great features that are getting adopted by other smartphones now. Overall, S4 has some really gimmicky features that nobody will use after one time, but also has some great features that are already present in L920.

I agree, it's all gimmick...but you can't deny the hardware. WP8 needs full HD screens, quad-core processors, huge batteries, etc. All that touching & pausing gesture crap doesn't reel me in, but I can't speak for everyone in the world, and unfortunately, this is the stuff that people eat up...the stuff that WP needs to adopt, so they can be taken as a more serious competitor when it comes to developers choosing platform settling.

If only the Ativ S had come out, I am going to have to pick this up over the Lumia 920, and just keep my Focus S as a backup...
Really do not want to jump ship on Windows... But The lumia looks childish, no expandable memory, no removable battery... 

I hope you are being sarcastic. Like I am going to pull out a neon yellow phone in the middle of a business meeting and expect people to take me seriously....

Ha you are really picking at straws arent you. Just because YOU dont do something doesnt mean EVERYONE of us does the same. WTF is this? a fucking dictatorship? each to their own. And one more thing, i Have a yellow 920 and i DO pull it out in meetings :)

Wow, you are really grasping at straws aren't you... Never did I say anything generalizing at all, I was speaking of my business, and my career. I do not care about yours, theirs, or anyone else's.

But please, troll on, and butt out.

Wow, are you honestly attacking someone personally because of their preference in phone design... How petty, pathetic, and stupid.
You must be a very small minded person to feel so much fanboyism, that you need to attack another person for their taste in phones... 
Grow up little one. 

My god. The amount of ignorance and hypocrisy in what you just said is too much for me to comprehend.
I'm going to go cry for humanity now.

P.S: Drop the damn act, and grow up. Calling someone "little one" does not make you more intelligent, nor does it make you more mature.

Grow up. 

Self entitled nitwit. It is funny that you think your opinion in this matters, when you are nothing but a nobody. Seriously though, a 17yr old kid from Aussie land, thinking his opinion carries weight.

There is no hypocrisy in what I posted, how stupid is it to insult someone due to their opinion of a phone. If I was insulting at all, it was because I was insulted by this person. No hypocrisy there...
Anyways, run along nobody, your troll bus will be here shortly. 

Speak for yourself buddy.
There it is again, your trademark hypocrisy, that you are clearly oblivious of.
Regardless of your reason for said insults, that was STILL hypocrisy and a contradiction to your own statement, that of which you have clearly edited to cover-up your mistakes.
Also, I have no idea what makes you think I'm "self-entitled" - or a nobody for that matter. But to be fair, your opinions have far less merit than a 17 year old kid like me; your statements are full of ignorance and hypocrisy, far beyond your own sights.

Also, a question, are you a right-wing extremist? Because you seem to LOVE talking down to just about everyone who seems to be inferior to you, or maybe perhaps you're narcissistic?

/face palm
Kid it is past your bed time. Stop making assumptions, get over yourself, and go to sleep before you mother and father realize you are still awake and you get a spanking.
Again, please refresh your knowledge on the work hypocrisy, as you obviously do not know the definition of the word you are using. I stated that he was pathetic and stupid for insulting someone over their preferences in phones.

If I insult him, or you for insulting me, that is completely unrelated, as those are personal attacks. If you are too ignorant and small minded to understand that, refrain from using the internet, as you are making yourself look like an idiot.

I would also like to point out to you how you are talking to people online, as you must then also be a Right wing extremist... 
Btw, your parents brainwashing is cute, as you have no political bearing either...
Children these days.... I swear.. 

I have no idea how talking to people online would make me a right-wing extremist - heck, do you even know what the term is defined by?
My parents' brainwashing? Please. Refrain yourself from making personal attacks if you have no knowledge of me personally.
Also, it's the afternoon here.
Even if I was making myself look like an idiot, you're making yourself look like a bigger one.

Seriously, it must be selective ignorance.
You called me a right winged extremist for "talking down" to people, yet you are doing the same, which would indicate you are what you are calling me.
Second, you tell me to refrain from making "personal" attacks, when you initiated this with personal attacks.
This is popcorn worthy! 

My initial words were more constructive than personal, I apologise if it seemed otherwise, but I have a tendency to be frank with my wording.
You also seem to have confused right-winged extremist with simply talking down to someone.
A right-winged extremist is one who believes he/she is inherently superior to others dissimilar to themselves - that there is some kind of human hierarchy. Whilst talking down may not always be because one thinks they are superior, it could be because he thinks the other person is being ridiculous, which is the case here.

If I insult him, or you for insulting me, that is completely unrelated, as those are personal attacks. If you are too ignorant and small minded to understand that, refrain from using the internet, as you are making yourself look like an idiot.

I wanted that two way shooting on Windows Phone for the longest. I've written them about it. I called it "Tour Guide" since you could be talking into the FF camera (Picture In Picture) while the larger image is what you are seeing from the main camera.  No one listened and now Samsung has it.  It could be a really cool feature.

Ha ha...I couldn't afford to make it worth your time, but I think I'd pay a "premium" app rate ($5?) for video apps at this point.  I'm not sure if it's even possible. I don't know if WP8 can record multiple video streams.  It needs both cores just to do HD now.

Before that, I'd REALLY like to have a video cam replacement app with manual focus and whatever other controls the OS will allow.


Paying premium will make it :). Just give me your email and I'll let you know when I'll push the app in beta so you can play with it.

4 cores are reserved for cpu intensive applications, that will auto shut off when those processes are not running, while the less power consuming porcesses run off of 4 different cores. It is for extended battery life.

At least that makes a little sense....cuz the spec war has gotten out of hand. If it improves performance in a logical way then so be it.

I believe it's the BIG.little architecture, look it up it's very impressive technology that will do a lot for battery life

Yeah but is gonna be more expensive and there not need for more cores 'cause most of the people is gonna use it for basic stuff and nothing more.

It may be expensive for Samsung but I have a feeling this will come out at $199 with carrier subsidies. Samsung can afford to take the hit for the first year or two until adoption takes off.

Have to agree with the points Dan raises here.
Personally I am impressed with the device, it has great specs and the so far I am even impressed with the software side of things. Overall looks pretty slick. I can see that Samsung have put of a lot of effort into this, not just from the main stand out things, like the hardware, but also from a lot of little things that overall contribute to what looks like will be a great user experience.
I do think that MS and Nokia need to worry! If I can put of positive spin on this, it's that I hope MS and Nokia pay close attention (and I am sure they are) to what Samsung are doing and get motivated to counter with awesome devices and OS. MS especially will need to work hard and fast if they want to stay relevant, but I do believe that both MS and Nokia working together can and WILL do it.
If the GS IV succeeds and I'm sure it will, then it's because Samsung then all I will say is 'good on em'.

I guess because WP is SO expensive for these OEMs they couldn't possibly take initiative to throw all these luxuries on a Windows Phone...right? Right? =/

If I remember correctly, the WP OS cost OEMs $9 per phone verse $4 (or $5) for Android + MS fee. So if their going to pay MS anyway, why not do it at a profit with the latest and greatest?

This is in contrast to Nokia who does still pay the license but is getting more back for using WP.

The problem with Android phones is Android.  Android took a page from Linux and decided they needed to show every option to the user.  Go to the WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc... setting of any Android phone and all you see is a sea of options that have little meaning to 99% of the user base.  Android even makes Windows 7 desktop look simple to use.  Android software like Android hardware is about stuffing every feature into it without taking a step back like Apple or Nokia and trying to look at things from a wider point of view.

Honestly as a lot of people have stated already, this phone is extremely attractive given it's specs and Android's newly emerging stability...honestly as much crap as we WP loyal talk about Android, it HAS improved greatly over time and is reaching a point where I may be able to tolerate it. I love WP loads but if Microsoft doesn't shift into high gear and pump out some updates to catch us up FAST, and if Nokia or another OEM can't get us a phone with similarly high specs then (and believe me this is painful to admit) I may have to jump ship.

Yeah, except they're only loading android enough to take what they've made to their OWN OS and dominate everyone...THEY MUST BE STOPPED! @_@

This is what I think...Once Tizen is released, I give it a year or two before Samsung totally ditches Android. 

They are just building a fan base right now with the Galaxy that when Tizen actually does come, people will still buy their products. 

We gotta roll with the punches. Anyway the Lumia 920 is the S3 rival. Not the s4 rival. The next flagship will show this phone up. I hope....

Guys, I have a great windows phone but let's keep it real. The S4 is one of the sickest devices ever released. We are bound by the OS and development. Microsoft needs to step up.

What Microsoft needs to do, is give majority of WP development to Nokia. What Microsoft is doing is pathetic with all these smartphones around. This is getting ridiculous. We've all seen that some features like Eraser and senstive screen that are present on S4 were first unveiled on Lumia 920. If Nokia didn't join WP, Microsoft would be stuck with features from 2010.
Microsoft, step up!

They don't need to work with Nokia more, if anything they need to work with Samsung and HTC. What MS really needs is for Sammy to not only launch the GS4 but launch the ATIV S2 at the same time at the same event. They need the HTC Eight to be side by side with the HTC One and so on.

It's pretty clear that Samsung doesn't give a crap about WP. HTC is still lacking in innovation department when it comes to WP. It seems like HTC recycles some of their old features from Android and puts onto WP. Right now, Nokia is the only one who develops innovative stuff for WP. And only Nokia is all in with WP, just another motivation to develop new features.

Remember, Nokia is getting paid to be all in with WP whereas HTC and Samsung are only doing it to diversify their portfolios. Both also double pay MS for the WP OS license and Android royalty fees. Would you throw more money to WP with those circumstance PLUS the off chance MS may release a Surface phone?

wrong. during the life of the agreement nokia will end up paying more to microsoft. 500 million more. plus all the work they do on the os. shut the f up.all you do is repeat and repeat nokia gets and htc had their chance for 2 years and they didn't do anything with wp.

Right because Nokia did so well with OS development.  It appears no one understands software development.  You have to have a solid base before you start adding features.  I also don't think most people realize how much software had to be written to move WP to the NT kernel.  It wasn't just port the NT kernel and move WP7 to it.  It was basically port the NT kernel and then use Windows 7/8 as a basis for a phone.
Supporting things like 1080P, multicore, etc... are simple.   They even said the kernel supports 64 cores.  The things MS needs to worry about is having Windows RT apps working on WP and vise versa.  Getting timely updates out.  My W8 desktop and ASUS Windows RT tablet get updates/enhancements all the time.  Why does my phone only get enhancements every few months and only when the carriers allow it.  Why isn't Skpe integrated yet. 
I guarantee you'll see quad core, 1080P WP devices later this year.  That's the simple thing.

Newest, notbsickest. The design is redundant, when compared to the S III. The single-button route sucks. Internals improve all the time, so bragging that this thing is stronger isblike bragging that a Surface Pro is stronger than the first iPad. Tech gets better over time, so I care not that this thing isbmuch stronger, becayse it is EXPECTED to be. The software stuff is nifty, but I don't really care about it. Just like wireless charging, I like it, but if it was nit free in the 920, I would skip it. I am not impressed with this device, nor would I pick it over my 920.

I doubt that. They target very different market segments, tastes, and their approach to Enterprise pails in comparison to BBRY. Z10/Q10 have a clear focus on communication, multitasking, and ease of use. S4 has some nice new features (I like the look of Air Touch and Group Play) but mostly features that are impractical and rarely used. Samsung Knox? Great if you have an Enterprise made entirely of Samsung devices. BES 10 can manage every OS, every device.

I'm curious, though, will this be enough to have the typical S3 owner upgrade? Not a geek or enthustist, but Joe and Jane Average?

In the US, specifically bc the exynos 5 is not present.  -But then again, the extra software feats might be able to swing the typical S3 owner.  -The S4 will sell like hotcakes though due to a large fan base already.  However if Samsung keeps pushing the same product designs ... they will fall victim just like Apple did. 

8 cores? and android!!! I'm sure after a couple of app/game instalations the phone will start lagging just like any android device
the specs of the lumia 920 run all apps fine and without lag

Why the hell do you need 8 core CPU and 3 core GPU on a phone ??? I like having a phone with higher specs but this is an overkill.
That much cores paired up with android is gonna make you wish for even bigger battery.

Read about the Exynos 5 before you make assumptions. Samsung's dumb to market this as octa-core, because it doesn't run on 8 cores. It is a pair of quad cores that work together to handle varying tasks. There is a quad to handle gaming and another to handle low-power tasks. It's the solution to adding power to the phone when needed without making it a constant battery hog. The 920 would be GREAT with such a feature, because the battery life of it is pretty mediocre, though I love the phone.

Tbh it may have all the cores 2gb ram 13 pix cam 2600 battery but still looks ugly as fuck could at least fix the look the lumia series are stunning and im sure soon when there new range is out IT WILL KNOCK SAMDUNG DEAD !

The presentation shows how much effort they put in S4, the whole device revolves around Speech Recognition which is incredibly difficult area to master and they have done it. It is a slick device.
But I am still fan of Lumia 920...

This is one ugly phone with even uglier OS. I can't believe someone even excited about kind of shit. All the author is talking about is specs: 2G RAM, 8 core..., I am just wondering how much engineering it takes to put in 2G RAM than 1G RAM? If Burger King said they can make 2 lb Burger while McDonald can't, I can't argue with that.
I say Lumia is destroying Samsung. Look at their ugly shit, which can even put side by side with Lumias?