Re-live Window's 95 game, Hover!, in your favorite browser

Hover from Microsoft

If you thought re-living the excitement of Microsoft’s Windows 95 game, Hover! would require a time machine – you are wrong. The famous game of the 1990s is now available to play directly in your web browser as a promotion for Internet Explorer.

Hovercraft choices

Hover! was originally included with all Windows 95 installation disks. The objective of the game is to capture more flags than your artificial done opponents. The player can collect a variety of powers including the ability to jump, spawn walls, or cloak pod.

If you want to have some fun with a blast to the past, you can download Hover! by clicking here. The game has been optimized and designed specifically for Internet Explorer, but does work perfectly within Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


What are your favorite games from previous versions of Windows? My favorite game continues to be 3D Pinball – Space Cadet, which was originally included in Microsoft Plus! For Windows 95.

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Re-live Window's 95 game, Hover!, in your favorite browser


I love that game. I first played it on Windows XP though (still have the high score on our old desktop which sits in the basement collecting dust). I guess I'm not old enough to remember when it was first available.

Space Cadet was great. I think I first played it while on a Windows NT 4.0 Server course. Bizarre, though, that a server OS should include what was a fairly processor-intensive game for the time.

IE on Windows Phone 8 is the full IE10 browser from Windows 8, with a different skin. They're already brought together.

I would expect 8.1 on Phone to have IE11. It has WebGL which is required for this game. But they would have to change the UI to suit mobile.

Does anyone remember Power Pete? I was in 5th grade back in '95 and remember playing it then but it might be an older game.

OH MY GOD POWER PETE!!! I thought that was a Mac only game... I'd LOVE to get my hands on that again!

At&t just needs to go twerk with Miley. Make itself feel better about f***ing people over like she did with the Hannah Montana fans. Juicy J up in this b***h!

I remember playing this on my IBM Aptiva Win95 computer.  It was a really fun game at the time.  133mhz Pentium processor, 4 CD-ROM changer (never ever saw that on another computer), I think it had 16mb of ram, 2gig hard drive (at a time when everyone I knew had 640mb hard drives).  How far technology has come in the last 17 years (17 years!!!, seems like yesterday).

Not supported on windows phone 8, I thought whatever that is advertised on wpcentral, is compatible with our phones. :) NP LL wait for wp support..Big fan of this game!

I'm pretty sure it wasn't on *all* installation discs, but just *one* of the dozen or so floppies that came in the box. ;)

  Wouldn't it be better if Microsoft released all these old computer games as free xbox live games on WP8 and W8?

I would make it IE only. MS got to believe in itself rather than quickly give into the google hordes unnatural proclivities.

No, it is actually good that is cross browser, it shows that IE11 has the fastest JavaScript interpreter to date.

I would love skifree on my Lumia. Or you could play something like doodlejump upside down lol.

I also want rattler race. I think it was in one of the plus packs? Can't quite remember but man, best snake game ever!

I still have Hover on my computer. I have just kept copying it from one upgrade to the next. It has run just fine on every instance of Windows to date since its release.

With the retro look windows and share wizards they really outdid themselves big style :D I laughed so hard

On a slightly tangential note, MS should consider reintroducing hidden games into their software! The Excel flight sim is possibly the best Easter egg ever.

Easter eggs (including games) aren't allowed at MS anymore (and haven't been for a good 10 years). You can be fired for adding one. The potential for embarrassment and security issues had a lot to do with the ban, but it's also just good policy... If someone's writing a game in a program like Excel, what feature could have been implemented instead?

It's pretty silly that even Windows 8 users are being encouraged to install the 8.1 preview just to play the game. That's going to cause all sorts of problems.

I agree! 3D pinball-Space Cadet was really fun! Then I started playing knights of the old republic and completely forgot about it.

Rodents' revenge!!! And Fuji golf! Although my favorite games were Hugo DOS games I had on my 3.1 comp when I was 4.

Oh my goodness, I was just about to mention Rodent's Revenge! If they brought that back it would be awesome! I almost thought about Klotski too but there's a similar game in the Window's Phone store already.