Rumor: Nokia X2, new Lumia, and more coming later this month

Again it's time to get the rumor mill running. According to Indian tech site BGR India, Microsoft (or Nokia, it's the same thing now) is set to release the successor to Nokia X, the entry-level Android smartphone that sparkled much controversy just a few months ago. The Nokia X2 will reportedly sport a 4.3" WVGA display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of internal storage.

Citing insider sources, Chinese site WPDang is in full support of BGR India's claim, and has added to it a few more elements:

  • Nokia X2 will be announced in the fourth week of June, somewhere in Asia.
  • Along with X2, Microsoft will also unveil a new Lumia device, which is supposed to be of the middle range.
  • And there will be a new budget feature phone.

There aren't many more details yet. We expect more information will soon surface, as the fourth week of June is not very far away. We will keep you updated about how this rumor develops.

Source: BGR India, WPDang


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Rumor: Nokia X2, new Lumia, and more coming later this month


Ikr no new flagship on att what are they thinking! I do not want a 1520 its too big! I just need a flagship phone on att! Microsoft smh

Can't we just get a Magnesium Alloy framed with Poly carbonate back 5" Surface Phone with 20MP rear and 5MP front camera withat least 2Gb memory, Snapdragon 801 CPU, minimum of 32gb of storage and 3000 mAh battery. Oh and pretty colors like Green, Yellow, Blue, Gray, White, Red and Purple.


Is that so much to ask?

Plus built in wireless charging without those stupid add on shells and wireless charger included in the box and coloud pop earphones in matching color. And that new small Bluetooth speaker also included. And glance screen. I refuse to buy a phone without glance screen even if I have to sacrifice some color tones in the screen (like amoled on 925) and really 32GB is so two years ago, I want 64gb onboard storage by default, and 128 option for some extra buck. Those 41mp photos get big. And xenon flash and fix the yellow tint in photos. And I'll have that in pink or magenta thank you.

the 920 and 1020 are flagship phones, albeit older flagship phones, which are certainly in need of a refresh now.

I agree. I have a 1020 and it could definitely use a newer/faster quad core processor and miracast/mhl capabilities. Built-in NFC would be nice too. Screen size is perfect as is, perhaps up it to 1080P?

If the budget Android X2 will have 1GB RAM, MS/Nokia better update the Lumia 630 to 1GB RAM as well.

With 1GB RAM and possibly FFC+Flash, dual SIM 630 will be a killer budget phone. Call it Lumia 640 and sell it unlocked/carrier free at MSStores and this thing will fly off the shelves even at $199. I will pick it up in a heartbeat.

I agree, no phone should have less than 1GB RAM.

But with regards to Android.. the OS requires at least 1GB. I doubt it would run without a ton of lag if it only had 512MB. Whereas Windows Phone still runs great on 512MB, so although it would be nice (and should be the minimum anyway), I don't see it as a requirement.

Not too many people in the market for a budget phone would even think to look at the amount of RAM, but instead play with it in the store and see if it feels fast enough before they buy it.

Not 640 as it should be the successor of 630 next year along with 940 and others,maybe a successor for 625 with 5" screen and 1gb ram.

Add 1 GB Ram, front cam and flash ...i'm sold. And oh yes please keep providing standard things like a handsfree headset within the box. Many people are pissed because even after paying that much, MS is not even providing standard equipments.

WP 8.1 runs smoothly on 512 ram and it doesn't require 1GB to do that . But imagine if it has 1 GB Ram, it can be a lot faster while multitasking and stuff..
Are you listening microsoft?

Add a front cam and flash to Lumia 638 DS and sell it for 10K-12K INR. It will sell like hot cakes.

What about a " true" flagship device? Something that would motivate 920 owners, like me, to open the wallet?

^This. I don't think people understand the level of offerings the 920 brings to the cell phone world. The 925, 929, or 930 do not brings it. The 1520 does, but its size makes it niche. I'm hoping that MS brings a 920 upgrade due its name before the years out.

The 930 is just a smaller version of the 1520 and its not better than the 1520 either. The 1520 is basically the most flagship of all WP out there. Back to the 920, I feel as though there is not a true successor to the 920 yet. The 920 had set some standard. The 930 doesn't have that feel our hype.

Completely agree but I am getting bored of my 920 and with the amount of physical abuse my phone has gone through, I am ready for a new phone. I cannot talk myself into carrying a 6 inch phone either so the 1520 is out of picture and I cannot see anything other than 930 as a possible replacement. 

The 930 compared to 920 has a bigger screen with higher pixel density, has better camera, has better processor, has better gpu. Yes, how is it not a true upgrade?!! I'm upgrading my 925 to the 930 as soon as it arrives.

While the 930 has some interesting improvements over the 920 the drawback are there as well. Personally I like the polycarbonate body, a full metal body could be an option too but the mix of the two is a solution that, again personal preferences I really dislike. No Glance, no SD card.... No thanks. Shrink a 1520 to a 5" size and I would buy it immediately while waiting to see what Goldfinger, if it will ever materialize, will bring to the game.

the 930 is nice - excellent upgrade from the 920 - only things missing are glance screen and sd card slot - still 32gb is plenty for me though

Only thing missing IMO is the whole 930 in itself...

Seems like South Africa not getting this any time soon. They haven't even mentioned anything about the 630, let alone the 930. FML... to upgrade to 1020 instead or take one more week of torture.

How exactly is it an excellent upgrade? Better processor and slightly better camera, but no glance and no wireless charging. I don't see it. 920 wins.

It has built in wireless, check the specs. It also has 4 multi directional mics which is probably only good if you make a lot of videos. It also has 5.1 speakers which is awesome. :)

I would, I really like the 930, since I use my 920 for a lot of videos, however, space fills up fast, a 5 minute video at 1080p and 24 fps takes close to half a gig. The 920 was the perfect phone, for video, with OIS, and great mics. The 930 has even better mics, and an even better sensor, but I still won't have space for video. Sad, as the video quality on my 920 is better than my Nikon D7000, but I use the Nikon because of the space. It sorely needs an SD card. That's all. I'll wait.

The 930 has built-in wireless charging, mate. The only thing the 930 doesn't have that the 920 has is Glance screen (this since neither of them has microSD slots)-

Glance screen is the best thing that happened to smartphones, especially the always on, that doesn't even user that much battery on amoled screen. 930 should ship with a wireless charger in the box if they really want to push this thing.

HOnestly, I don't get the hype around Glance Screen. I never actually liked it and I don't use it. So I definitely won't miss it on the 930. But it seems A LOT of people really like it. Fortunately, MM is working on a way to bring it without the need for specific displays.


As for the wireless charger...yeah it should, but it won't. That's an unsubstantiated rumour that went around but according to both listings at Nokia's site, Amazon etc, none of the 930 will bring the charger.

The 930 also has a much higher pixel density screen, better gpu, and MUCH better camera, Plus it also has built-in wireless charging. And if rumors are to be believed, will be introduced with a price lower than that of the 920 when it was first introduced.

Much better processor, bigger higher definition screen. Includes wireless charging, a camera with more than double the resolution, better microphones. Whats not to like.

Honestly 930 is not much of an upgrade, I would want every single feature 920 has and more, included glance, plus I don't like the iphonish shape of 930 waiting for the 1020 successor

We're getting the 930 but I think it is missing glance (which, while I could live without, I do use a lot) due to a different type of screen used.  Actually holding out for a successor to the 1020.

Glance is eating the battery AFAIK. I don't use it on my 1520.

I don't think there is even a reason to keep this Glance screen, while you can easily press the power button and check everything what are you interested in. Just a 'cool' feature IMO.

Glance makes my phone a bedside clock. I have my 1020 propped up on a Vue wireless charging stand and it displays the time, date, and temperature. So there's the reason you couldn't think of.

+920 Same here! Enjoyed it with the N9 and now with my Lumia! Waiting for a flagship with glance!

You dont need glance for this. the NFC chip in my 920 boots a bedside clock app built into all nokia devices, when tapped against my Nokia stand.

I imagine their true flagship will be later this year. Apple and Nokia seem to have big reveals later in the year whereas everyone else does it earlier on.

I've been waiting three months already and there isn't even a release date in sight. They've well and truly messed this launch up and I'm not convinced its ever going to come out, or they would let people know when. I was speaking to my network shop last week and they said its been on their imminent list for so long that the network has removed it and aren't going to stock it now.

I love the look and feel of the 920. The 930 / Icon has great internals, but it's just missing that Nokia "look and feel" that made the 920 so popular. The 1020 and 1520 have that Nokia "look".

Exactly, when people see my 920 (even if it's black) they ask "what phone is that?" Because no phone looks like it, with the curved shape and that silver camera accent. The new ones look kind of like an HTC or an iPhone, not anything special.

The 920 is beginning to show it's age though. I've been playing some "Badland" on mine and the frame rate is really not very good.

I'd be very happy to see that!
I am half waiting for that to come out, and half holding back from just buying a 635.

Serious doubt that. Other plan for dual boot have been killed off several times

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

It depends what you mean by dual boot.


If you mean that both operating systems are installed on the device and the user can select, on startup, which one to load, then no, I don't think that will ever happen. Android requires over 1GB of storage space and Windows Phone requires over 2 GB. Neither OS is likely to allow access to the storage area of the other OS - indeed it's quite likely that they don't even use compatible file systems, with Windows Phone likely to be NTFS or ReFS, and Android likely to be ext3 or another Linux-supported file system. The number of people interested in it will be very low.


I think they actually mean devices that are compatible with both operating systems, through using components that are supported by both OSes, with the hardware keys required by both OSes, and with screen sizes supported by both. Android KitKat and Windows Phone 8.1 now both support the main set of action buttons being displayed at the bottom of the screen, rather than being physical keys. The manufacturer can then decide which OS to preload onto the device when they're built, rather than having separate production lines for Android devices and Windows devices.


The Nokia X2 may well be a Lumia with a smaller memory chip (or even the same size one, but only half of it working). The only differences in the spec between Lumia phones and the Nokia X, that would prevent Windows Phone being loaded, is that the X only comes with 4GB storage, while 8GB is the minimum for Windows Phone. I suspect that's still because the Windows Phone OS is bigger. It does seem like an awful lot of work on Nokia's part, on the software side, to save maybe a couple of dollars on the bill of materials.

"Microsoft (or Nokia, they're the same thing)"

Prepare to experience the wrath of DJCBS for saying that lol

It's ridiculous though, Nokia still exists as a separate entity that is completely unconnected to mobile phones so they are decidedly NOT the same thing so why is it so hard for the staff here to use the correct name, Microsoft? Maybe they too are tacitly acknowledging that Microsoft's name isn't particularly desirable?

I think it has more to do with the fact that no one really knows what they're going to start calling these phones. They could be Surface phones, Microsoft phones, X phones. No one really know, so they just call them Nokia. I still don't understand why he would say it like that, though.

Seriously doubt that. Everyone ripping the apks from the OS and just loading those. It's not a real big demand for the phone. Why there's an X2 though is mind boggling. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they are selling good...

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Here in India, stores are getting crazy about the Nokia XL. Everyone is trying to convince customers to buy it. It's selling like hotcakes. Nobody seems to accept that it is not actual Android but a mish-mash of Android and WP, made weird.

X does not cause a problem for WP as MS or Nokia has now concentrating on 3 group of devices X,Asha and WP. And these three are meant for different people as Asha is for feature phone users(below about 100$),x for those with limited budget who want android and apps(below 180$) and finally WP for all those smart phone users(above 180$).

Microsoft truly shouldn't be in the smartphone business. First they take years to add basic features then use a competitors OS instead of their own when they have devices perfectly capable of filling that role. It's really no wonder WP is doing so poorly when the OS maker can't make up their minds which OS they want to use it that people need features beyond the most basic.

Amen. Can they not force MS/Nokia to remove Qi wireless charging in it. I have come to love it with my 920 and cannot see myself gong back.

I have found myself thinking of leaving ATT because of this...if your going to sell me a gimped phone and tell me its the best thing since sliced bread.

Definitely need successors to the Lumia 720/820. Hope there isn't too much of a delay between announcement and release. I really need to get a new phone by mid-August.

I need a true high end device running WP.. F* this man.. So done with WPs.. Microsoft needs to make sure they at least launch a high end device every year in US..

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I'm surprised no one has said this! That would fit the description of a mid range phone and would be great! Micro SD card, 1gb ram, glance, and 15mp camera and I would upgrade early! Haha

why? VS isn't really a high revenue product for them. It is just a tool to support their platforms. basically they'd be supporting somebody else.

They said you could use winJS on android which is as good as it can get for google would never ship android with a .NET implementation. Meaning even if MSFT wanted, they wouldn't be able to support C# apps, and that's the most popular store language. You would be left with winJS or c++. The latter is out as it isn't suitable for most development due to cost and complexity.

So they already did all they could do. There is off course the XAMARIN route but that is already something others are doing and remains not trully "android native" until it isn't java.

What they can and should do is let WP and Win8 run android apps to help the platform close the gap hopefully bring the numbers and then entice developers with device native apps.

If the VS group wants to have jobs in the future then they need to look into supporting other platforms like Android and iOS. MSFT is killing VS's market, Win32, so the VS group needs to do something. VS is, by far, superior to the other platforms' IDEs. I don't know how they'll do it but they need to do something.

" Microsoft (or Nokia, it's the same thing now)"


NO, IT'S NOT, YOU IDIOT. Jesus Christ, who allows these people to write articles?

Microsoft Mobile will be presenting the phones. Not Nokia. Learn the f*cking difference! No wonder the Avatar is a primate...


(sorry about the rant but I'm really sick of the bad journalism of some of these writers at WPCentral).


As for the phones, there's the L530 coming. Which will most likely be the one presented. As for the Nokia X2...we'll see. I think it's too soon to be releasing a new one but who knows...maybe Microsoft is really committed to releasing Android-based phones.

calm down. what the author means is that MS will be releasing these phones but still early enough in the merger that saying nokia amounts to the same thing as these weren't put together this month and likely are projects that nokia started pre-merger and will see to the end. There is no hard cut off date in a calendar where everybody chagnes their cube badges. This is a complext transition with payrolls, housing, reporting and leadership transitions that go on for months.


No new Lumias will come under the Nokia brand. That's clearly stated in the deal and it wasn't changed. Microsoft can only use the name "Nokia" on the other phones to which they have a license. So while they can call it the Nokia X2, they CAN'T call it the Nokia Lumia 530.


Furthermore, as of 25th April, Nokia and Microsoft went their separate ways. Nokia is still a company operating completely independenf of Microsoft and that can perfectly well return to the mobile business in 2016.

So to write that Nokia and Microsoft is the same thing is just plain wrong. It's bad journalism. And it's offensive for both Nokia AND Microsoft. The author wasn't talking about the phones, he/she was talking about the company. And the company releasing these phones is Microsoft Mobile. NOT Nokia.

So Nokia x***** gets 1gb of ram but actual WP's don't? I'm talking the lower space of lumias. Granted some of the other specs are lower but still. C'mon. 1gb should be the lowest nowadays for any smart phone. I my self am waiting on a real 920 successor though.

I don't think Nokia will call X succesor as X2 because,Nokia already has Nokia X2 series...So they may call like Nokia XM.....This is Just my Guess.....

Hoping for a 730!   I don't want to carry a really expensive phone around.  Bump the specs of the 630 slightly, add a flash and front camera for another $80 and that's my perfect phone. 

Seriously, the biggest problem with Microsoft is that its channel is working too slow and "dispersed". After AT&T get an exclusive device, we will have to wait months for its equivalent on others (or never!). When it does arrive on other platforms or countries, they are about to push out the next flagship, which means guys will have to hold again. 

C'mon MS, we need a 93x variant for non-Verizon and Canadian users (or just give us Canadians the 930 damnit, is that really so difficult?)

Unfortunately, our carriers have their collective heads too far up BlackBerry's ass to give WP a fair shake. I mean, half of them think that WPs run Android and the other half think they run Windows proper.

I'll be honest. At this point, between them releasing another android device, and the lack of high end device releases over the past year, it's starting to feel like a slap in the face. I initially thought it was just their usual incompetence causing them to screw things up, now I honestly think they don't give a shit about those of us who got them where they are. The lack of available high end phones on multiple carriers is embarrassing, pathetic and honestly a little offensive to me as someone who has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on Microsoft products over the years.

Where is 1020 Succesor?It's been 1 year.Wish to see more manual controls,Fast Shot to shot speed,20s Shutter speed option,Micro SD support,5 inch :)

November.... Got my eyes on the date. There will be a hell of a lot of 920 owners coming to the end of their contract near the end of the year.

Not particularly taken with the prospect of a low or mid range Lumia. Need a 1030.

On another note, how come no phone has a flash at the front for all the selfie shits?

A new Lumia?  We still haven't got either of the last 4 older-newer ones :[    Canada is like backwards-ville.  Nokia/Microsoft need an unlocked international store!  Screw the local carriers.

I am looking out for the successor of 720. It's Going to walk over Moto G/X. I don't mind the 848x480 resolution. The battery life will be definitely better.

Hoping for a 620 successor.

I mean a TRUE successor, not the bloated cripple that is the 630. More power, longer battery lifetime and same size with a better screen.

You know, an actual update.

Gotta agree with that also. I want a 930 on ATT to replace my 920 and I want a true successor to my 620 as well. I use my 620 as a Zune HD replacement and I don't think the 630 is in the same lineage as the 620. I would've preferred a smaller better screen with better audio and the same attention the 620 got with the replaceable shells that hold the headphone jack. Having the headphone jack on the shell allows you to replace the shell if the jack gets broken. The size is also perfect because it's easy to use in the gym or on the track. The 620 is a great device. The 630 is meh. We already have the 520 that fits that range of phones.

It would be awesome if it could use the same shells, but with wireless charging.

Also, it needs a radio.

So, I guess the new plan is to position Windows Phone as a low-end, budget alternative.  There is nothing on the horizion -- not even rumors -- that has me excited in the least bit.  It's beginning to feel like if you're interested in anything high-end you'd better look to Android or iPhone.  That rumored 6" iPhone is sounding better and better with each WP announcement - real or rumor.

4" / 4.3" Windows Phone with Rear Wide 20Mp f1.8 1" sensor and Front Wide 8Mp Camera, 2Gb RAM, 32Gb Internal Memory, Water and Dust Resistant, Miracast.

I am so sick of getting excited about reading these articles hinting at a new Lumia only to be disappointed in another mid range device. Where's the att flagship? Either Microsoft is getting really good at keeping things a secret, or they really don't have a flagship Lumia getting anywhere close to production. I bought a 920 used to tide me over and it's nice, but can't imagine keeping this until Q1 2015 for the rumored goldfinger.

Even no Android with 1gb ram plays subway surfers as smooth as my Lumia 520 does. But developer is not allowing us to install it on 512mb devices.

Leave x2... I'm desperately waiting for the mid range Lumia.
Hoping it with Microsoft logo at back and Nokia's at front..

Maybe a 730! With no front facing camera, no flash, same 6.7 camera, 512 ram and a 5" on screen buttons and no camera button! BUT itll have a SnapDragon 400 so ITS BETTER GUYS. Why dont they just make a new '30' version of every lumia with missing features from its '20' counterpart like they did with the 630? xP

Hahaha i would hope so too! I like the 630 quite a bit i think i just have an issue with the numbering. Its supposed to be btter than the 620.. Not between the 520 and 620 plus a couple extra features. Its only true upgrade was screen size and processor but it took quite a few strides back and i really hope this isnt the new pattern on lumias. The 730 should be somewhere between the 720 and the 820 but modernized.


MS/Nokia should replace the '<' button on the X series with a 'X' .. It will be asewome for branding. Now it looks like an incomplete design with that back arrow.