Runtastic Pro gains improved layout, heart rate zones and more for Windows Phone 8.1

Runtastic Pro

Runtastic Pro for Windows Phone has received a major update today. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find version 3.0 of the popular fitness tracking app. Today's big update introduces new features hydration recommendations, improved layout, heart rate monitor integration and a transparent Live tile for those on Windows Phone 8.1.

Here's the full list of changes and new features in version 3.0 of Runtastic Pro.

  • Heart Rate Integration: Track your heart rate with the Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor (PRO only)
  • Heart Rate Zones: Train in the ideal heart rate zone, i.e. fat burning, to reach your goals (PRO only)
  • LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Share location & receive messages for motivation to keep pushing
  • Transparent Live Tile on your start screen
  • Hydration feature: See how much you should drink to recovery from dehydration post-activity (PRO only)
  • BirdView in map
  • Japanese Voice Coach (PRO)
  • New app languages: Russian, Turkish and Polish
  • Improved layout

Runtastic Pro

Runtastic Pro has been able to work with their heart rate monitor in the past, but it was an older model that required a dongle to attach to your Windows Phone headset jack. Now today's update introduces support for the Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor. The Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor is a heart monitor with support for Bluetooth low energy. You can head to Amazon and order the accessory to track your heart rate without needing a dongle on Windows Phone.

Other features we're sure fans of Runtastic Pro will like include heart rate zones, a transparent Live tile and more. Let us know your favorite new feature!

Right now we only see version 3.0 for Runtastic Pro. The free version of Runtastic was last updated on May 8 and still sitting at version 2.7. We'll let you know if Runtastic gets an update and gains some of the 3.0 features of Runtastic Pro.

What do you think of today's changes in Runtastic Pro?

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Reader comments

Runtastic Pro gains improved layout, heart rate zones and more for Windows Phone 8.1


Great! Polish at last! :) I'd like it to have an option to automatically pause counting when for example I stop while biking.

Bing H&F is still missing features, but bring others no competitor offers. I think it's a great app and should be praised more, even if it's not perfect yet.
WPC guys, did you make a Bing Health & Fitness review so that people get what I mean? I don't recall seeing one :-)

I preferred Bing. It has everything I wanted except for social interaction (no sharing workouts), so I switched back to Runtastic which has more features overall.

Why won't they implement the languages from iOS? I been waiting for Swedish for a long time and its just sad to see another app missing basic things.

Been using this for a long time. They've always supported WP pretty well, and they have an amazing amount of exercises to choose from to track. Planning on going for a ride tonight so excited to try out the new update!

I just want to say that compared to the Android app, this is a step down still.  In the History tab on the Android app, I can see at the top, the total miles for the week, time, calories, etc, yet with Windows Phone version, it is just a list of everything. 

On the Android version, I can see a run or walk and have it color coded based upon speed, elevation, etc. 

Every time I try and go walk or run it ask if I want to enable live following or not, even though every time I answer no.

Unless I am missing a setting somewhere, I have to manually sync my history between devices, even though the Android version automatically shows them as they are added. 

I do enjoy using the app and it is quite nice for documenting activities such as running, walking etc, but the WP version still falls short in some aspects compared to its Android counterpart.  I hope many of these issues are addressed and the two programs begin to share a commonality in both features and design.

I want to upgrade to pro version but I don't have heart rate monitor on L 920 so I see no point. But this is still a great app. Use it after Bing health just couldn't do the things I needed. GPS is better on this app as well. Wish there was a share option with text message or I'm services like viber. Good app all around thigh

Just a note on this:
DO NOT buy RunTastic Pro in the store if you plan on getting the HRM!
The HRM comes with a code to activate Runtastic Pro in the box.

But I will confirm the Runtastic HRM does work with WP 8.1 (working on my 1520).

I haven't tried it on my 920 yet, but it does see it as a BT device and can pair to it, so I just need to test within the app now.

Runtastic doesn't sync to fitbit which is why I stopped using it and went back to endomondo. I believe they had an option to do so if you paid for yearly GOLD service.

It would be great to sync to FitBit or Microsoft health vault or health and fitness. It quoted just be nice to have everything in one place for viewing.

I'm loving this app. It was on sale for $1 a few weeks back and I submitted the news but it never got posted. I was stoked as I didn't want to pay five bucks for it. It's such a great app though and to be fair it is worth the five bucks. Just a shame that the news of it being a dollar wasn't posted!

No, you can just use your phone. (Maps, gps, calories, activities, etc). You have the option to use other equipment like their heart rate monitor or the Polar H7 bluetooth heart rate monitor.

I found that it needs data turned on to track your location, I guess via triangulation between cell towers as an assist to GPS. GPS alone doesn't work very well.

this is the change i was waiting for. unfortunately, my achilles tendon is acting up, so i'll have to wait on it, but yeah, this is exactly what i want. now, if they can make bluetooth earbuds that can track your heartrate monitor...

Great it's the only app I use for my runs. I was using miCoach but switched back for a reason I can't seem to recall lol

No WP 8.1 yet for my 920. Runtastic updated Android and iPhone apps earlier this year with new design. Screenshots in the article above are same as current version - no change, or is this a mistake? No announcement of V 3.0 on Runtastic blog, and the store still shows 2.7. Maybe I can't see the update since I don't have WP 8.1. I use this app most every day since Runkeeper gave up on WP. I hope they really do continue to update and improve it.  

It must be supremely frustrating for developers who've released new or updated WP 8.1-only apps over the last few months, since hardly anyone in the US had WP 8.1 until this month. I don't have it yet, and I'm frustrated.

Awesome. I use the app regularly.


I hope they integrate with the rumoured Microsoft wristwatch/smart band when it comes out, and not their own hardware exclusively. That will make me switch.

I love the app, use it 3 times a week. (I'm a Runtastic Gold member )  Works perfectly, even while listening to my offline tracks on Spotify.  

I'm on WP8.1 DP and got the updated app... so I bought their Bluetooth smart combo heart rate monitor... however I can't seem to connect to the HRM... is there some magic trick I'm missing?

If you have a Lumia, you need the Lumia Cyan firmware, which enables Bluetooth 4.0 low energy. There is no direct update from 8.1 dp to Cyan, but the downgrade to Lumia Black and subsequent Cyan upgrade process was not too difficult. I have a 1020 and recommend it if you want to use the heart rate monitor sooner than later.