Smartphone Round Robin Extended!

No doubt you've heard from our sister sites, but if you haven't: we're continuing the tradition from last year's Smartphone Round Robin of not being able to get the whole sucker done in the allotted time. So we're extending the Round Robin and the Contest to Win a Fuze and Redfly.

So the new deadline for entering is January 10th. How do you enter? Simple -- every day you make a comment on a Round Robin post (including this one), you're entered for a chance to win. Comments on WMExperts enter you for that Fuze. Naturally, there are plenty of posts already for you to check out, find the full list here.

Yeah, we're the late ones for our G1 full review, but it'll be here on New Year's day, fret not.


Reader comments

Smartphone Round Robin Extended!


I wish they could have added VZW's version of the TP. Even though it isnt as good as the Fuze no doubt, I would still like to hear the results.

Ahh..even with all that fancy tech at your fingertips, deadlines still get passed by. Well, it's been an interesting round robin, so a little more time may be in order.

I've been waiting to see what you guys think about the G1. I've played with one (Tilt user here) and like it quite a bit. But the OS does seem to be in its infancy.

Thanks. I could use a new Windows Mobile device. When I use WinMo, it's an original Samsung Blackjack. I think it's time for a new phone! Thanks WMExperts!

I can believe I have been coming to this site for months and I just registered now. Anyway Happy New York Everyone!

good to hear and happy new year!
Hey Scotty,
I just noticed you're from sac.
I was born and raised in that hick town woodland. :)

Thanks- either device would be cool but giving away both is pretty generous.