Subway Surfers brings you to mystical China in the latest update

Subway Surfers Beijing

The last update to Subway Surfers brought you to Hollywood. The latest update, version 1.28, brings you somewhere new again. This time, you're helping Jake, Tricky, and Fresh escape from the grumpy inspector and his dog in mystical China. If you're a big Subway Surfers fan, head over to the Windows Phone Store right now and download the update.

Subway Surfers version 1.28 features:

  • Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to mystical China
  • Pace through the Subway of Beijing with acrobatic Sun
  • Add powerful Board Upgrades to selected boards
  • Reach for the challenging new Coin Cautious Awards
  • Search the tracks for hidden dragons to unlock weekly prizes

Subway Surfers is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Don't forget, it also supports devices with 512 MB RAM. Check out the new update and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, ttanay1, and everyone else!

512 support

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Reader comments

Subway Surfers brings you to mystical China in the latest update


I don't know what's going on. I've tipped you with these news as it just appeared, and many more tips but you didn't reply to me or just say my name in the news. Let me know if you receive them. Thanks

The games too boring...at least minion rush came up with somthing new! Subway surfers has the same boring idea since it wad made. They change just the color and a few trees! :/

Technically they do, but only with respect to the venues. In terms of gameplay, it's still exactly the same since it was launched.

Grumpy inspector ??? Oh c'mon guys!!! If you see a stylish kid "decorating" your house, what will you do ???

What about the problem with the game is it ok now after the optimization the game play was bad......

The windows phone version of ss is so disgusting...android phones with jst 1 ghz processor and 512mb ram can play this game smoothly, and their it lags on my Lumia 520 having snapdragon s4....

Got tired of this game. I have alot of coins and keys and can't get rid of them after updating. So won't update till I'm done spending them and beating that high score

It's a great game for Android users... N a shot for Nokia unlucky 512mb users... It's hangs, take a long to boot, many a time screen got blank but he keep on ruining.
N crash at particular time specially when you are at very high score.

Performance issues with both a 1520 installed on microXDSC and on 1020 installed internally. Issues carried over from last month. I opened a bug report.

Hey...i have problem with this game....in store it shows that App installed...but actually i couldn't find it anywhere...what to do.....?? Reply fast plzzzz

Still my favourite game of all time. Been playing it over 6 months and still my favourite. Desperately hoping it saves properly before I update my phone, don't want to lose my progress