Subway Surfers takes on Tokyo in today's update of the popular runner

Subway Surfers Tokyo

Subway Surfers is one of the few games on Windows Phone to keep pace in updates with iOS and Android. Indeed, the endless runner is updated day for day with those ‘World Tour’ updates. Sure, they’re just re-skinning the game for some new visual flare, but it’s still a fun nod to its users who may get bored. Toss in some new monthly contests to sweeten the deal and you have one of our favorite games.

Today’s update brings you to the alleys of Tokyo, with new vibrant streets, a new Windglider board and new Harumi and Ninja outfits. The developers behind the game, Kiloo, look to have also added a notification system to tell you about new updates (at least it reminded us, even after today’s update). There’s even a new ‘try’ feature for the Lowrider board, which is one heck of a tease for in-app purchases.

Does today bring 512 MB support? No, no it does not. So that is still one major complaint against this game, but for all of those with 1 GB or more of RAM, you’re good to go.

To start collecting those new Japanese dolls for power-ups, head to the Store to pick up 1.24 ‘World Tour: Tokyo’ update.

Thanks, Moodi Darkness, for the tip!

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Subway Surfers takes on Tokyo in today's update of the popular runner


me do have it, and felt something wrong. Is that dev's fault? developers, developers, developers!

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Yeah! If Temple Run 2 can stay 512mb RAM optimised while overhauling the entirety of the games visuals every three weeks then Subway Surfers should too!

Oh wait

They can only modify the game. Nothing new exciting hurdles or something. No support for 512 MB ram also.

Why even you post about this game? This is so old and booring to play! I would rather play royal revolt!! :D

Still one if my favorite mobile games. Good for a time waster if you just want a quick play on something when you only want to kill a few minutes. I really like the fact that they try to jeep it fresh by changing up the setting from time to time as well.

"Why even you post about this game? This is so old and booring to play! I would rather play royal revolt!! :D"

I post it because you don't like it, duh ;P

I do like the game but it is really an old game just updating the UI doesn't make the game interesting :/ also it would take forever to play this game on 512mb RAM

Me too, even RR2 which is more complex than the first RR, it can still run butter smooth, even on 512MB of RAM! How could they...

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No worries. Not full of glitches. Gamelofts games are a bit buggy on all OS. They try to make it compatible.

Is it the time for me to give up with the Subway Surfer , Whatsapp or maybe Windows phone ?

Don't give up on Windows Phone, I have missed it for 1 month now because it's under repair. I have Android, but it doesn't mean I will jump ship. I still stick myself to WP for its uniqueness and slickness of its UI. ;)

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Yeah! I just bought a 630 this week and no WhatsApp on my phone. Those who had already installed it before it was pulled are lucky!!! Just remember not to uninstall it by accident!!

let's spam 'em (WhatsApp devs) with complaints on Windows Phone support. lol

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I have seen videos on YouTube where people have somehow side loaded subway surfers and modern combat to the Lumia 520. I guess the developers are plain lazy to make it 512MB compatible

They lied to us . They said future update will bring 512 support ...all that was a big lie ...the thing is if u want ur game to be available to limited users ...good ... But why lie ??

The Spotlight section on windows phone shows "Disney's infinity: Toy box" game. When I click it it says it isn't available, is it possible they may be releasing it on windows phone soon?

Damn! If they dnt wnt 2 support 512MB RAM fones y they still make new fones of 512MB RAM
nw nly GOD knos what's their strategy..

I was really, really hoping that this update would involve the policeman being dressed as Godzilla. Missed opportunity! :P

Here's an idea - since so many Windows Phone apps and games get posted to the store and never updated, how about we support the ones who actually maintain their apps instead of bashing them? Just a thought....

how come when ive already update new version, it still show i need to update the app every time i start the game