T-Mobile Radar 4G's software update

T-Mobile Radar 4G Changes

And since the international HTC Titan received an update this morning, we finally got around to updating our U.S. T-Mobile Radar 4G which is getting its first firmware refresh too (the unlocked version received one a few weeks ago). Here are the software changes.

  • Firmware - 20102 (old - 10802)
  • Bootloader - 2.1 (old - 1.8)
  • Radio - 03.17_ 16.27.00 (old - 02.09_2_16.24.00)

It seems clear that HTC is moving to a 2.x bootloader and 2.x firmware for both the Titan and Radar, meaning the AT&T Titan could very well get a refresh soon too.

The update took about 20 minutes and we even gained a teeny amount of space back (see above) which was kind of nice. There's no word either on what this addresses, but presumably its for performance and fixes--some of which we hope to find in the next few days (lets us know if you notice any).

Also, the international version of the HTC Radar, at least on T-Mo in the Netherlands, received a software refresh yesterday too:

  • Firmware - 20103 (old - 10902)
  • Bootloader - 2.1 (old - 1.9)

Thanks, HPDeskjet, for the info


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T-Mobile Radar 4G's software update


Nothing new to see here.....at least from what I've noticed....

Sucks...I was hoping for the keyboard fix. That's the only thing wrong with my Radar (and all Windows Phones).....

Tomobile HD7 also got this update,  \
Hardware: 0002
Radio Software:
Radio Hardware: A.12.0.D4
Bootloader: 5.10.2250.0(132968)
Chip SOC:
Old: IDK