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International HTC Titan getting new software update

HTC seems keen on keeping their titan of a Titan in tip-top shape--whew that was a mouthful. We're getting word from reader Rajinder, located in Denmark, that their HTC Titan just got a nice firmware/radio/bootloader refresh. It's only been about three weeks since the last update, so kudos to HTC on their diligence here.

  • Firmware Version: 20104 (old: 10902)
  • Radio Software: 03.17  (old: 02.09)
  • Boot Loader-version: 2.1  (old: 1.8)

No word on exact changes just yet, so that's where you come in. Let us know in comments if you received the update, what carrier you're on and country. And if you think you've noticed some changes, you can add that too. (Unfortunately our unlocked Titan is at home, taking a rest--we can only carry so many phones around with us!).

Daniel Rubino

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  • Just finished updating my UK Titan.
  • UK Unlocked Titan (on Vodafone) is updating also updating now.
  • after update again lost the time and date, reverted back to 1980 :)
  • Just got the update here in NZ but it is an international unlocked phone - good to see the regular updates but woul dbe nice to know what has been changed.
  • Sweden here. mine got updated last night. not noticed anything new.
  • Yup. My beauty have been updated too. Numbers are the same as above. Date have been changed to 28th of Januray, time is wrong :S That's strange... (from Hungary)
  • Got the update last night (Sweden, Telenor)
  • I absolutely hate that AT&T delays updates.
  • I can't update to the latest version
    Update Failed: HTC Update for Windows Phone Error Code
    80188223 (Norway, Telenor)
  • I'm in Italy I got the update hoping that my big problem could be fixed but it didn't...
    Hi, I have an htc titan and I live in Italy; I bought it from expansys because here in not on sale yet..My problem is this: when I plug the headphones ( any brand from htc to something else) I'm not able to receive or make phonecalls but I can receive and send sms and the very strange thing is that this happens only with my operator ( TIM) but not with my wife's (Vodaphone). I went to a TIM shop and I've tried new simcards but nothing has changed...The point is that when I plug the headphones is like I lose the connection but not totally infact the bar is full of signal, i can receive and send sms but when I dial a number the phone call doesn't start and nobody is able to call me... Another strange thing is that If I dial a number without the headphones I can make a call and then I can plug the headphones without any like the headphones are blocking just the start of the call... As you know the headphones is also the antenna for the radio and even if I'm not a technician maybe that's could be the reason... As I told you with my wife's simcard from vodaphone this problem doesn't happen..And I tried other simcards alway from Tim and some problem! I used to see my Titan refuse to make a call, like when i dial a number, it just automatically end that call, and everyone who try to call me will receive "tut tut tut tut" rapidly.
    The italian htc customer service really don't know anything about it! they always confuse the tytn with the titan!! after specyfing what telephone I have they told me to unistall all the apps that I have...but I dind't do it 'cause I'm quite sure this is not the problem...
    Anyone can help me??
  • Return the phone.
  • Htc customer sevice says it's a problem of the operator's sim operator (Tim) says it's a problem of the device...they both don't really care that I had always..always Htc phones and that I've been always with Tim...
  • I also ended up at the 28th January 1980, for some reason, and had to reset the time manually.
  • Also happened to me. I think that was the actual purpose of the update :P
  • FYI it did NOT reset my time but maybe my operator has different settings and it auto updated.
  • Any problem with Mac Address bug after this update?
    I installed this update on my HD7 and now i got also this strange mac address bug. Mac is changed after device reboot.
    Now i am confused and don't know if i should update my Titan...
  • Hi. I don't have the update yet because I'm in the USA (Michigan) and have AT&T. But, the update may roll out here in the future. Could those with the update let me know if it improves the call quality? Thanks. :)
  • Sound quality have not been improved. Actually I realised that if the one I am talking to is at a noisy place (like city traffic or underground) then the sound quality gets really bad. I had a Nokia before and sound quality was always superb. Hopefully Htc will fix that...
  • Country: Norway
    Carrier: Telenor
    Finally! This update fixed the terrible bug with dial tone coming out of the rear speaker when dialing to other carriers than Telenor. This one also fixed another bug in the music player and removed the popping sound when changing songs. Thank you HTC, for making the Titan bugfree and the best phone in the world :)