HTC Titan also receiving a software update

We've had a few reports and can confirm ourselves that the HTC Titan has also just received a software update, making this a big day for HTC and firmware. No details are available as to what is different as tracking down a changelog has proved elusive so far, but here's what we do know:

  • Firmware revision number old: 1600.2200.10806.401
  • Firmware revision number new: 1600.2200.10902.401
  • Bootloader version old: 1.8.160015.3(132000)
  • Bootloader version new: 1.9.160015.3(132193)

Some speculation hints that perhaps the WiFi reception issue that some have experienced has been improved. We'll play around for the next few hours and update this if (a) we find anything new (b) you report to us anything new. Cool?

Thanks, Nathan and Smartphone France, for the info!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Rad. I love updates, even for phones I don't have.
  • Do I have to take any precautions if I accept the software update for my Titan? I would hate to have to manually reinstall all apps and data etc.
  • No, not even OS updates will reset Windows Phone. Updates are always dynamic and alter nothing.
  • Five days for my Titan, man I can't wait.
  • So from now on can we update OTA or still need to plug in to update with Zune :|
  • WP7 has the capability but when the updates are deemed too large for cellular data it does it through Zune.
  • When I updated my HTC Titan, the clock got reset to 1980.  Strange.  Otherwise no real differnce.  I dont think I was having much of a problem with wifi.
  • Mine did the same, date wrong, time wrong and the year was 1980 ?!?
    Even more strange is that my text messages don't work after the update ?!?!?? I've checked my SMS settings, I even ran the Connection Setup App from HTC, it correctly identified that I am on Tmobile in the UK, completed setup fine.
    But when I send a text now, it doesn't get sent. I have tried sending a text to myself (always used to work) and I don't get the text! Turned on SMS confirmations (Again alway used to work) but I get not SMS comfirmation either.. hmmmmm
    Anyone else having similar issues ??
  • The problems seems to be related to the clock going back to 1980, this apparently confused the hell out of the TMobile UK network as evidentally it thought my Titan was Marty McFly for short space of time. Great Scott!! lol.
    Even though I set my time correct very soon after the update completed, it seems to have taken most of the day, better part of 12 hours for things to settle down again and my network realise that I'm not in time travel. All my test text messages eventually arrived en masse several hours later!!
    So all is well again, and it appears that its not the HTC update at fault per say, althought I'm not terribly impressed with this glitch from HTC.
  • A Windows Phone S.O. update is on the air.
    My phone is a HTC Mozart, Orange Spain
    New version: 7.10.7740.16
    A bug regarding Exchange servers and visual voice mail has been fixed.
    However, there´s no firmware update.
  • Just received an update on my HTC Titan.  Is it not weird (unproffesional) that an update is released without publishing release-notes?
  • I run that on my UK Titan, and it updated the Firwmare, but haven't updated the Bootloader. As well the time got reset to 1980's
  • I ran the same update on my UK Titan. As the previous user states, It has updated the firmware to 1600.2200.10902.401 but the bootloader is 1.8.160015.3(132000). Also, the time didn't get resetted and everthing else is fine. The issue that I am getting fed up is with the Exchange Server 2007. I have installed and configured Exchange Mailbox including Domain Certificates+ Private certificate else it won't connect(funny iphone doesn't asks all this) but everytime it is asking for my mailbox username and password. I enter the correct information but still not getting through. Only after a full reset of the Phone would I be able to use the Exchange mailbox and in few minutes, it goes off. This is not related to the recent windows mango update 7740 but after also, it stays the same. Has anyone got a work around to this. Funny iPhone works seamlessly in one shot and for the past 1 week I am breaking my head over this. Apologoies if this is the wrong forum, but hope someone would have an idea to this.
  • It is not really a forum at all, its the comments section under this news story. you can find the proper forums (which will get more people reading your question) by clicking on the Forums button on the menu bar at the top of the page. :)
  • Upgraded my Titan with an AT&T SIM and my clock was wonky, too. Also, can't get above the Edge network. Not cool :(
  • Oh my...
    After reading the comments, looks like I won't be updating when I get this phone monday. No data above EDGE, clock all wonky...
  • The clock reset on mine as well but seems to work now after manually setting it and then turning the automatic setting back on.  
    @joseph_707, I'm having issues with my exchange as well.  Emails work fine but it periodically asks for my password, even after the latest update.  If I hit the back button without entering anything everything proceeds as normal.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any other mention online of this issue so I thought it was just me. Weird....
  • No problems here on Orange UK. Clock fine, and a 3g/H showing in the corner.
    No idea what's changed though...
  • My Titan won't update - keep getting all kinds of error codes
  • I just received the Update Notice on my HD7 T-Mo USA.  At work, so will have to wait until I get to the house to update.
  • Here, in Brazil, we dont have any update yet.
    My Titan (called Ultimate here)remains with original versions:
    Firmware revision number: 1600.2200.10701.519
    Bootloader version: 1.7.160015.3(131559)
    Still waiting...
  • Board express for tapatalk start screen icon for XDA forum vanished, it still said it was on the start screen, ha to uninstall and reinstall for it to come back. no 3g either. when i press automatic timezone it goes into flightmode then ask me to enter my pincode again ^^.  Sweden with Telenor here, bah.
  • That is correct behaviour. When you switch to manual time setting no disconnect is required, but when you switch auto time on, your connection is rebooted, just like when you power the phone up, to do this the phone switches to flight mode briefly (which disables the connection) and then switches flight mode off (re-initiates a handshake with your network provider, while doing this it gets the time from your network, and then reestablishes your connection. :)
  • ah didnt know that. :D thanks.
    Still no 3g, tried to recover the phone, the bootloader version didnt change back but firmware did, still no 3g so i reupgraded. still no 3g :S
  • I got the update for my SIM-free Titan today (use it in the UK with the gifffgaff network). I too got the revised firmware, but not the bootloader, and also a date and time reset.
    To me, it looks like the update does concern WiFi. Was surfing it on for almost an hour non-stop and it seems to be smooth now, whereas before the connection would sort of hang (connected but not usable), and I'd have to turn WiFi on/off, and sometimes this would only be usable for a few mins.
    I'm not sure if the update is to do with WiFi, but so far I think it is this and I'm thankful for that as it was annoying to have to resort to 3G at home.
  • After using that updated firmware for last few days it's causing more issues than provide solutions. The WiFi is much weaker than it used to be, I can't get signal in my whole house even though before I had full signal all over the place. As well the signal for GSM is much weaker than it used to be. That's not really a nice update. I hope they will fix it soon.
  • PLEASE HELP! Ok so we just bought 2 brand new AT&T htc Titan windows 7.5 mango I go through straight talk so we got a sim card from them ok so this is what in instructions said to add the apn Name-Straight Talk
    MMSC Proxy-
    MMS Port-80 Now this is what the phone apn settings options are APN-
    User name-
    Port There's no mmsc or mms settings. I was told by microsoft to update the phone. I tried several times through Zune and the computer, the phone... Nothing works therefore we can not get or send picture text messaging or get 3-4G network at all! The only thing we can get is calls, text and wifi in the house. Someone please help me I just paid over $600.00 and had no clue we would have this prob. I called straight talk htc and microsoft and omg not one person knows what there doing.
  • I also downloaded that connection settings from the market it won't even work. :(