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[Update 6 PM ET: The source of the article wishes to have his info removed and denies that this was a tease for a notification center. In fact, he's not an employee of Nokia but rather a student involved in a Windows Phone program, making this info dubious at best.In fact, we're hearing the opposite now, that there won't be a notification center announced at MWC. Due to this new info we are not standing by the story. Sorry, folks.]

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deviantART: Windows Phone App Review

deviantART is a popular photography/art website and the deviantART app brings it all to your Windows Phone. It not only pulls in the 240 million plus photos and pieces of art from deviantART but also allow you manage your deviantART inbox, favorites, gallery and other deviantART account features from your Windows Phone.

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Windows Phone App Review: Tola

deviantART is a website dedicated to entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us. Tola is a Windows Phone app that taps into all that artistic greatness and delivers it to your Windows Phone.

While not an "official" deviantART app, Tola is a nice app to surf around the photography and paintings that deviantART has to offer. You can browse through the various categories of art or take a gander at the daily Deviations which is a random collection of pieces from deviantART.

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Tip: Halo Reach WP7 Lockscreen wallpapers

Like Halo Reach? Have a Windows Phone? Good, because now you can have some Halo Reach lockscreen wallpapers for your device. In fact, here, have 44 different types, all perfectly cut at 480x800 at 96dpi, making the most of your screen when it's doing nothin'.

The wallpapers come courtesy of Mike "stuckart" Stuckers over at DeviantArt who is making them available in two download packs: Pack 1, Pack 2. We loaded a few up and have to admit, they look darn sharp. So go grab yourself a few and geek out your phone already. And in case you missed it, here is another pack from VanSoaked who has 70 HQ ones of the scenic variety.

Thanks, Mike and Brandon for the tip!

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