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Nokia today announced a brand new Bluetooth stereo headset, the BH-121. Available in cyan, red, yellow and black, the new accessory will fit in well with any Lumia Windows Phone. Previously codenamed "Guru," we've covered the headset numerous times in the past, but soon you'll be able to pick one up for your own media requirements.

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If you're looking for a neat Bluetooth headset for your Windows Phone, the Nokia Luna Headset should be on your short list. Especially seeing that the Microsoft Store is offering the Luna for $19.99 (regularly $59.99).

The Luna features a unique cradle that doubles as a charging base and portable charger. When docked, the Luna's maximum standby time jumps from 35 hours to 60 days. Additionally, the Luna has NFC support to let you tap to pair the headset with your Windows Phone. Granted your Windows Phone needs to have NFC as well.

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You have to give Nokia credit—not only do they appear to be getting to release some innovative and boundary pushing phones, they’re creating a great ecosystem to go with it.

Such is the case with the super-expensive Purity Pro Wireless headphones made in conjunction with Monster (the company behind Beats). The headset features NFC pairing, Bluetooth streaming, 24-hour battery life for calls and music and is made from polycarbonate plastic (like the Lumia) for sturdiness.

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The new wireless Purity Pro headset

Along with the new PlayUp mobile speaker from JBL-Nokia, it looks like those Purity headphones (over the ear) from Monster will also be getting a slight makeover.

The new version, which should be available later this year are not cheap: €299 or about $376. Last we checked, that’s a lot of money for some headphones.

The good news is you’re getting some neat technology this time around as Nokia has made these wireless with NFC pairing and Bluetooth streaming (you can also pair via BT).

The headphones come in four colors including black, red, yellow and white. Sadly, no cyan just yet but that yellow color seem to be the big new color for the Lumia line this year.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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Windows Phone Accessory Review: Nokia Luna

While Nokia Lumia Windows Phones have taken center stage, the company released a rather interesting Bluetooth Headset. The Nokia Luna is a compact headset that is being offered in five colors and offers NFC support.

While Windows Phones lack NFC support (for the time being) the Luna still is a nice hands free option to consider.

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Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth Headset - Review

Traditionally noise cancellation and price have been the difference makers when shopping for a Bluetooth headset. High-end headsets like the Plantronics Voyager Pro and various Jawbone headsets have set the bar for business users requiring great sound quality. The average consumer tends to be more comfortable purchasing one of the myriad of headsets in the $30-$50 price range, sacrificing sound quality for value.

Product design in Bluetooth headsets is becoming one of the ways that manufacturers differentiate their products from competitors. Motorola added functionality and usability to the Oasis headset by focusing on the product design, while Jabra added both functionality and style in their Stone headset. With the second version of the Stone Jabra continues to improve on their design, as well as cleaning up some minor flaws with the original model.

For the full review of the Jabra Stone 2, keep reading.

Good sound quality, comfortable, sleek design
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In the spirit of Summer, we're having a few accessory giveaways in the coming weeks. (What a giveaway has to do with the spirit of summer is a little bit of a mystery, but, hey, it sounds good.)

First up is a Motorola H12 Bluetooth headset. (Read our review here.)

So here's how it'll work: Over the next two days (cutoff being Friday at 1 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST), post a comment on any of the stories following this one, and we will randomly select a registered reader from them. Not registered? Do it here. It's easy. 

Once a winner is chosen, we'll shoot him or her a note, post their victory on the site for all to see and, oh, send the prize their way (sorry, no international shipping).

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Review: Motorola H15 Bluetooth Headset

Odd shaped Bluetooth headsets are nothing new. In the last couple of years, it seems all of the manufacturers have tried one or two headsets that threw conventional designs out the window (remember the Bluetrek UFO).  While Motorola’s H15 Bluetooth Headset isn’t the weirdest kid on the block, but there are some rather distinct features that set it apart from the others.

For the full break down, follow me.

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Review: Motorola H780 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola has been maligned on this and other blogs due to some of their odd business choices over the last couple of years, in particular in regards to their Windows Mobile handhelds such as the Q series and the ever-unpopular Motosurf. Despite the apparent downturn of the Motorola monster, their other business aspects appear to be churning along nicely.

Motorola’s H780 Bluetooth Headset is one in a long and diverse line of Bluetooth headsets coming from Motorola. We’ve reviewed everything from the diminutive Mini H9 to the stylistically aggressive RAZRWIRE; and for the most part, we’ve been fairly happy with what we’ve found.

For the full review of the H780, you’ve come to the right place.

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Review: Samsung WEP-350 Bluetooth Headset

These days, Bluetooth headsets are about as popular as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. This is due partially to the coolness factor of the technology as well as the various government laws requiring their use while driving. As the pool gets more crowded, it keeps getting harder to find that headset that is perfect for you.

Samsung is one of those names in the electronics world that is always considered one of the biggest in any niche. Whether it is TV's, Cameras, Bluetooth headsets or even the Windows Mobile phones that we are all so fond of; Samsung is one of the best in the business. Samsung's WEP-350 headset is designed in the image of some of the slimmest models available.

To get the full report on the latest from Samsung, click on through. 

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