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Pre-order: Surface Laptop


There is no official Meetup ( application for Windows Phone, but there's a cool third-party app you might want to check out called Clique. The app makes it easy for anyone to find and join thousands of local groups around the world. You can browse and search for groups to get involved in and find events to attend.

We've installed Clique on our Lumia 930. Make sure to watch our hands-on video.

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An upcoming Windows Phone meetup is on the horizon, which will take place in St. Louis. According to Rob who organises the events, this will be the last one for the foreseeable future year. But a few tricks are up his sleeve to drive interest to the set location. The plan is to give away a Lumia 900 and Lumia 710 to attendees, which will surely be superb stocking fillers for the upcoming festive holiday.

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Attending developers prepping for presentation

Last week, Wednesday 18th to be exact, we headed to the Windows Phone User Group meetup in London. The Shooting Star was the venue of the day's presentations and talks about Windows, Windows Phone, apps and other miscellaneous topics. It's a perfect chance for developers to pitch ideas, make contacts, receive help and advice, and meet us folk from Windows Phone Central.

The reason we pop along is simple - to help you (the developing community) receive as much exposure to our readership and beyond as possible. Without developers, apps and games we wouldn't have the same complete Windows Phone experience we have today, so it's important we provide developers with the opportunities to drive more traffic their way. From reviews to update coverage, Windows Phone Central has the means to help developers kick-start promotion and marketing.

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Developers, Scott Lovegroove and Dan Thomas are set to bring a Windows Phone developer event to the charming surrounds of Bournemouth. The seaside-based event is to provide a space for fervent discussion on the recent developments from Redmond, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. 

Whilst a full agenda for the day is still to be confirmed, the day is to be peppered with presentations, developer insights as well as some time to get in and hack away at some code. If that’s not enough for you they are also planning a ‘Geek Dinner’ where I’m sure the frivolities will continue with gusto.

With the coming opportunities to cross develop for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 coming edging ever closer. Events like these should be invaluable to those seeking to know more about these exciting changes. So if you have an interest in development I’d urge you not to miss out. As with all developer events like this, the more that attend and contribute the better. 

Windows Phone Central will be representing there too in the form of Richard Edmonds and myself. We are always interested in seeing any upcoming projects you may be working on so please do come by and say hello. We will endeavour to make ourselves known. Head on over to the WPDD website for more information and spot registration.

Source : Windows Phone Dev Day

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From the WPUG WPBarCamp event in London

The WPUG Windows Phone Bar Camp was an effort to attract more attendees from an earlier start, which had everyone (including myself and Jay) head to The Vibe Bar for a 10am start. Featuring a number of presentations not only from developers, but Telerik (the masters behind the RadControls for Windows Phone) as well.

Speaking of Telerik, be sure to check out their white paper on promoting your newly submitted apps. Apps that were presented included Screach, ZuneCardr, and an upcoming child-friendly app that makes use of approved YouTube playlists, applets and more to provide secure entertainment for the kids.

It was great to see some new developer faces on the night, as well as our friends Rafe Blandford from All About Windows Phone, and Boryana Miloshevska and co from Windows Phone Geek. We hope more UK based developers can make future events. Follow organiser Matt Lacey (@mrlacey) and WPUG (@WPUG) on Twitter for more announcements and details. Check out our presentation and some more shots after the break.

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This is a reminder of the upcoming Windows Phone Bar Camp, a developer event hosted by the WPUG guys. It's happening on May 19th, at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane. A number of platform developers are set to present their apps to the audience, and the event will prove to be a superb way to meet other Windows Phone enthusiasts.

Kicking off at 9am, there will be a light lunch provided, with tea and coffee. The bar will also be open for drinks of course. So be sure to pop on down by registering your place on EventBrite. Jay would appreciate the attendance while presenting his experiences developing for the platform as well as how we can help promote your app(s), and I will be there to discuss / arrange future Windows Phone Central coverage for your app(s).

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The Windows Phone User Group, a meetup that's organised by platform developers for developers, is changing for the next calendar entry. On Saturday, May 19th, the WPUG will be held at the same premises as the previous event, but instead of starting in the evening and only lasting the best part of two hours, WPBarCamp will kick off at 9:30 in the morning for a beer-centric 6 hours.

So who's invited to such an event? Experienced Windows Phone developers - ie. those with either an app in development or available on the Marketplace. The main goal is for Windows Phone developers to learn from one another to improve quality with end results for consumers. WPBarCamp will be held at The Vibe Bar on Brick Lane with nearest stations being either Aldgate East (London Underground District and Hammersmith & City lines) or Shoreditch High Street (London Overground services).

You can register your interest (and seat) at the next Windows Phone User Group meetup at EventBrite. WPCentral will be there to cover the event, so if you're an attending developer be sure to say hello so we can look to help with app promotion and reach, as well as possible interviews and reviews. Our Jay Bennett will also be providing a presentation that will cover his previous experiences on the platform.

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You heard that right, everyone. We are having our first ever Windows Phone Meet Up this Saturday April 14th in St Louis.

What is a Windows Phone Meet Up? The ideas is to pick a time and place, post it in our Windows Phone forums Meet Up area and then go hang out with other WinPhans in your area for drinks, food, conversation, and fun. This sounds like a great way to meet other WinPhans nearby and with your new Lumia 900 or Titan II you're sure to have a lot to share with others. 

Forum member speedtouch is famous for his WebOS Meet Ups and has insisted on hosting our first one ever for Windows Phone. What better way to show off your Windows Phone than to join speedtouch and other WinPhans at the Triumph Grill for drinks, eats and conversation?

The Triumph Grill is located 3419 Olive St. Saint Louis, MO 63103

We have all the details in our Forums including directions with links to maps of the area and more information on The Triumph Grill. You can also sign up at: St. Louis Windows Phone Meetup @ GroupSpaces

Everything you need to know is in this thread: [April 14] St. Louis Windows Phone Meetup

Forum member jabtano would like to get a Meet Up going in the Boston area but he hasn't had many replies to his thread "Boston MA Meet Up?" He has a great idea so if you live in Boston, let him know you're interested.

If you have thoughts for a meet up in your locale or if you want to show interest in getting a Meet Up set up, start a thread in our Meet Up forum. Also don't forget to show your support for the WinPhan movement.

Remember, the forums are more fun when you register, so sign up today.

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The Windows Phone User Group (WPUG) are having another meeting in merry ol' London next Wednesday (March 21st), which will see developers getting together to share experiences, knowledge and achieve slight intoxication. If you're in and around the area on the day, be sure to register for the event and head on down to The Vibe Bar on Brick Lane (it's a sweet little venue in the midst of restaurants and pubs).

There are a number of WPUG regulars lined up for the presentations, including Slodge (MVVM), Pauliom (porting apps between iOS and WP7), Dominique and Dean (MonoGame and XNA). If you'd like to showcase your app at the event, get in contact with the team via communication channels or on Twitter. We will -of course- be heading on down, so be sure to say hello (we're relatively approachable before pint number 27).

Source: EventBrite (WPUG)

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If you happen to be in the UK and near London on January 31st then this might just interest you. The Windows Phone User Group (an independent group dedicated to helping developers interested in the Windows Phone platform) are having another monthly meeting just next to Liverpool Street station.

This month they have Alan Mendelvich of AdDuplex providing a guide to monetizing apps on the Windows Phone platform, as well as demonstrations, socializing and beer. This all sounds excellent to me so I've decided to join this month's meeting as well, if you want to come along an say hi, you can register for free at the source link.

Source: Windows Phone User Group

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Looking at Microsoft's mobile platform for your next project but don't have the knowledge or experience yet? These events are for you should you reside in the UK (or be able to attend). Microsoft is holding two developer training events, one in London (17th September) and the other in Manchester (24th September), both starting at 09:30 and ending at 18:30.

What's required to attend? Absolutely nothing at all. You don't even have to understand the basic functionality of the OS, it will all be covered on the day and will include the starter skills for app development. Some Mango features will be discussed as well including multi-tasking and advertising SDK. You are - however - required to bring your own laptop with the Windows Phone Developer Tools installed.

Did we mention that it's free? Also, attendees will each receive a Windows Phone Design Guide Sketch Pad of their own. Can't make it to these events? Don't fear, they've stated that this is merely the start of the series and more will open up across the UK. For more detail on future events, be sure to follow @UKMSDN on Twitter.

Register for the events below and be sure to check out the FAQ and details on the announcement post (link below):

London - Saturday 17th September

Manchester - Saturday 24th September

Source: MSDN

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We're not going to lie, the 'I Love Windows Phone' site and fans have a bit more enthusiasm for the launch of Windows Phone than we had here.  What you are watching above is a fan made video made for a "Mango" preview meet-up held in Taipei a few weeks ago. Okay, so it's not like a ton of people showed, but damn these kids have spirit! Anyways, it's a fun video for the weekend and great to see our friends in the Asian markets jumping on the Windows Phone train.  You can see more pics here.

Maybe we should organize a meet-up someday. Hmmm...

Source: ILoveWP; Thanks, Nicholas, for the heads up!

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WP7 UK Research and Feedback Panel

Live in the UK and within travelling distance of London? Fancy attending a small event for the good of Windows Phone? Of course you do! Microsoft is holding a small research and feedback panel in central London on the 10th and 11th of August (6.15pm OR 8pm). Attendees (only 24 places) will receive £60 for their trouble, food (presumably accompanied by drink) as well as a few "surprises" - Microsoft funded pub crawl anyone?

What do you need to do to enter with a chance in being one of the lucky 24? Simply fill out this survey and the team will get back to you. In all honesty, we'll be attending should the pub crawl turn out to be true.

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We have another note-worthy meet-up! We won't be covering every event to arise, but just a few on each side of the ocean to help get the word out for new developers and for those who wish to network.

This UK-based event will be held in cardiff and will begin at 6pm. It's a session where two speakers will take the audience, separated by application demos and followed by Q&A. The day will officially end at 8pm, but will continue in the local boozer.

Quick detail about the group:

WPUG exists to help UK based developers who are interested in Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform learn from and with each other. With this event we are hoping to continue the success of the first meeting and begin to form regular meetings in Cardiff so registration will ensure that you are informed of future events.

I love the "Pub" at the end. It's so British (or Welsh/Scottish/Irish), it's so "this-side-of-the-ocean". If you're heading over there, let us know how it goes and if the rounds were all on tab. All you have to do is simply register (for free) and turn up.

Source: Eventbrite, via: @mikehole

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