Windows Phone User Group Cardiff meet-up on June 1st [Developers]

We have another note-worthy meet-up! We won't be covering every event to arise, but just a few on each side of the ocean to help get the word out for new developers and for those who wish to network.

This UK-based event will be held in cardiff and will begin at 6pm. It's a session where two speakers will take the audience, separated by application demos and followed by Q&A. The day will officially end at 8pm, but will continue in the local boozer.

Quick detail about the group:

WPUG exists to help UK based developers who are interested in Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform learn from and with each other. With this event we are hoping to continue the success of the first meeting and begin to form regular meetings in Cardiff so registration will ensure that you are informed of future events.

I love the "Pub" at the end. It's so British (or Welsh/Scottish/Irish), it's so "this-side-of-the-ocean". If you're heading over there, let us know how it goes and if the rounds were all on tab. All you have to do is simply register (for free) and turn up.

Source: Eventbrite, via: @mikehole

Rich Edmonds
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