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Twitter apps are pretty invaluable. They’re also highly personal. What’s super important to you may be trivial to me. That’s why it’s important to find the app that fits your needs. That’s also why it sucks when that app gets killed off. Today, that app is MetroTwit for Windows 8 and desktop.

The culprit? Once again it’s the access token limit imposed by Twitter on third party developers. We’ve seen this system kill off apps before, recently Rowi on Windows Phone.

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Time to Tweet, Windows 8 gets official Twitter app

Windows 8 ‘officially’ launched way back in late October of last year. However, developers and enthusiasts have been using it for much longer, so you’d think there would have been an official Twitter app at launch, right? Nope. Instead we didn’t hear that Twitter was working on an app until the ///BUILD developer conference in Redmond. Four months later, we now have Twitter for Windows 8.

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Long Zheng, the man behind the popular istartedsomething blog and MetroTwit, has teamed up with Andrew Armstrong and Ed Hooper to found 121cast.  As described from their website, 

121cast is reinventing the radio by creating an online platform that delivers personalised audio for consumption on the go.

Our vision is to be the "radio station" of choice for smartphone owners with an intelligent and contextual audio stream to compliment the busy lifestyle and heavy information consumption of the modern professional.

121cast was founded by Andrew Armstrong, Ed Hooper and Long Zheng in February 2012 and is based in Melbourne Australia.

In June, 121cast was awarded an Entrepreneurial Fellowship by the University of Melbourne Faculty of Engineering to complete the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP).

The first product to come out of their startup is SoundGecko. With so much information flying around the interwebs, and so many juicy posts on Windows Phone Central, it's hard to keep up. But what if you could have articles read to you while snuggling up to people on the train, or driving? Well, that's exactly what SoundGecko does.

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MetroTwit Plus License Winners!

Last week we announced the update to the popular Metro styled Twitter client for the PC, MetroTwit. To celebrate the update, we had ten licenses to the "Plus" version to give away. The "Plus" license will allow you to use multiple accounts and no ads.

We randomly drew the ten winners from the 257 comments the MetroTwit update post generated. Our lucky winners are:

  • luimende
  • npyle4
  • syang87
  • lozenp
  • xeean
  • dancerjude
  • yus
  • columnbreak
  • Snow
  • RacoonTech

We will get all the details on how to claim your license to the winners shortly.  If you're just tuning in and are curious about Metrotwit, you can find more information about MetroTwit and download your free, ad-supported version here from the MetroTwit website.  

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone for participating.

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Sure we talk a lot about Twitter clients for Windows Phone around these parts, but many of you also need a dedicated one for your PC. For that, there really is only one solution: MetroTwit. Yes, it's Metro inspired and Metro loved, which means you need it.

We've discussed this popular client before and since then, a lot of hard work, spit and polish has gone into the app, making it one of the most popular around. In fact, it just hit version 1.0 a few minutes ago and with it comes a ton of new changes, including:

  • Added multiple account support
  • Added support for filtering
  • Added new out-of-box-experience for first time users
  • Added ability to preview larger user avatars
  • Added undo tweet functionality
  • Added Twitter events support for user follows, list membership and tweet favorites
  • ...and much, much more.

You can download the new free, ad-supported version right here from their site and read the version 1.0 changelog here.

What's more, to celebrate this huge day, we've teamed up with the MetroTwit devs to give away 10 "Plus" licenses ($16 value) which will allow you those multiple accounts and no ads. Ka-ching.

Sound good? All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us why you want MetroTwit Plus. We'll randomly select 10 of you to get the free license.

You have 24 hours....go!

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Developers of MetroTwit, a Windows-based Twitter client, and WP7 Twitter client Rowi, have teamed up in an exciting new venture.  'The Nest', as they have named it, is a cloud-based framework that will allow users to sync data between both applications across platforms.  The first iterration will focus on column configuration and unread tweet state, though more features are expected to follow.  Another benefit to users is that since state data will be synced, The Nest will also serve as a client backup of sorts for multiple installations or reinstalls. 

The great thing about this partnership, aside from just being a straight-up cool idea, is that it takes development to new level.  While most developers either specialize in a single platform or try to own them all, The Nest let's each stick to what they are good at, while offering a great solution to the end-user.

Source: MetroTwit; via: IStartedSomething

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MetroTwit beta goes live

We mentioned last week about MetroTwit, the desktop Twitter client who's UI was influenced by Windows Phone 7. At the time, the software was still too early in development to be released, but alas its creators have allowed the beta our the gate.

First thing you should know is it'll require you to install .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and Extended, which it will do on its own if you allow it. That's a whopping 89MB for that entire framework, so be prepared. Then you'll have to restart your computer and the final install of MetroTwit will take place. The actual MetroTwit program is very tiny at less than 3MB, owing to its .NET coding.

Overall, it's quite a pretty program. With its configurable columns, its very much like Seesmic. You can add/remove those columns (your feed, replies, friends, direct messages) and drag and drop to re-arrange them.

Technically it can do multiple accounts, but we had trouble getting it to do so. Especially noteworthy is the live "badge" on the icon in the Windows Start bar which displays how many new Tweets you have. Other advanced features like delete, map, conversation, show in browsers are missing as of this early build, but we imagine it's just a matter of time.

Remember, this is a beta, so there are some bugs and some of the menu/options are less than intuitive, but overall it's not too bad for such an early start.  

Get it here

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Looks like the 'Metro UI' thing is starting to catch on and why not? Much like how the iPhone OS can be all-blowns-up for the iPad, why not influence the desktop or browser with Microsoft's mobile UI.

Turns out Long Zheng of iStartedSomething and some pals have been working on a desktop Twitter app that looks exceptionally clean, minimalist and darn useful.

The app has been in very early stages of development, meaning they're focusing on features, not yet de-bugging and has been circulating amongst a small group of users.

Long story short, website MeuWindows figured out the URL for the download link and even bypassed the authentication...just so they could try it. Luckily Long Zheng took this as flattery and there you go.

Actually, you can now sign up for the actual beta (bottom of the page), which is expected sooner than later. We're down with that!

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