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mobile world congress

Well our plane(s) have landed and some of the vast SmartphoneExperts staff are here at Barcelona getting ready to cover Mobile World Congress 2011 aka the biggest mobile phone/technology conference and show on the planet.

Head editor Dieter Bohn (also, PreCentral), Phil Nickinson (ex-WinMo, Android Central) and myself will be here for the full show, covering every aspect.

For Windows Phone 7, we'll have plenty of things including Steve Ballmer's keynote speech tomorrow, events with HTC, Samsung, LG, SPB, Qualcomm and a Microsoft developer day on Wednesday, with Brandon Watson giving a "State of the union" address on WP7.

Things we can expect:

  • More on the NoDo update, specifically timing of release
  • CDMA support? Sprint & Verizon hopefully announcing their devices
  • Updates on the chassis requirements for WP7 (Chassis 2?)
  • Oh and probably some talk about that Nokia thing

We'll have plenty of video, photos, interviews, etc. on hand in the next few days, so stay tuned. Remember to follow us on Twitter at @wpcentral (or me personally @malatesta77 if you want behind-the-scenes shenanigans) and on Facebook for all the latest. Also the tag "mwc11" will bring you just Mobile World Congress content.

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SPE at Mobile World Congress

Here we are, folks. It took a couple of tries, but we're on the ground in Spain at Mobile World Congress and will be on hand for Microsoft's big event today. We're all expecting the launch of Windows Mobile 7, at least, and it's a big day, indeed.

So, to celebrate, we did a late-night (in Barcelona, anyway) kickoff podcast with myself, Dieter Bohn and's Kevin Michaluk. Listen in as we discuss the first-day hijinx, and what we think we'll see the rest of the week.

And if you want to follow along, use this link for the official stories, and follow WMExperts on Twitter for the live stuff. And now, that kickoff podcast:

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We've said it once, we've said it twice, we've said it a bunch of times. Windows Mobile 7 mostly likely will announced at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona. And Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment and devices division, recently alluded to as much in an analyst call, says ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley.

Things will be talked about at MWC... I've seen it and played with it, set the bar forward not in (just) an evolutionary way.

So, there you go. Windows Mobile 7 at Mobile World Congress. And we'll be there to bring it all to you.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Spotted on the Exeda

Various leaks of Windows Mobile 6.5 seem to be popping up everywhere. Now it's appeared on the funny looking Compulab Exeda, the crazy little guy that runs Windows Mobile and Android. OK, the phone's not really a looker. But it's the interface we're after here. What we're seeing is a different take on that honeycomb interface, so we're pretty much expecting some variation of that when the real thing's released.

It's possible that this is still an alpha build of the OS, but we're still expecting an official announcement about 6.5 (and all those cloud services) soon at Mobile World Congress. Will the syncing be seamless like Microsoft says? Or will we have just another skinned Windows Mobile phone in our pockets? Let us know what you think in the comments

Via Engadget

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