Microsoft to hold press event at Mobile World Congress 2019

Microsoft logo at Ignite
Microsoft logo at Ignite (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft MWC 2019

Microsoft typically doesn't make an appearance at Mobile World Congress (MWC), but it's switching things up this year. The Redmond giant today sent out invites for a press event at MWC 2019, set to take place in Barcelona on February 24.

The invite doesn't hint at what Microsoft might have up its sleeve for announcements, but we can speculate based on the planned lineup of speakers. Notably, Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman is set to appear alongside CEO Satya Nadella and Corporate Vice President Julia White.

Given Kipman's role in creating HoloLens, it's possible that Microsoft is planning to finally break cover on the second iteration of its mixed reality headset. We've already seen plenty of rumors and hints at the hardware the next-generation HoloLens will adopt, including a potential switch to an ARM platform and the adoption of Qualcomm's new XR1 and AI platform.

A recently published patent also sparked speculation that Microsoft may be looking to double the HoloLens' field of view, addressing one of the headset's main pain points.

In any case, we still have a little over a month to wait until we'll see what Microsoft has in store. Even if a "HoloLens v2" isn't in the cards, Microsoft's presence at the annual conference is notable.

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  • Gimme surface studio screen, gimme a windows mobile device!
  • Andromeda mobile device PLEASE !!!!
  • With Android apps, AND A STATE OF THE ART CAMERA! ... That would be NICE, and I would sell this Note9.
  • And a price tag under $500, please.
  • Really, Rodneyej? Droid apps?
    Have you forgotten that doing so violates everything Microsoft has built?
    Heck these apps don't even scale properly on chrome books.
  • For the unwashed, how does HoloLens fit into the Mobile world?
  • If it has built-in LTE connectivity and the ability to be used as a data device through GSM-based networks, that could be a reason for it. (Probably a bit farfetched, but definitely possible.) Guess we'll see?
  • Remember that article here about the possibility of HoloLens 2 powered by Snapdragon 850??
  • This will probably be all about connected PCs running Qualcomm 8XC chips.
  • Lumia 950 part deux!
  • Still using my 950 part Uno.
  • My guess is LTE / 5G laptops.
    There's nothing left of the windows mobile ecosystem to resurrect at the point.
    I love the idea of a Microsoft branded Android device, but I don't see a reason for them to bother with it.
  • Agreed, expecting some Always Connected PCs. Hoping for some Snapdragon 850 devices and maybe even some more teases of 8cx devices. And probably Intel devices with LTE modems. That's Microsoft's "mobile" vision, after all, and fits at MWC.
  • I cannot wait to see all the disappointment from people when they realise this ISN'T Andromeda.
  • This almost certainly will NOT be Andromeda. That device is PURELY FICTIONAL. Microsoft is a backward-@ss, grandpa, company, that is killing it on Wall Street, as any good grandpa does, but KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE MODERN MOBILE WORLD!@!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "Killing it on Wall Street like any good grandpa does " mean like grandpa Apple, grandpa Amazon and grandpa google???
  • ha ha ha
  • Oh yeah... that disappointment turns you on?
  • Please just announce the Surface Phone...
  • While I would dearly love to see Microsoft announcing a new Windows powered phone, I'm not holding my breath. I've long ago accepted that people like me are no longer a target demographic for most Microsoft products.
  • The dual Surface Go as you can see in the video about Qualcomm's latest processor?
  • Would love to see a consumer version of the HoloLens. I've been wanting one since they were first announced.
  • Surface watch and surface note surface journal. Lol