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need for speed

A few weeks ago, a bunch of Xbox Windows Phone games (mostly Nokia collection titles) went on sale at once. Nokia, who seems to have organized the sale, also announced that several more games would be discounted in early December.

Those titles (and a few more) are now on sale. We’ve got Contre Jour, Flight Control Rocket, Spy Mouse, Storm in a Teacup, Vampire Rush, and Zuma’s Revenge are all on sale for 99 cents. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which regularly sells for $4.99, has been marked down to $2.99. All seven games come from Electronic Arts and/or its subsidiaries Chillingo and PopCap.

Head past the break for descriptions and Store links!

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Spring break is in full swing for most folks in the US and Canada. The perfect time to get some sun, travel, and just relax. And there just so happens to be a sale on EA game titles for when you’re pool side and need to zone out with some Zombie or something. The sale will go on for one week and games are either at a 33% or 40% discount from their regular prices. Full list after the break.

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Do you like grinding? You know, replaying the same section of a game over and over in order to meet some kind of goal before moving on to new parts of the game? Then Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is for you. The latest Need for Speed release on Windows Phone isn’t a direct sequel to Need for Speed: Undercover – each entry in the long-running series basically involves a whole new premise and structure while retaining the core element of racing fast cars while avoiding the cops. On consoles, Hot Pursuit is considered a return to form following the lackluster Undercover. On Windows Phone, it’s a chance to repeat the same handful of races until you’re just sick of ‘em.

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This week's Xbox LIVE title, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, is now live in the Marketplace.

Fetching for $4.99 with a trial, the game is one of the must-have's coming over the next few weeks to our trusted OS. The game itself looks like a lot of fun and should be a nice addition for you racing junkies:

FEEL THE RUSH OF THE ESCAPE AND THE THRILL OF THE TAKEDOWN! Outrun the law as a Racer in supercars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque – or stop racers cold as a Cop in high-speed police interceptors like the Lamborghini Reventon. Enabled for Xbox LIVE®, experience pulse-pounding action as you make the escape or make the bust with Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit on Windows Phone 7.

Use your existing Xbox LIVE Gamertag or create a new one via the Windows Phone 7 main menu to track achievements and access leaderboards.

Drive up to 20 precision-performance cars in adrenaline-fueled showdowns across 24 day-and-night tracks. Take it to the limit in 48 total Cop and Racer Career Events, collect bounty, and rise to the top of the ranks.

As a Cop, lay down the law with roadblocks and spike strips – or fry the Racer’s electrical system with an EMP lock. As a Racer, make the getaway with overdrive, jamming, and oil slicks.

Grab NFS: Hot Pursuit here in the Marketplace. Let us know in comments if it gets a 'yay' or 'nay'. We'll have a review up soon!

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For those of you who are Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit freak (see review), you'll want to get this companion app ASAP. Official released via EA, it's similar to Halo Waypoint, allowing you to track and follow your friends playing N4S on console or PC:

The award-winning Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is built around Autolog. It’s the intelligent engine and the centre of the most connected Need For Speed ever, keeping you in the middle of the action both in and out of the game. Autolog is created to allow you to connect, compare and compete with your Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Friends. When playing as a Cop or a Racer, your accomplishments are constantly compared against your friends to deliver the very best in connected social competition. Features:

  • Recommendations
  • Wall
  • Profile
  • News
  • Photos

Overall, the app looks well polished and a great way to extend your racing stats and keep "social" with your competition. Plus it's free, of course. If it appeals to you, race on over to the Marketplace to pick it up.

(Thanks, VisceralBishop, for the heads up!)

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Need For Speed is one of the most recognizable game titles ever. As the quintessential racing game, Need For Speed games offer a number of different racing styles and game types. I personally cut my teeth on Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Porsche Unleashed, and Underground; all of which offered very different game-play styles, car options, and race types. Additionally, as one of the most recognized names in the Xbox Live category in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace; Need For Speed Undercover is one of the games that Microsoft is using to showcase Windows Phone and Xbox Live as a mobile gaming platform (see Dan’s post on how Microsoft is chipping away at Apple’s exclusivity).

You’ve already seen the first look at Need For Speed, let’s get into the details of what makes this one of the more complete games in the Xbox Live arsenal.

Intense graphics, high level of customizations, intuitive controls
Slightly expensive
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The Samsung Focus comes with 8GB NAND memory whereas the HTC HD7 comes with 8GB NAND (presumably) and an 8GB microSD card. Of course the Focus can be upgraded by adding a microSD card, but it does not come with one. The theory has it that the HD7 will probably perform slower due to the memory card and indeed, in our tests, this is the case.

Overall, the Focus feels faster in everyday tasks, navigating the UI and of course loading Need for Speed Undercover, in comparison to the HD7. But, that may be due to the Focus not having an SD card. Either way, the difference is obvious in this video.

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Late last night, the Windows Phone Marketplace rolled out EA's much anticipated Need for Speed Undercover. To be honest, I'm not much a fan of racing games as I find them boring and...well, too hard sometimes. But EA so nailed this game. I bought it immediately after the first level (all Live games have the try-before-you-buy option).

For $4.99 it has amazing graphics, little movie clips, different adventures and best of all, great controls. The ease and smoothness of driving is just great: the car automatically speeds, you tap the screen to break, swipe down to "wind break", swipe up for nitro-boost and a double swipe  down (two fingers) to pause.  I highly recommend you make this one of the first games you try when you grab your new phone tomorrow.

Look for a full review in the future here at WPCentral.

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For those of you excited about driving simulated race cars on a 4" screen, boy has EA Mobile made your day! They posted up a few screenshots of the upcoming Need for Speed: Undercover video game for Windows Phone 7, which works with Xbox Live as well.

And in case still photos don't do it for ya, you can watch a hands on video by Laptop Mag after the break.

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