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touch pro 2

This post is for you old school kids still using the near legendary Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2--a device hacked and ROM'd to death and which approached perfection (if it weren't for that under-powered CPU). Anyways, the new Sprint HTC Arrive (aka 7 Pro) is basically a Touch Pro 3--the devices feel very similar, are nearly identical in size and quality. Still, we figured we get some close up glamor shots for you people who are curious about jumping to the new guy in town (we vote: yes, do it).

More pics after the break...

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While the rest of us have moved on to Windows Phone 7, there once was a killer device (sans CPU) called the Touch Pro 2 running Windows Mobile 6.5. And although some of us have forgotten it, it looks like Verizon and HTC have not as they just released a maintenance package, MR3, on November 30th. It's last update was in June.

Unfortunately, no change log is present though we may get some feedback from fellow readers on any changes. Good on Verizon and HTC for keeping with those updates.

Source PCD; Thanks, Matt H. ,for the tip!

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To wrap up the Microsoft NYC Open House this week, we got to play with some of the latest and greatest Windows phones featuring Windows Mobile 6.5.  It was all the usual suspects if you will: AT&T Touch Pro 2 (aka Tilt 2), Pure; Verizon Imagio. (Toshiba TG01, Sprint Intrepid & the LG GM750 were covered elsewhere).

All in all we came away very impressed. All the manufacturers present have really stepped up their game and we think customers win out in the end with this years crop of WM6.5 phones.

Read on for some great photos and our thoughts on these three devices.

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Say it ain't so!

While we don't have official word from Verizon, it appears that the Touch Pro 2's run has unexpectedly come to halt, at least for online sales.

When we (and a few others) go to the Verizon Wireless site, enter our zip and look under Windows Mobile devices, we see the venerable Ozone, Imagio, Omnia II and Fathom, but no Touch Pro 2.

We can't help but think it's been pulled from circulation as opposed to just out-of-stock. This comes not too long after their second MR update and lets be honest, Verizon wasn't the fastest cat out the door when releasing this phone.

On the bright side: gotta clear stock for Windows Phone 7? Plus we're sure stores probably still have one or two hanging around.

RIP Verizon Touch Pro 2, you were unique amongst the herd.

[Thanks, segadc, for the tip!]

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Looks like the Verizon Touch Pro 2 just received a maintenance ROM update called 'MR2'. Still a bit early to know all the changes, but so far it looks to be some subtle, under the hood type fixes as opposed to a whole new "experience":

"This is a general software upgrade for the XV6875 that updates VZ Navigator, Contact Cards and the Time Stamp"

So shall we play "what else is different"? If you find anything, hit us up in comments.

You can grab the ROM update right here from PCD.

(Update) Full list of changes--Thanks NightRaven!

  • ROM: 4.01.605.15/Radio: 2.35.00WV
  • Operating system has been upgraded to Windows Mobile®
  • 6.5 COM2.5.
  • The HTC Sense™ user interface has been improved.
  • Visual Voice Mail (version now comes preloaded on the device.
  • GlobalAccess Connect support. For international Internet access, you can tether your smartphone to a notebook.
  • Enhanced VZ Navigator® performance.
  • Improved auto-configuration of Daylight Saving Time.
  • Improved word prediction and autocorrection.
  • Enhanced on-screen keyboard layouts.
  • New, compact QWERTY keyboard option.
  • When composing email or text messages, type the first few letters of the recipient’s name in the To field to see a list of possible matches.
  • Quick setup of common email account types and an option to set up an email account manually.

[Thanks, eddiecanuck, for the tip!]


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T-Mobile is rumored to have one heck of a Father's Day sale where all the phones are free? We're not just talking about last year's models but every phone in the house for free? That would include Windows Phones such as the HTC HD2, Touch Pro 2, and the Dash.

I'm not sure if I'd make plans to camp out at the local T-Mobile Store on June 19th just yet, but Tmonews has stumbled upon scripts for an upcoming T-Mobile commercial. In the dialog the fictional T-Mobile employee indicates every phone is free. There is even reference to the HD2 being free.  To quote the fictional employee, "free, free, free".

There are no details available yet on who could be entitled to a free phone. More than likely these deals will be for new or possibly upgrading customers and should require a two-year contract. Still, if true, T-Mobile could be seeing an increase in their customer base come Father's Day.


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Review: Body Glove Snap-on Case

The Body Glove Snap-on Case for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 is a hard shell wrapped with a textured, synthetic material. To add to this case's uniqueness, it comes with a kick-stand that allows you to prop up your Windows Phone.

As you can tell from the photos, the Snap-on Case is on an AT&T Tilt2.  Not having a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 handy when I received the case for review, I took a chance to see if it would fit on the Tilt2.  While the Body Glove is being offered exclusively for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2  it will fit other Touch Pro models. The one big caveat in doing such is the cut-outs match up with the T-Mobile version. They may or may not match up with other Touch Pro 2 versions.

To see how well the Snap-on Case works out (at least on the Tilt2), follow the break.

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"Everything must go! Folks we are literally giving away these phones, we cannot hold on to them any longer! We need to make room for the iPhone 4 and Andro...err, Windows phone 7 devices"

That's what we think it sounds like over at AT&T right now as evidently they sent out an email to their "premier" fancy-pants customers noting that you can get some pretty solid Windows Mobile 6.5 devices for bargain rates (*with a new contract of course, they're not that desperate).

For example:

  • HP Glisten (review) for free
  • Samsung Jack (review) for free
  • HTC Tilt 2 (review) for $74.99
  • HTC Pure (review) for $39.99 (out of stock)
  • LG eXpo (review)for $69.99

A 1GHz Snapdragon device for $70? Oh LG eXpo, we hardly knew you! (-_-)

Anyways, if you need a backup device, want to stock up for the apocalypse or befuddle friends and family by giving them as gifts, head over to AT&T and get them while we still recall their names (Premier account login required).

Hey everyone, remember how like nine-months ago, these devices were the talk of the town and the Touch Pro 2 was a boarderline unicorn? Yup, those days are now over, time to move on, the unicorn is dead.

[Thanks, Mark L, for the tip!]

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Review: SPE Protective Case for Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2

Hard shell cases have their advantages but when you carry a Windows Phone with a slide-out keyboard, such as the Touch Pro 2 or Tilt 2, the choices can be slim to none. Smartphone Experts offers their Protective Case that might just do the trick if you're a fan of hard shell cases.

The cases are offered in pink, smoke or clear. The sleek cases aren't for everyone and to see if the Protective Case is for you, follow the break.

Doesn't interfere with the phone's functions. Slim fit.
Snap tabs can be tricky.
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Well, the always expensive Sprint Touch Pro 2 (originally $350 w/contract; see full review) has been reduced to a somewhat more fair $199 ($150 instant discount, $100 MIR).

Makes sense. The phone is running WM6.5  (albeit a very good build with Sense 2.5) and is hitting its 6 month stride.

Still, with the T-Mobile HD2 running for $99 (see here and here) with comparable pricing plans, that $199 still seems a bit steep. But hey, if you've been holding out for the TP2 and don't mind having a non-Windows Phone 7 device in six months (we hear there are a few of you), then go for it! [Phone News]

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While the Sprint Touch Pro 2 ROM update, featuring Windows Mobile 6.5 and Sense 2.5, has turned out to be a pretty big hit amongst users, there is one little nagging issue that has changed with the new configuration: no more LED alerts.

Before under 'Sounds and Notifications', the user was able to enable/disable whether LED alerts would be used for email, text, voicemail, missed calls, etc. In addition, you could specify how long the duration for said blinking shall occur. This feature was a recent change found on many HTC devices and was something that we all greatly appreciated.

So why did Sprint/HTC decide to disable the feature with the latest update? Improve battery life? Make everything more "simple"?  They simply made a mistake? No one knows but it is quite annoying.

Luckily, MightyMike and Mr.X have found a solution, all packed up in a simple .cab file. Just download, install and soft reset and those LED alerts will now be available to enable and configure. You can get the download and read more about it here or scan the MS Tag below.


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ROM Updates from HTC

Sporting a Euro Touch Diamond 2?  If you are, HTC has released a "official" ROM update for the Windows Phone. The update includes Sense 2.5 and can be found on HTC's UK Support site.  While the Touch Diamond 2 isn't available in the U.S. Market, we do have the AT&T Pure.  Could it be next?

In addition to the update for the Touch Diamond 2, HTC has also released an "official" ROM update for the Euro Touch Pro 2.  However, unlike with the update for the Touch Diamond 2, it doesn't look like HTC is ready to officially put Sense 2.5 on the Touch Pro 2.


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For those of you on Sprint with a Touch Pro 2 who haven't gone the custom ROM route, the Windows Mobile 6.5 update -- at long last! -- is finally here.

The official rundown of features is:

  • Upgraded OS to Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Added HTC Sense UI enhancements
  • Improved Social Networking integration
  • Includes a variety of minor bug fixes

Our big question: Are we talking Sense 2.5 (as in the HD2 ROM) or what?

As usual when flashing ROMs, be sure to have a battery charge of over 50 percent, and be sure to read all of the instructions. Then report back what you find! [HTC | Download link ] Thanks, Joe!

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For all of you who have kept on us about the Sprint Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 update, well, good on ya. We now may finally (FINALLY!) have an answer, courtesy of a post at ppcgeeks. What you see above purportedly is an internal Sprint memo that points to March 19 as the day of days. "Sense UI enhancements" are mentioned, but it's still anybody's guess as to whether we're talking Sense 2.5 or what. So stay tuned, folks. [ppcgeeks]

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All but confirming what we've been telling you for what seems like forever, a  "Sprint Small Business Catalog" mailer posted at PPCGeeks shows the Touch Pro 2 "software update coming in March." Seeing as how we're about a third of the way through the month, we should be seeing it any time now. Or not. We're not going to count our chickens on this thing until the update's in hand.

And the question remains: Will we see Sense 2.5, like on the HTC HD2? Or just the regular flavor? [PPCGeeks]

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According to a PPCGeeks forum user, Big Red is aiming to update its Touch Pro 2 (again) with a build of Sense 2.5. However and perhaps not surprising, there are no Documents, Footprints, Programs or E-Reader tabs on board.

The ROM itself is not yet available (officially or unofficially) and is only Windows Mobile 6.5. Release is expected "soon" which bodes well for Verizon's customers.

Now we know where this is going and what you are going to ask: What about Sprint?

Sprint has still not yet released their WM6.5 update, which is really starting to push the boundaries as far as timeliness. We reported here a few weeks ago that HTC had made a CDMA ROM with Sense 2.5 on board for a Chinese carrier, so this Verizon news is not that shocking. What this also might mean is the reason why Sprint is taking so long, is to get Sense 2.5 (and one can hope. WM6.5.3) cooked in, which would be a nice touch. 

Either way, it's nice to see companies like Verizon going that extra step for what is one of the most popular Windows phones to date.

[MobileOSNews via WMPoweruser]

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Take a survey, win a Touch Pro 2

Calling all Windows Mobile developers: Interpret's looking to get to know you better, and to do so they have a short survey they'd like you to take. In exchange for doing so and leaving your information, you'll be entered to win an HTC Touch Pro 2.

Click here to take the survey and be entered to win.

(Bear in mind that this survey is being run by Interpret; not everyone who takes the survey may be eligible to finish it. But if you don't, never fear. We're giving away a Windows phone of your choice next week for the Smartphone Round Robin. Just take part in any Round Robin forum thread for your chance to win.)

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