File this under confused.

Verizon user QMeli907 got his third Touch Pro 2 replacement and immediately noticed some changes to the housing:

It's different then my other TP2's that I've had since October. The bezel on the one I received today is a gunmetal grey color, rather than the plain gloss black. Its a very nice touch. Although it makes the face look better, when looking at the TP2 from the side, my old back case and the new front bezel colors clash. Just my two cents.

He's also running a rough version of Android (no radio function though), so don't let that distract you from the housing changes.

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So what's up with the change?  It seems to be a mistake as kern417 notes:

yeah thats definitely wrong because in the img003 you can see the display on/off button has a power sign on it, but for verizon tp2s you have to use the end key to turn it on/off.

Yeah, all of that raises more questions than answers.  Anyone else with one of these? Care to shed some light in the comments?