HP Obsidian, LG Monoco seen with Tilt 2 on leaked AT&T roadmap

Yep, this is what it looks like: A roadmap for AT&T, snagged by the Boy Genius Report. We're expecting the Tilt 2, natch, seen here with its original "Fortress" codename.

Of course, the really juicy fruit here are the LG Monoco and HP iPAQ Obsidian, two phones we've been dying to get our hands on since their initial leaks. If the roadmap holds -- and we've got reason to believe it will -- we could see both of those phones by the holidays.

And not to be ignored as the Samsung Jack and Epix, which appear to be slated for updates to Windows Mobile 6.5

Phil Nickinson

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  • I call B.S. So this is an AT&T "propeitery" document. I know even major corporations occasionally have typos on internal documents, but come on. Such watermarks are usually pre-made, paste-in items. The "Epix" shown looks like the Euro i780, not the Epix I have. Lastly, when was the last time AT&T offered TWO, full ROM upgrades to the same device? I hope this is true, but I'm betting not!
  • What AT&T would not do is offer two ROM UPGRADES. The Epix got a ROM UPDATE, not an UPGRADE. The Tilt received a ROM update (with bug fixes on an updated build of WinMo 6.0) and then received a ROM upgrade (with WinMo 6.1). Therefore, it is not far fetched that the Epix could receive a ROM upgrade with WinMo 6.5 now. The typo in the watermark does take out some credibility though, plus I find odd that the Epix and Jack are getting OS upgrades and the Propel Pro isn't. Finally, both the HP and LG devices are B2B, so us mere mortals won't be able to get them... at least not from AT&T.