Sprint Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 update may come this week

For all of you who have kept on us about the Sprint Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 update, well, good on ya. We now may finally (FINALLY!) have an answer, courtesy of a post at ppcgeeks. What you see above purportedly is an internal Sprint memo that points to March 19 as the day of days. "Sense UI enhancements" are mentioned, but it's still anybody's guess as to whether we're talking Sense 2.5 or what. So stay tuned, folks. [ppcgeeks]

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  • All I can say is "YAY"!
  • The only reason I'm interested in this is to see if this ROM has protected WMA support. I'm a Rhapsody subscriber and I've been missing this ever since I went to NRG ROMs. Hopefully the chefs will use the Sprint 6.5 ROM and make ROMs that are increasingly stable and that also support protected WMA playback and that Rhapsody will recognize.
  • Nice. This really is a great all around phone and probably the best for heavy business travel use. I have turned TouchFlo off and used 6.1 for quite some time now just for the efficiency of 6.1 compared to TouchFlo, even though it's rather boring. I'm looking forward to 6.5.??? adding to the experience somewhat, but still being efficienct for talk/text/email/documents and great browsing with Opera. WP7S isn't sounding like the business smartphone experience that I want, so probably sticking with 6.5 until Android gets more mature.
  • And that's exactlly why it's been taking so long, is so that they can make the "Perfect ROM." That's all that they wan't, is to make their customers happy. Even if it means a couple of extra months of wait time, it will still totally be worth it. Just think, if they released it when Verizon did, it WOULD suck! Then they would have to release new and more updates, costing them time and money, and leaving them all with a grudging embarassment towards their customer satisfaction rate.
  • There is absolutely zero reason to have a delay. The excuse that Sprint needs some time to do QA on a ROM update to 6.5 is a moot point. First, HTC develops the ROM for Sprint. Second, WinMo 6.5 has been RTM for many months now to allow for OEMs to work out any kinks.
  • I'm looking forward to this official ROM from Sprint! I've been using cooked ROMS since the HSPL was released for the TP2 and as good as some of the cooked ROMS are, there is always something missing and/or random issues with the ROM's that crop up. 6.5.xxx and OEM stability, that's what I'm hoping for. I thought I'd be a Windows Mobile guy forever, but Windows Phone 7 is looking like it's going to be time for a platform switch for me.
  • Would be great if the update includes Sense 2.5....that would make the delay worthwhile.
  • AMEN brother! I 100% agree with you on this one. The point that the other carriers came out with WM6.5, sense 2.1 and Sprint didn't was major bullshit. But if this Rom comes with Sense 2.5, Then yeees,... well worth the wait!!!
  • I have been debating this question ever since I heard that Sprint would not be getting the HD2. I am a heavy txt-er and I really like having the physical keyboard. Excluding that issue, you can't really use the phone for GPS and take a phone call. This would be a nifty trick when you are looking for a clients house and they call you wondering where you are. Another nifty trick would be to multi task, say you are highway traveling (GPS) and you want to google something or play mp3'sand not loose your GPS fix.
    I am looking at having 2 devices. My issue with that is the amount of over lap.
    Look at it this way. Take a price range of $500-1000. The supersonic will be in that price range without carrier subsidy. The supersonic is a roughly 5" screen device running android. In that same price range I can get an ever growing number of devices with 5"-10" screens, running android or windows xp and I can make skype calls if I for some reason I dont have my TP2.
    So why get a Supersonic? 4G? It wont be out in most places for the better part of a year and I can get a 4G MiFi if I just have to 4G.
    I like the idea of having a supersonic, but I like the idea of keeping my TP2 and getting a Viliv X70 or a S10-3t or a Hanvon or a Archos even better.
  • Finally is right. It's like the release of StarCraft 2.