Verizon Touch Pro 2 getting Sense 2.5. Where art thou Sprint?

According to a PPCGeeks forum user, Big Red is aiming to update its Touch Pro 2 (again) with a build of Sense 2.5. However and perhaps not surprising, there are no Documents, Footprints, Programs or E-Reader tabs on board.

The ROM itself is not yet available (officially or unofficially) and is only Windows Mobile 6.5. Release is expected "soon" which bodes well for Verizon's customers.

Now we know where this is going and what you are going to ask: What about Sprint?

Sprint has still not yet released their WM6.5 update, which is really starting to push the boundaries as far as timeliness. We reported here a few weeks ago that HTC had made a CDMA ROM with Sense 2.5 on board for a Chinese carrier, so this Verizon news is not that shocking. What this also might mean is the reason why Sprint is taking so long, is to get Sense 2.5 (and one can hope. WM6.5.3) cooked in, which would be a nice touch. 

Either way, it's nice to see companies like Verizon going that extra step for what is one of the most popular Windows phones to date.

[MobileOSNews via WMPoweruser]

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  • ONLY 6.5? Is that what we've become? :D
  • Yup. Heck, I'm just about done with WM, I'm ready for WP7, lol. It's going to be a long 8 months.
  • Sorry to say is that i been using sprint win mobile 6.5 for 3 months now. so what took you so long verizon? LOL....
  • *Yeahhh* someone who makes custom ROMs, I can't say this is anything special. Once the CDMA unlocker was released, Sprint and Verizon phones got WM6.5 and Sense 2.5. In this case, we are interested only in the "official" release of the OS/ROM upgrade, not what someone "cooked" on their computer ;-)
  • OMFG! LOLZ! Shut up dude, quit trying to brag like you're special. Thousands of people are running 6.5.x and Sense 2.5 on their Touch Pro 2's via custom ROM's which is the same way you are. You are not special. This is referring to an OFFICIAL 6.5 w/ Sense 2.5 ROM for Verizon. Sprint does not have an official version of either.
  • LOL. This person is showing off their WM6.5 Sense ROM YouTube video. At least have 6.5.5 running on your device before trying to show off.
  • "Sprint has still not yet released their WM6.5 update, which is really starting to push the boundaries as far as timeliness." Sounds about Par For The Course. If you recall (wasn't that long ago) they just barely released an updated 6.1 ROM (October 2009) on the TP. Almost 9 months after the first US carrier released an update on their version of the same phone. Let's not pretend that this is news or anything.
  • It's great that VZW is supporting their WinMo phones better than they have in the past. With 6.5.3 being officially released by MS it seem odd that VZW/HTC would spend the time to incorporate Sense 2.5 but not WM 6.5.3. All the custom roms I've used with S2.5 felt a little too bogged down. The current stock Sense 2.1 rom is very stable, not sure this would be a wise upgrade for me. Now if they've included proper video drivers though... Hey, I can dream can't I?
  • Sprint is really beginning to irk me. Their new CEO talks about better customers relations when he needs to look at their technical side and updating their software.
  • Sprint has it's head in a very dark place... AS USUAL
  • Actually Sprint called me last night to ask me how my service was. I said my service was FINE but their phones SUCK and i'd be leaving them very soon if they didn't come out with something comparable to the Iphone soon. Meaning specifically fast processor, 3.6 or bigger screen, tablet format. "I thought the Hero was like an Iphone"... yea right. "what about Pre" ... sheesh... please tell them if something interesting doesn't show up VERY SOON.. i'm gone... and I don't mean Christmas.
  • I wonder if the new chassis requirements for WP7 would make updates for the same phone more consistent across carriers, too. Actually, I wonder if updates across different phones would be made more consistent even.
  • One would assume so... The slowdown in testing/prep is all the v arying factors that the different specs bring into the mix. With a limited list of factors, it should streamline the process at LEAST some when it comes to hardware. Each carrier will still have its own customizations and software though.
  • I, an iPhone user, I have upgraded multiple Verizon and Sprint Touch Pro 2's at work over the last couple days. Sprints upgrade is light years better than Verizons, hands down. It would have definately been worth the extra wait. I just think it is funny that the Verizon fan boys are around hating on Sprint, when they put out a better upgrade in the end.
  • how I can setup mr2 in my htc touch pro2 sprint