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Hope you all are still enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, and hopefully some of you are eagerly awaiting packages for the gadgets and games you splurged on during Black Friday. So to help you get rid of that itch to play with something new, we have two games launching this week on Xbox One. The games are Game of Thrones, and The Crew. Keep on reading for more info on the games.

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Ubisoft is no stranger to Windows Phone and tonight they yet have another release to grace your device: Shape Up Battle Run. The game is related to the just released Ubisoft Xbox One Shape Up game, and lets you use your Windows Phone to augment your runs.

Think of Shape Up Battle Run as a cross between a game and fitness app. Using your phone's built-in sensors, the game can simulate a pedometer to record when you are running. Alternatively, the app can access your GPS to record your runs that way too. The app then pairs you up against the computer to simulate runs against an opponent.

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We're into the home stretch, 2014! This week is probably one of the biggest of 2014, so get your wallets ready. As we all know, this week Microsoft will be unleashing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to your living rooms as what is probably the biggest Xbox One release of the year. Ubisoft also has a pair of games coming out. One features a master assassin while the other is a lesser known title and is Kinect only. A superhero makes his first debut on Xbox one as well as indie hit Terraria. Continue reading for the full list of this week's releases.

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