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Website development is an integral part of the Internet. Web pages you visit (including this very article page) are hosted on web servers, requiring experienced personnel to further build on online experiences. To help web masters and developers achieve this, tools and services are available to monitor traffic and the general wellbeing of properties.

Mobile apps are available on multiple platforms for folk to access and Windows Phone has a limited share of apps. I’ve compiled a short list of some apps you can use effectively to see how websites are performing, with some connecting to Google web master services. 

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It surely has been a while, WordPress. We last covered the blogging app for Windows Phone back in October last year when the official offering hit version 1.4. The WordPress team has since released a number of updates, and as of yesterday we're now at 1.7.

Enabling bloggers who own Windows Phones to connect, manage and create articles on WordPress installations, the app is a must-have for those who require convenient access to their websites. So what's new?

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If you will recall, the official WordPress app for WP7 was updated to version 1.3 to support Mango, but was quickly pulled from the Marketplace due to a bug that the developers found.  WordPress has made its way to version 1.4, which has resolved the issue and still also sports the Mango support of its predecessor.  Along with fast-switching, the updated WordPress also has the following new features from 1.3:

"You can now share pictures directly from your photo album to a new post in the app, as well as pin your blog to the start screen for quick access."

You can download WordPress 1.4 here.  Happy blogging!

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The official WordPress app for our phones has also got a Mango makeover with v1.3. Considering how huge WordPress is to the blogosphere, it's always great to see a well done official app out there for our users. The app hit v1.2 only in August, where it finally received landscape support. Now v1.3 looks to extend that by adding some Mango features. Besides the automatic fast-app switching, users can look forward to these new additions:

"Now with Mango support! You can now share pictures directly from your photo album to a new post in the app, as well as pin your blog to the start screen for quick access."

Sounds good to us. Now we have received a complaint from reader ron_from_RIFAS that it looks like the app has been pulled from the Marketplace. And indeed, if you search for the app, you'll be hard pressed to find it. Even the WP7Applist site has its red-banner warning that this app is not available. But we assure you it is there and you can download and install it just fine. Reason? It's listed as "Private" in the Web Marketplace. Why? We have no idea...

Update: Evidently the developer, in comments, lets us know that there's a bug in v1.3 so to hold off until a fix is released: "It's marked private because we found a large bug in the app and wanted to submit a fix for it before publishing. ...The new one should be out in a few days pending certification from Microsoft."

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This is a little something for bloggers and web developers who use WordPress as a CMS. Should you not have the necessary knowledge and experience to confidently develop an app to compliment your website, fear not as help is at hand with the Windows Phone Starter Kit for WordPress.

It's a simple package that includes a skeleton app, which only requires you to alter one line of code and insert the blog URL, and a plugin .zip that is to be uploaded and installed on the website. Full instructions located below:


  1. Open the MainPage.xaml.cs file in Visual Studio
  2. Update the siteURL parameter to the location of your WordPress blog


  1. Log into your WordPress blog using an account that has administrative access
  2. Click on the "Plugins" link from the navigation bar on the Dashboard
  3. Click on the "Add New" button on the Plugins page
  4. Select the "Upload" link from those choices presented on the Plugins page
  5. Click the browse button and navigate to the location of the WPSKPlugin.zip (usually \WordPressPlugin\WPSKPlugin.zip
  6. Click the "Install Now" button to perform the upload.

Head on over to the MSDN Code project page for the Windows Phone Starter Kit below for more details and download links.

Source: MSDN, via: Nanapho.jp

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WordPress for Windows Phone v1.2 now available

The official WordPress for Windows Phone app has been updated to version 1.2, which brings landscape editing/posting and some UI improvements. The panorama view has been updated to present more information on screen to tie in better with Metro UI standards. Also included in the update are the following language translations: French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Some under-the-hood changes:

  • Better support for post ping backs in the comment view.
  • Fixed comment submission date from being changed when moderating.
  • Preview now works for drafts, scheduled and private posts/pages.
  • Prompt added if the back button is accidentally tapped while creating a post.

Read up more over at the WordPress development blog.

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For those mo-bloggers out there, you'll be pleased to know that WordPress has gone ahead and released a full-fledged mobile client for Windows Phone, all for free of course. The app allows you to write offline, moderate comments, publish and view your site's stats all from your phone.

WordPress is the largest blogging platform out there today, so having it on board Windows Phone is quite welcomed, especially since the choices up to now have not been that stellar (although BloghuB looks pretty good too). It's even more important since Microsoft closed down Live Spaces and managed to port their users over to WordPress in an official partnership between the two mega companies. Last we checked, about one million have made the transition so far.

You can grab the app right here (opens Zune).

Thanks, Anum (Redmond Pie), for the tip

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