Take control of remote computers with TeamViewer for Windows Phone


TeamViewer (www.teamviewer.com) is now available for Windows Phone and enables users to connect and remote control Windows, Mac and Linux computers. If you're not familiar with the brand, the solution is perfect for supporting others who require assistance, as well as accessing apps and performing tasks on your home PC while out and about. Best of all? It's completely free for personal use.

The app (and service in general) utilises 256 Bit AES encoding and 1024 Bit RSA key exchange for added security and peace of mind. Members of a particular group have their status icon visible to see exactly who's online and whether or not you can connect via quick access. The beauty of the app is there's no need to configure firewalls and proxy servers as the app boasts effortless access - perfect for those who aren't too involved with technology.

A simple reboot option is available, which allows the user to immediately reboot a remote computer or server. Multiple displays can be accessed and switched between when connected to a device that sports more than one screen. Overall, it's a quality solution for those who require connectivity to home and  / or work machines. For corporate users, there's a licensing system that can be engaged with for more keys and support.

The most expensive plan features unlimited number of workstations and the ability to have simultaneous connections active. Be sure to check out the website for more details. Already available on iOS and Android, it's good to see the company support Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows Phone too.

TeamViewer App

Initial reviews on the app are positive and since it's a free app we'd recommend you at least try it out if you're looking for a way to get into remote computers while not physically in front of one. You can download TeamViewer from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only), as well as for Windows 8. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Take control of remote computers with TeamViewer for Windows Phone


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Same for me, but she's doing some caritative work in Africa right now. Told me she would come back to me later.

I never understood the purpose of that woman in the background of all their apps (at least for windows). At least show a TEAM.
Edit: spelling.

It's always nice to see high quality official apps. Means companies are starting to care. Could have asked for a better Jetpack Joyride since how long they made us wait for a buggy and unstable port.

I haven't had any issues with it on my 920...runs buttery smooth! I'm more annoyed at how not so smooth both fruit ninja and gravity guy 2 run!!!

Gravity guy 2 us pretty horrid indeed. Drops so much frames! As for jetpack, runs very smooth for me, but I have to be connected to the internet to use my coin doubler. Only issue so far.

Ugh, LogMeIn is terrible.  It installs a mirror driver (totally obsolete technology) that prevents 3D hardware acceleration from working across the entire system even when you're not even using it.

I tried this with 2 of my pc's and it ended up messing with my synced backgrounds. Anyone who uses this can comment if they have any problems with their backgrounds? 

If you set for speed it removes background while attached. If it doesnt go back it is bugged.

Thanks, thats what was happening, it wouldnt change my background back and somehow Windows 8 wouldnt do it automatically either. So I presume if its not set for Speed the bg is left alone?

I tried splashtop 2 just after and it said I had to subsribe to use it when the devices are on different networks, so yes. You can use this without paying when actually away from the computer.

Aw, come on!  The HTML client works just fine if you're connecting to a computer with a screen resolution the same or lower than your phone's, and you don't mind waiting minutes for mouse clicks to register.  How could that possibly be a problem?

I've been using teamviewer to assist my mother and my girlfriend with tech problems when I'm not close to them and I could not be happier about this release. Teamviewer has easily been the most reliable piece of remote control software I have used (including its Windows RT app). If you haven't used it, its super easy to set up and works damn well.

well for those of us who live outside the usa and have to pay for phonesnd not service have to hold on until we ready to change.... so im hoping that teamviewer brings outna wp7.x app..... until im able to upgrade :)

With each app release, it seems time has come for me to finally break up with my 7.8 L800...
WP8 (and hopefully WP9), here I come :)

Omg yes. I always used teammviewer on IOS and Android. So glad it's come to Windows Phone. In the last 6 months almost every single app I've wanted has come to the platform. I rarely feel left behind.

Instagram, snapchat, Pandora, tapatalk(coming), teamviewer, proper Facebook app, rugby league app, wiki, shazam, Spotify, utorrent, Skype, speed test, twotter, whatsapp and a ton of others.

It works with windows 8 but having a hard time with start screen navigation and closing apps. No gestures! Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!

Teamviewer rocks!  We were given a 2 week trial license and they extended it another 4 weeks to give us more time to evaluate.  We just made the purchase today.  It's a one time cost as oppossed to monthly of competitors so you start saving money within the 1st year.  Rock on!

Teamviewer? Cute, should be here since 6 months at least.
I'm using Splashtop right now, not sure I'll be looking back at teamviewer even tho i understand people would prefer TV for their reason.

About fucking time! (pardon my french)
This is cool, I hated how spalshtop would ask for a fee to connect to computers on a different network (which really is the only reason one would want such an app.)
go Teamviewer!

Just installed this and I'm pretty impressed.  Splashtop2 has been working ok, but I like this better so far.  Seems a little quicker.

yep, requires version 8 or higher of Teamviewer to work. does suck since the office I work at is version 6.9 and the versions I have purchased for relatives is 7...

you have purchased this for relatives? You do know it's free for personal use, right? That being said, if Teamviewer would offer a (cheap) paid "supporter" Version for private use, I'd be glad to pay that, but no way am I gonna spend 500€ on a piece of software.

Remote controlling another phone would be sweet, so I wouldn't have to explain my family and friends ways to get to some settings and stuff. Though that won't happen in the near future with those restricted systems.

For Windows 8... Its better... They integrate features of PC REMOTE PRO...its just awesome... While the only issue is it needs the pc on the same network... So if teamviewer integrates the features in it...It would be the best remote app ever

Same here. Stopped working after i connected from a different WiFi... Now it won't login... Removed, rebooted and reinstalled... Still no joy...

it's does'nt work at my Lumia 620 with GDR 3 Preview when connect via WIFI (by using Connectivy), PC as host & HH as Remote ?? i show nothing in my hh screen, tap keyboard but no respond.... any Idea???