Take part in the Windows Phone Twitter party and win a Nokia Lumia 928

Lumia 928

The Windows Phone team has recently partnered with mobile photography community We Are Juxt to discuss how the platform has reinvented taking photos with a smartphone (or rather how Nokia is leading the front with its optics development). The team will be holding a live chat on Twitter today to discuss tips and tricks, as well as some stories around the campfire. If you take part and join in the party, you could win a Nokia Lumia 928.

So how does one enter?

  • Check you're following @WindowsPhone and @TapInfluence (the chat partner for today).
  • At 2pm ET, @TapInfluence will tweet six questions. Simply publish your answers with the #reinvented hashtag to win.

As this is a competition, there are some rules and terms involved, so be sure to check you're eligible - only available to those who reside in the US. You may enter up to six times (once per question) and winners will receive a Verizon Lumia 928 or the choice of a Lumia 920. This is a neat way to get consumers involved, especially with photography, which is becoming more advanced as the platform ages.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; thanks, pbroy, for the tip!


Reader comments

Take part in the Windows Phone Twitter party and win a Nokia Lumia 928


Yup. Already got mine... Not that I've won it but I love it. By the way it comes SIM unlocked by standard, thanks to good ol 4g service

Cool to see all the 928 publicity and all, but why do I get the sinking feeling that publicity for the 925 will be a fizzle by comparison...

I've never tweeted in my life. I don't even know how to understand the language. I'll try to make out the gibberish and answer the questions.

Open a twitter account. Search for windowsphone and Tapinfluence. push the follow button on both their respective webpages. Then at 2pm ET check your twitter feed (homepage) and see what it says to do. tweets are 144 character long messages and you add a hashtage (#) so that all the tweets containing that hastage with word are grouped together.

I tried and got frustrated trying to understand it. Ended up uninstalling after attempting to answer the first question.