Talking Tom Cat finally claws its way to Windows Phone


We get a lot of tips here at WPCentral, some amazing, some lame and some that confuse us as we actually don't know every silly app ever made (which is why we pay attention to you guys). So tonight when we got an email from a reader named Amiel stating "Talking Tom Cat finally made it to WP7" we were a little perplexed.

Fact is, we still are but yes, Talking Tom Cat is now on Windows Phone. What is Talking Tom Cat? It's one of those silly novelty apps that features a cartoon cat that you can pet, poke, prod and harass. Oh and he repeats everything you say back to him. In a funny voice.

With 150,000 ratings in the iTunes store and nearly 400,000 ratings on Android (seriously?) there is something about Tom that people just love. Or maybe it's the kids.

Either way, the app is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for the low, low price of $0. It's not our thing but hey, we're not here to judge so if you want it, you can pick it up here. Combined with the official Cleverbot app we guess Windows Phone is winning? Thanks, Amiel, for the tip!

QR: Talking Tom Cat


Reader comments

Talking Tom Cat finally claws its way to Windows Phone


This is literally the first app my father requested for download when he got his WP7 a few weeks ago lol. I managed to find every other possible weird talking animal, but not this one... He will be quite pleased.

Hey 2 days ago i heard someone say they still loved the app where it looks like your emtying a beer glas. These apps are apperantly importent to non techies so who are we to complain right?

LOL its nice that some more fun app are coming on board.. Heartiest welcome.. Though I had enough fun on my iPhone with talking tom

These are the stupid apps that fill iphone and android app stores that claim they have sooo many apps. Enough with retarded apps, how about 50 apps that can control my thermostat in my house or open my garage door.

It's just one of those apps your mobile OS HAS TO HAVE, like Angry Birds, otherwise everyone else is like ha my phone is better. Sad, but true.

considering the approval process its amazing how much fake stuff microsoft let on to the market a real shame...

No lag at all on Lumia 900. It has bug though. Press on the cake, then press any other button, it will keep throwing the cake. This is actually better than the free version on iOS and Android. You basically have full version for free on Windows Phone.

Maybe i try it without sound enhancer on my Titan then, or maybe its fixed since we had a update to that. Thnx for the tip, will check it out again