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Telstra approves Tango update for Windows Phone

Lumia 710

Australian carrier Telstra has approved the Windows Phone Tango update for its arsenal of smartphones. We previously covered Telstra's efforts in testing the upgrade last month, so the carrier is indeed making good progress with getting the update to consumers in a speedy fashion.

The upgrade will be available for Telstra customers with a Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Mozart and HD7 or Samsung Omnia W. The LG c900k (Quantum) is reportedly still undergoing some tests before the update is rolled out. The expected dates are still frozen at mid-July, so we should be able to see some notifications pushed out shortly.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the status of the rollout over on the Telstra website.

via: Peter's Kitchen; thanks, Peter, for the heads up!


Reader comments

Telstra approves Tango update for Windows Phone


You are thinking of a world where your phone company is transparent....like in Australia....not in gestapo US.  You will NEVER get a straight answer out of the shysters at ATT.

anyone heard anything from vodafone uk?
the carriers should never have been left in charge of deciding when updates are pushed out they're completely useless.

I want the tethering on my 900 here in the States real bad. It will be great to use with my WiFi only Android tablet.

If I go to Nokia update list site, it says my device (Lumia 800, unbranded) got the approval (two days ago), but I still can't update it.
Slightly annoying.

G2go, Optus have yet to confirm that they have approved the update, have asked on their community forum and twitter, with no success. Can you confirm, leave me a comment @peterskitchen, and I will chase them up some more :D Cheers

Hey Pedah. Upgraded to 7.10.8773.98 Tango on 6 July after getting update available message on 5 July.

@G2go is your phone Optus branded? or are you just using an unlocked device with an Optus SIM in it. Most of the peeps I spoke to today say they have not had the update from Optus, so wondering if you have an unchannelled device?

Bell Mobility released the update in Canada, installed the Tango update last night on my HD7.

Hi! I did install it as well with the WiFi trick. Could you check and let me know if you can attach a voice note in a text message and also if you have tethering.

Can advise that Orange UK has pushed Tango to the HTC Radar. About time we had a update on my £90 unlocked phone :-)