Are you tempted by the 32 GB version of the AT&T Lumia 1520?

Nokia Lumia 1520

When AT&T announced the 16 GB version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 many balked at the Windows Phone citing the lack of memory (among other things).  Even with micro-SD expansion, many thought 16 GB of storage was just too limited.

Enter the 32GB version of the AT&T Lumia 1520 that hit store shelves just a short while ago.  The new release is about $50 more than the 16 GB version and is only available in the matte black finish.

With double the memory and micro-SD card expansion, is this tempting enough for you to pick up a Lumia 1520?  Or does the lack of internal Qi Wireless, the smaller Nano SIM card or another factor keep you from taking the plunge?

Head over to the WPCentral Forums to see what other readers are doing and share your thoughts on the 32 GB Lumia 1520 from AT&T.  You have the main Lumia 1520 forum and this discussion asking if anyone has picked up the 32GB version yet. 


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Are you tempted by the 32 GB version of the AT&T Lumia 1520?


It just sucks having to change. Some carriers charge for Sims, or if you cut your SIM then to use it again in a large slot you need an adapter. I personally don't know why they changed it as I feel what we have is small enough.

But you still cant swap it out easily with micro sim phone. You can get the adapter, but just more work. Just make all micro and be done with it. Or, stop making micro and move to all nano. Just pick OEMs!

I bought a set of adapters once last year, for $2. Unless you change out your SIM a few times a day, there's not really a problem, you're just incredibly lazy.

I actually like it. Using Nokia Lumia 520 I got for $50 to type this on. Have an iPhone 5 and wanted to put sum card in Lumia and needed to use an adapter to put it in. Nokia really should of used some other method to put in sim card. I first got 520 Christmas eve and broke the pins putting the sim card in wrong. So I sent it in and got a replacement unit for free. Well I really like Nokia but WP needs to improve more. Probably going to switch to android. Motorola has the Moto g for $199 and it is the best phone for it's price. They announced that they will be making a $50 one do unless Nokia makes an update to the 525 with $50 price they are going to lose the low end market. I am interested in WP 8.1 but unless Microsoft really improves the app selection and Nokia makes a new 1020 I am probably not switching to WP.

Majority of phones don't support nano format, so swapping phones would require an adapter or taking a trip to the carrier.

I switch between my Treo Pro and my 920 without an adapter but from what I've seen its the tray that messes everything up isn't it?

I can buy a new SIM from any supermarket or petrol station for $2. Obviously also phone shops. The only hassle is calling the carrier and moving the mobile number to the new SIM

I personally just find it how the largest of all Windows Phones was also the first to embrace nano-sim.

Exactly.  It's especially annoying because AT&T went out of their way to have Nokia remove the feature.  It wouldn't have hurt AT&T in any way to just let QI go, but no. 

It's so hard believe, I have to say it again.  AT&T had a vendor remove really cool tech from their phones so that AT&T customers would be the only customers on the planet without the cool feature.  Who does that?  You can't make it up.  It has to be one the dumbest business decisions I've ever seen in my life.  There simply is no reason at all to have Nokia yank out one of its best features.

Good thing those morons got hired to run a company to big to fail (hey certainly couldn't build one from scratch).  And now they can continue living in a fantasy world where they know what they're doing, and deserve big paychecks.  Idiots.

Nano sucks.  It's barely smaller than Micro, but just small enough to make it a whole lot more difficult to handle with adult sized fingers.  It saves almost no space inside the phone compared to Micro.  And for those of us who switch phones quite regularly, it is a SUPER PITA to move them with an adapter into another phone.  Some phones just cannot use adapters at all.


Nano is lame and pointless.  Changing just for the sake of change is really stupid.  

Every wpcentral tile notification I click on hoping to see a black update for AT&T 920 or Facebook beta update which are both way overdue. And yes very much tempted.

Yeah I'm still waiting for the Black update for my 920 as well.. AT&T sucks with the updates!! Though I have the 16GB 1520.. Even still,they should've left the Qi and started with a 32GB option from the get go..

This^ where is black update for 920....i really hope all this att testing crap goes away in near future....send us update directly or Nokia should go the same way MS did...if you have dev account get the update....

I was very disappointed initially that my 1520 did not have qi but now I don't care at all.. I used to love qi because it was so easy to charge my phone at my desk at work. However my 1520 battery lasts all day and the some even with heavy use so all I have to do is plug in at night which once a day is not a big deal. I personally would not let the lack of qi deter you from an amazing device like the 1520. If you can deal with the size it is totally worth it, and once you get used to the size you would never want to go back.

Even if the battery lasts all day, it's still a hassle to worry about cords for charging. They have a tendancy to fall behind the table and limit your mobility if you want to check something on the phone after you connected it to the charger. I'll never buy a phone without it again, which unfortunately means I'll have to get international AT&T compatible versions from now on. At least they'll have data sense and not be held back by AT&T.

1520 is still too big for me, even if we had the good version. I'm waiting for the new version of the 1020 myself; I want the camera as soon as they pair it with a good (i.e. RGB) screen.

No Qi so no buy. I purchased the red 1520 but lack of wireless charging made me revert back to my 1020. Probably going to sell it. I just can't revert back to using a cord. Plus, I don't feel like buying incipios pma case and duracel charger.

As long as youre on at&t, every future windows phone most likely won't have qi charging. So either you accept it now, or stick with your 920 until the thing decomposes due to half life breakdown

Agreed. I don't understand people crying over qi and saying won't buy a phone because of it....if att sticks to it thn wat u gonna do qi lovers?????????????

I am tempted, but I wish it weren't a nano SIM so it would be easy for me to switch back to my 920 when I wanted a smaller handset without having to deal with a converter. I think that was a mistake on their part and shouldn't have made the change until the smaller machines also had nano's. While I would prefer a phablet, there are times I'd like to go back to the smaller phone without hassle I'm sure. But still interested if the price is right.

The nanoSIM reason is stupid, as phones are converting to that, and it isn't that big of a deal. Qi, I understand, which is why I won't buy it. If they add an accessory right now, I still won't buy it, as WP8.1 devices are around the corner, with the new 805 chips. Too little too late, sorry.

Yep. I would buy it in a heartbeat, if I could get it in red. But now I'm willing to skip it altogether and wait for the 1520's successor.

Since I'm replacing my personal line white NL900 with the NL1520 the black only option for the 32GB version of the NL1520 is a deal breaker. Will have to go with the 16GB NL1520 to get the white which kinda sucks but at least it's got the SD slot....


If you don't like the black, you can always order a international shell and replace. Of course different color SIM doors may look awkward. Even with the 16GB, I am tempted to get the 32GB as I only have less than 1GB left on the phone, yet 58GB left on my microSD. :/

For what seems like the hundredth time, the international version doesn't have the radio for AT&T LTE.

Only $50 for double the memory would be fine with me if I was interested in that size and did not get a 920 just two weeks ago.   I think that for an enthusiast, 32gb of internal memory and a SD Card Slot is the setup I will be interested in going forward.


The 920 was fairly inexpensive at only $299.   It has 32gb of memory and given it is last years flagship and I expect it sold well, I believe that it will get all the updates expected for it, at least GDR 3 and 8.1.

Given I switched from T-Mobile who makes it a habit to abandon their WP devices, my expectations of receiving 8.1 was very significant.   Hell, I'm hoping it gets the full thirty six months of updates.....

If my 920 broke today, I would replace it with another one. Every other model has a downside that's more annoying than the 920's one downside, that being no SD expansion.

It is a great phone, I'm really liking it.   It is my favorite of all the Windows Phones I've owned so far.   I've had a HTC HD7, the Lumia 810, and HTC 8X, and now my Red Lumia 920.

You are right, the lack of the SD Card Slot is certainly the 920's number one downside.

My ideal WP device does not exist yet.   I would like to see something like the 929/Icon in form factor size and display resolution, with 32gb of memory but with a SD Card Slot.    When something like that comes out that pleases my eye, that will be my next phone.   However I will rock my 920 for at least a year, and I have the feeling I will be quite happy with it....

Seen the 1520 in person earlier this week, and I want it. Too bad I'm still on contract until November. Hopefully by then they'll be more to choose from. For now I'm hangin in there with my 1020.

I would buy it if it weren't for the SIM card. I want to be able to still use my 1020 for those times I need amazing pics.

Get a nano to micro SIM adapter, that's what I do with mine. Just don't leave the adapter in the 1020 without the SIM or it will get stuck

For what is a flagship, 32GB should be standard imo. I hope that the next flagship (Gold Finger) has a 32GB vairant from the start with micro SD support also.

I'm not unhappy with 16gb + sdcard and PMA case... If they made another case with the Qi coil in it, I'd get that, too... my family still has 920's in use, so versatility would be nice.

I'm considering T-Mobile for my next carrier. However, the inability for them (as well as Verizon or Sprint) to get decent phones makes it a tough decision to leave AT&T (hence why I went back to AT&T for the 920 after 2 years with Verizon). If I do leave, I'll be making sure to cancel the service in-person, to let them know that their inability to offer Qi charging and Data Sense is the reason.

I bought the 1520 not realizing it had PMA instead of QI. Wow, that was a bad mistake. PMA is terrible. Once you put the case on you have to take it back off immediately or you can't charge the phone with a cord. Or buy ten charging stations to lay around everywhere. Huge hassle. I won't be buying another phone with PMA.

Not due for an upgrade....might as well wait for the 1520's heir apparent. Why pay out the nose now? What's frustrating though, is if I wanted an iPhone, AT&T would be tripping over themselves to give me close to a full early upgrade.

Won't leave att so I'll wait to see in a few months what WP brings like the 1520 but to remove qi....kinda sucks but I'm open for what ever is better but from what I've read...qi is ahead of the game vs pma

I'm tempted but I have
two months before an upgrade so I'll be waiting a while and see what happens at WMC

I think this phone is great, I just cannot use a phone this big- literally. I've got one thumb. It would take a smaller keyboard + a virtual mouse/touchpad in the corner for me to be able to use this comfortably.

Lack of qi doesn't bother me- I knew we would be able to manually hack it in, and wasn't there a guide for that just last week?

I have the 32 GB one only down side to it is I had to get black when I was dying to get a red one but after a few weeks I got over it ... I get why everyone is upset over the nano sim and it would be cool to still use my 520 or 900 but it's the same situation when we had to go from regular sim to micro sim

I'm happy with my 16GB version and a 32GB micro SD card. I have no need for another 16GB on Windows Phone devices. On Android I did torrents, custom roms, emulators and roms, music, video, the whole 9. On WP8 I do music, pictures (which adds up with the resolution of the 1520), and some games and emulators. Not nearly as much stuff goes on my WP because I actually like to keep it simple. Maybe if a file explorer comes in 8.1 I'll want that extra 16GB but then I could just get a 64GB card and call it a day.

Its soo worth it. I have the 1520 16 GB . I love it ,but  I'd love more storage for Apps. Color and Wireless Charging will become minor my friends. I'm gonna look into switching up to the 32 GB , All they can say is no..lol

Just got mine Saturday, missing Qi kinda sucks but the phone and the 32 GB make up for it in a big way, key word being BIG. And just got my 16gb SD card in the mail today. IM SET!

I wish I could trade up for the 32gb 1520. I hate having to delete games. I wish Microsoft let you use the sdcard. I have 64gbs

No Qi is a no go for me... I have the 1020 and added the Qi charger cover. Now I can't find a gel case to cover the 1020 & charger plate...

I have the Red 16gb L1520 with a 64gb class 10 SD card. I thought I'd miss using any one of my 3 wireless charging pads but the battery life of this beast is beastly. I did change my lock screen code to numbers all on the left side of the numerical keypad so I didn't need two thumbs to unlock it. I'd find it hard to go to a smaller screen, that's for sure.

Not even close, I would charge my 920 2-3 times a day, my 1520, I take it off the charger at 6:30 am and put it back on when I go to bed usually around 11 or 12 at night

How is Qi considered wireless? Will your phone charge with you walking thru a room using it??? NO!!! YOU HAVE TO CONNECT YOUR PHONE TO A QI CHARGER. WTF... THAT'S NOT WIRELESS AND IT'S USELESS. Plugging into a cord or placing on a pad are both connected.

It is wireless because you don't have to plug a cable into it to make it work. I have ruined quite a few portable devices (phones, GPS, MP3 players, etc.) over the last 15 years because of failed USB connectors on the device. Sometimes you grab the device to go not realizing it is plugged in, or you are driving and swerve to avoid an accident and the device gets ripped from the cable, or sometimes it just wears out from normal use... it just happens.

But with a wireless charger there is no chance of that happening. No more fumbling about in the dark to figure out which direction the cable goes. No more worries about kids or animals ripping the USB cable out. It just works with a nice slow charge that is kind to the battery.

I hear you but that's not really wireless. It's still physically connected. There's just no male to female connector. Qi is basically 2 male connectors laying on each other.

Actually, you can get a battery-powered Qi charging plate, so Qi is not inherently wired. I can put my charger in my pocket with my phone and it charges while I walk around.

So can you have the Qi in your pocket with the phone to your head and it charge? If you have to make a physical connection you just have a portable battery. Not a wireless charger. A Bluetooth headset is wireless. Because there's NO PHYSICAL CONNECTION.

I have the Australian 32gb with qi wireless in white, its a very responsive and quick device with awesome screen but after months I still can't get used to the size and have since gone back to my 1020 and 920 for daily use, Iam waiting for the international icon 5" device which I think will be the perfect size especially with the hardware footprint around the same size as the 4.5" lumias. Is there any info about an international icon/929 device?

I got the Thailand 32 GB with Qi wireless charging in yellow, too! It's pretty good for me, and I think that my Lumia 920 is very small now!

I don't think the nano SIM is an issue unless you have another phone with a spring loaded SIM slot. I ruined a GS4 GPE with a sim adapter.

I like to get one but my provider here in canada use HSPA+ on the AWS 1700/2100 Mhz and I'm shure that the AT&T don't have those frequancy... but nice phone...

I got the 16GB version of the 1520 with AT&T and the 32 GB version doesn't really appeal to me. My files and pictures are on a 64GB SD Card and on my Sky drive pro, wireless charging was great on my 920, but is absolutely not needed on my 1520. I have not even come close to worry about battery at the end of the day, so all I do is plug it in overnight. I will keep what I have until the next version of a 6 inch phone. Once you are used to that big screen, there is no way to ever go back to anything smaller.

Charging all nights (whole night plugged) doesnt it affect the battery life? I have the Note 2 and since new i always charged over night. Now it has 1 year and 3 months and battery life is not the same. It needs replacement.
Im still thinking wich one i will buy next. The Note 3 or the 1520.
Be gentle with me. Lol. Its my first post.
Greetings from Portugal.

With 5 Qi charging plates, I'm not switching to PMA. I bought the 16GB AT&T model, kept it for several days, and returned it after deciding that I missed Qi too much. I ordered the RM-937 to get the extramemory and Qi. I'm on Wi-Fi most of the time so I can live without LTE speeds, particularly since it appears that LTE is tightly capped in my area (presumably because of insufficient radio spectrum for the popularity of AT&T here).

Yes, that's what I typically get around Philadelphia. The status bar will show H+. I think that if I travel overseas, it'll say L for LTE. The older data network indicators are G, E, and 3G.

I have WiFi pretty much everywhere I go, and between my wife and I we rarely use more than 500MB of data. I would much rather get the international version of the 1520 with Qi charging and give up the LTE bands as I would pretty much never use them anyways. And if ATT remains stubborn on neutering a phone because of a wireless charging standard and I have to pay full price anyways, then I will happily take my business elsewhere.
Wireless charging and the camera are what sold me on the L920, and there is not a chance I will go backwards and get a phone without the option (or require a silly back plate to make it possible).

I needed the red 1520 I'm tired of matte black and white. Plus I managed to have over 19 gigs left on my 32gb and now I have my 16gb + 64gb SD it is more than enough

Do you sync playlists and photos? Any issues seeing your playlist after a reboot? Duplicates in your photos/music?

Having experienced disappearing playlists/photos using my microSD card...I'd prefer to have the 32GB size 1520. Still enjoy my 1520, but all I store on the SD card now are my movies and videos.

I used a 1520 for a couple of days.

It's big, beautiful and very useful.  Sorta pocketable depending what kind of pants you wear.  I like to wear alot of workout pants and it felt like the weight was pulling them down.

What didn't sit well with me was the fact that i have very big hands and still while using it right handed only, i struggled to reach the back  button with my thumb.  Something i do quite often with my 920.

Regardless of the amount of memory, that's not changing.

I have the 32gb version in Australia. I'll never buy another phone with less storage than that. And with no wireless charging... Forget it.

Can someone tell me why us T-mobile users have to suffer and keep watching these windows phones go to some other carrier? Hey Wiindows Phone Central can you wake these people up???

Nope, got the larger than 5 inch phone thing out of my system with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2.  I think 5" is the sweet spot, although I like my Lumia 925, not as much as my Moto x but I like it.  

For 50 bucks, a 16 gig upgrade is a good start, and sounds like a pretty good deal. Lets not reinvent the wheel, gentlemen. Add a qi and it'd be perfect!

If they didn't remove the Qi charging and it was natively running on T-Mobile, then I would be all over it.

But, AT&T has lost me as a customer. I am just waiting for the next release of a good phone with T-Mobile.

While it makes the phone now a possibility to me, since i have the 920 and would not step down in storage, I would much rather wait and see what Mobile World Congress has in store out of the Nokia/Microsoft camp, especially with Windows Phone 8.1 around the corner.

Anyways, nice device and i came across the article from gadgetride.com, which is comparision review. It has its own unique features.

This really looks a good device. I have the Note 2 and its time to make a change. The Note 3 to me seems a good smartphone but not much diferent from the Note 2. The 1520 looks awsome. Dont know how much bigger in a Day by Day usage will be compared to the Note 2.
Greetings from Portugal.

The 1520's phone specs with Qi charging, longer battery life and the 1020's camera specs (or better) and I'll give up my 1020. Until then, I've got too much invested in accessories (and the 1020 is just *that* good ;) )...that and I need MS to support more than pix and music on the SD card...

I wouldn't mind having one if I could swap my 16 and a little cash for it. It won't matter at all once apps to SD becomes available though. The color of darkness is my chosen color so that's not an issues for me. I prefer PMA wireless over iQ so that's not an issue. I have no intention of going back to an older device, most new devices will use Nano SIM so that's not an issue. If the price was right I would make the switch.

they're never going to win over the masses if they keep putting such low space inside with no micro sd slots, even with micro sd, 16GB is too small, people will look elsewhere.

I just went from the 920 to a 32gb 1520 and love it. I only wish that ATT had the 32gb model in colors other than black. Most phones are black and I try to be unique but I wasn't going to downgrade my memory so black it is. This device is simply amazing. Free Sims from att corporate stores btw...

What I hate is the fact that we can't install apps to the SD, same shit happens on the freaking surface RT, 32gb's and only 16 usable????? And I can't install apps or programs on a SD neither, BULLSHIT

I would jump all over it if T-Mo would carry it.  Before people jump down my throat, I already know about exclusivity.  But I have an ignorant hope that more WP8 chatter in the interwebs directed to T-Mo might get them to take the platform more seriously.  Hell, 520 was a huge hit for them and 925 is very highly rated for them.

I bought a Lumia 1520 from ebay.....international version factory unlocked - comes with 32GB + SD card + Qi Wireless and it is working perfectly with T-Mobile ...why the heck should I buy one from AT&T..not worth it



Not if it doesn't have Qi. I'll never forgive Nokia for throwing us to the sharks on that. The amount of $ I put in thinking Nokia was in Qi for the long haul... They deserved to fail.

"Hit store shelves just a short while ago..." So is it being sold in AT&T stores now or is it still online-only?

But to answer the question, I liked Qi wireless charging for a while when I got my 920 but now I don't mind going back to charging with a cable. The main reason is because I can't keep using my phone while it's charging. It's a nice convenience nonetheless and would still like it as an option but it's not a deal-breaker for me. Neither is the SIM card issue. 6" screen, an extra row of tiles, AND 32GB? I am sold.

Ug, 32gb should be the base with the upgrade to 64gb offered. SD doesn't cut it b/c apps are now getting so big they are taking the majority of memory.

Given the size of the 1520 I was originally thinking that 64gb should be base with 128gb as the "S" model. Then they came out with 16gb and i just swiped to the next article.

I've been using the HTC one since launch but ever since the Lumia 920, I've wanted to buy a Lumia and I've been especially tempted by the 1520.

Black 32GB w/o QI?  Seriously?  That's the only choice?  That's the best you can do AT&T?  Wow.

What really frosts me is that they dropped Qi in favor of PMA and then DIDN'T BUILD PMA INTO THE PHONE.  It's like a boat manufacturer telling you how good their boat will be with a motor, but not including the motor and not including rows.