Test your piloting skills in Indian Air Force's official combat simulation game


The Indian Air Force has released an official combat simulation game called Guardians that gives players an insight into the life of fighter jet pilot. The game features a training mode in which players get acquainted with the controls of a Sukhoi SU 30, a twin-engine two-seater fighter jet commonly used by the Indian Air Force during combat missions.

Here are some of the main features of the game:

  • Very Realistic Mission Profiles
  • Highly detailed aircraft models and other assets
  • Featuring fighters, transport and helicopter aircraft of the IAF
  • Easy to learn training mission for new flyers
  • Ten Operational Missions featuring various IAF roles
  • Advanced air combat depictions with modern air to air and air to ground weapons
  • Uncluttered Head Up Display optimized to display relevant information
  • Optimized for low to medium end smartphones
  • First mobile game to be officially based on the Indian Air Force

Once players are familiar with the controls, the game proceeds to the mission stage, which involves a war between India and a fictional country called Zaruzia. The ten missions featured in the game involve operational profiles that real pilots in the Indian Air Force are tasked with, and include several aircraft in the IAF fleet like the Sukhoi SU 30, M2000, Tejas, Phalcon AWACS, C130, Mi 17, Mi 35 and ALH Dhruv.

The free game is scheduled to receive a multiplayer update in the coming month which lets six players to engage in combat at the same time.

Interested? Download the free game from the link below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

QR Guardians

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Test your piloting skills in Indian Air Force's official combat simulation game


It looks awful on the website, too. It looks like someone took a two-color image and saved it as a jpeg instead of a gif.

Kind of a noob mistake, I think. :)

I like that I get the qr code displayed in my phone now, so if I was so inclined I could scan the screen of one phone from another.

And this one is a hard slap on face of ppl who says why ppl in WPC always comments about India... This is the answer...

Sorry but I don't understand your comment. I was under the impression that the amount of bullshit posts from Indian users was because they were bored rich spoilt brats living off mom and dad, who had nothing better to do with their overprivelaged lives

With the IAF backing WP...shame on Nokia and Microsoft for introducing Nokia X in India. Shame.

If Nokia lost fans, that is only because they didn't come up with a real Android phone like what their fans were expecting..... We may not like IT. But IT is the fact.

I was also a NokiaFanBoy but it all ended when I got the Lumia710 it had a lot of hardware problems in starting.

I'm a Nokia fanboy since my very first phone, and I've never expected, or wanted Nokia to release any Android phones...

If it lost fans wp would never have seen its no. Rise...heck wp wudnt exist in the proper sense without nokia and its fanpeople....i can say this because i am one...and will be...

I second you in this.... Windows phone got this position only because of Nokia and not the way around.... At least in India.

Samsung sells cheap phones I would better take a phone with less features if it guarantees me enough protection...

Engineers??? Nah... Our country has too much of it... Indian Army and Navy should do the same...

I think a lot of members of WPC are kids only......I had a dream of becoming combat pilot. And maybe I will try once for IAF.

Downloaded few mins back after seeing a forum post, I liked the game so far. Really amazing game.I love the graphics and the sounds and the voice commands of course! :P :)

I love bing !! Sometime its better than google like its image search and videos search !! Guess what ?? Bing is free to use and if you love there is really no obstacle for you to use it ! If you wanna use just go ahead and use it ! Don't look for ways to get free things !! I'm not saying there is something wrong in using bing rewards but saying I'll switch over to bing only if I get bing rewards is retard !!

Being a combat pilot was my dream when I was in lower classes and it would always be cool to have game like this and that too official game from IAF.

No... But a really good initiative by IAF for young aspiring children giving them the proper motivation...

Same here..love this 512 MB support banner haha....yesterday NDA result was out....anyone here took the exam and got selected?

True, they can't make as polished games as the other around the world developers. Same goes with their animation skills.

Looking at the size of the game just 39MB... It is one of the realistic and graphic rich game on Android... Just suppose what could this game would have been if it had been enormous like 900MB like that of Asphalt 8...

Look you missed my point: Saying Android instead of Windows phone, I didn't mean anything against the graphic and so on, it's just the content

it should be written like that...of course...it just landed on this platform. why will they write "on windows phone"?

Yes, looking amazing.. Control are bit hard to learn, but once you learnt its a fun to play.. By the way its from Indian Air force, so its free.. They try to encourage youngsters to make a career in IAF

Too bad India can't compete with China where it really matters.


Creating instead of buying/leasing tech from Russia

India also create their own, though still in this department we have to work.. We, Indians are not far behind at least in defense area..

China has superior long range missiles which can hit any target in India.
India still struggling to gain parity after decades. No stealth tech and definitely no indigenous fighter aircraft program.
Too bad your defence leaders have their head stuck in the sand playin catch up.

India just recently made a missile of 5000 km range which can easily reach in any of area china.. Check on internet.. I forget the name , may be Prithvi...

Ever heard about LCA Tejas ? China has ripped off missiles and fighter jets unlike India. Your navy doesn't even have proper aircraft carrier. We have 2, and gonna have 1 home made soon. New government is vastly interested in defense projects and also approved FDI upto 49%. I hope we don't indulge in any military issues, it would be bad for both countries.

Its because India do not invest in weapon research programs like USA or USSR... We have the nuclear power what else would you want???

Correct me If I am wrong, India just launched a new Aircraft Carrier made in India taking total to two Aircraft Carriers while China has only one given to them by Russia.

Instead of buying from the UK, HAL in India are building their own Hawks at the moment and knocking one out every 50 days, putting us to shame. We set up the infrastructure and passed the savings back to the Indian govt so they can use a local workforce.

Don't be ridiculous, I'm not an aeroplane dealer. I just work for the company that makes the Hawk aircraft, ergo am privy to certain information. And expect an upgrade to this flight sim app when India upgrade their Su fleet :¬)

thats because china has way more man power than any other country in the world...india has high population but very less manpower

Are you telling about the place you live... Because in my area atleast where I reside is not like yours... Take care of your health mate...

And where do you live, where old Parents are left in old age homes. Where second or third marriage is usual thing. (By the way I am also speculating)

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Also, your society seems to do bugger all about stopping the gang raping of women...

Every society has problems...yes. But India has social problems, and then some!!
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MOST game support 512 MB you only don't know them cause SOME of the big games aren't supporting it such as mortal combat 5. Ppl always say cool it supports 512, but it is not very often that they don't

Being an air combat game fan, I'm truly happy something like this comes to WP. And now I can finally fly a Su-30 in a game, the best fighter my country's air force is using. (Indonesia)

512MB support, great graphics....free, & only 39MB in size?
What magic potion is this dev drinking?!
Good stuff

This aint a flight simulator. It's an arcade game for lil kids.

Calling it a flight simulator is like calling a Tata a Mercedes Formula 1 car.

Roflmao, the masses are so easily pleased and so eager to jump up and down.

Flight simulator what a joke but I guess that sums up the IAF

I've been waiting for this moment all my life now please pay for your purchase and get out...... Come again

This is awesome! It could be the closest thing we get to sky gamblers or whatever it's called on ios.

Why cause you buy second string Russian planes. Roflmao,
China laughing pretty hard as well.

Guys i have downloaded the game...while playing the game takeoff is fine....but am unable to take it down for landing....!!!!!