TV network MBC launches Shahid Windows Phone app in the Middle East


The television network in the Middle East, MBC has launched an app on the Windows Phone platform. Already available on the Apple iPad, it's noted the network does not currently have solutions loaded on iPhone or Android. Nokia has seemingly struck a deal to have the app launched on Windows Phones. Good news if you reside in the region and rock a smartphone running Microsoft's OS.

MBC viewers can browse favourite TV shows with the Shahid app (www.shahid.net), the leading TV catch-up service in the MENA region. Free and exclusive content from all MBC channels are included, as well as Al Hayat, Dream TV, and more. 

Vithesh Reddy, General Manager, Nokia Lower Gulf had the following to say on the announcement:

"The introduction of the first-ever Shahid.net app for smartphones through the Nokia Lumia with Windows 8 platform meets a growing demand in this region. Internet and smartphone penetration is rapidly increasing in the Middle East, as is the popularity of Arabic television, whether that is locally-produced or foreign dubbed shows. As a result, there is significant need for mobile Arabic TV such as the Shahid.net app that provide this content in an easy and accessible format on a smartphone." 

With the Shahid app, you'll be able to take full advantage of viewing previous episodes of shows, not being tied to broadcasting guides and times, and being able to access supported shows from all over the world. You can download Shahid from the Windows Phone Store (available for Windows Phone 8 devices only).

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TV network MBC launches Shahid Windows Phone app in the Middle East


Thought that the app was available for a while now, actually I had it for about 3 weeks
Still great to see some good apps here on WP

It's weird I thought no one cares lol!
But yeah it's been there for a while, along with their other app for TV schedules and stuff!

Actually, as a verb it means "to watch". The word "shahid" translates into "witness" when it's used as a noun (the reason for this meaning is because the witness "watched" the crime happen).
Anyway, in this use it's a verb, which makes perfect sense since it's an app "to watch" your favourite shows on !

I was shocked when saw Shahid.net app at first time. Because I know it was exclusive to iPad. I watch anything on my iPad but it's nice to have it on my htc8x so the kids can play the iPad.

I can't believe it... I can finally watch this show I seen on Tv... Hate advertisements and being downstairs watching with family. Now that all my English tv shows are finish (Other than Dexter and Lost Girl) i can start watching this funny new show that i don't know the name of it (Since i can't read Arabic, but totally understand it) On MBC1 ~ Here from the Uk thanks rich for the info