Unexpected: Lumia 830 in Nokia's pipeline?

Leaks are coming from China, that Nokia might have yet another Lumia device up its sleeves. In the picture above, you are seeing what's claimed to be "Lumia 830".

You might have thought 820 is the successor to 710, as the new mid-range device in the family.

But apparently that is misconception. According to Chinese sources, although slightly shorter in the naming number, 820 seems to be a little bit higher positioned than 830. So, the succession of Lumia devices is now like this:

Lumia 610 -> Lumia 510

Lumia 710 -> Lumia 830

Lumia 800 -> Lumia 820

Lumia 900 -> Lumia 920

820 and 830 fighting for the same niche, just like 800 and 900 used to. This sounds awkward.

And... so far there's very little known about the innard of this Lumia 830. It will come in five colors (as shown in the picture), but no spec sheet for now.

By the way. Anyone feeling this phone looking a bit HTC-ish?

Source: Dospy;  Via: WPDang


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Unexpected: Lumia 830 in Nokia's pipeline?


How am I suppose to buy a phone with all these leaks so close together. What if there's a 930 leaked next week. 

Well said. That's precisely what's keeping me from buying a Lumia 800 and 900. Today I'm still living with a HD7 with almost fried WiFi antenna. Gotta buy the 920 no matter what....

When Elop said Nokia is going "aggressive", I liked the spirit but was also worried something like this would happen. 900 pissing off 800 users and 920 pissing off 900 users. Maybe it is necessary ( ? ) because they are so behind but it also gives a finger to loyal customers. 
From this pace I'm guessing a Lumia 1000 is on for a Summer release. It's a dead spiral so I'm getting a 920 too no matter what lol. 

i really want the 920 now but i bet the 950 or 1000 or whatever will be much lighter, maybe i should wait til christmas

too funny :) Nokia will hopefully focus on the new devices that they have just released to the public. I wonder if we cant say that the 710 was succeeded by the 820 and the 800 will be succeeded by this 830?

Well said. That's precisely what's keeping me from buying a Lumia 800 and 900. Today I'm still living with a HD7 with almost fried WiFi antenna. Gotta buy the 920 no matter what....

Wow.  I just wish that a Nokia falgship would come to Verizon.  Don't get me wrong, I'm eyeing a red 8X as my next phone but I'd kinda like to have the "Drive" maps on my phone so a Nokia flagship would be nice. 

I pre ordered my 920 from att this morn.  was super excited until I saw that it won't be here until the 14th.  I could have walked into the store on the 9th and picked one up.  Thanks once again AT&T

I think they just don't have them in stock yet, not online nor in store. If stores can get them this Friday, our orders should ship tmrw.

I think only the yellow ships out on Monday for the 14th. The rest of the colors deilver on Friday. Cyan and Yellow are online only i think.

oh cmoon nokia, i'm still waiting for my 920 as its arriving in november 22 here in finland. and allready a new one?

Technically it was originally a Nokia design that HTC bit, so no it does not look HTCish. But damn this making it tough for me to choose now! :(

Lumia 510 runs WP 7.5 not 8... so how can it be a succesor??? and yes Lumia 610 has not been discontinued... Lumia 510 is launched as an entry-level windows phone to attract the Android customers from buying the Low-End Galaxy Series phones from Samsung...

No sir, this does not look like HTCopy at all. HTC looks like a Lumia, as mentioned before. And this is by no means unexpected, it was super expected that Nokia would release a smaller and thinner WP8-model in addition to the recent larger ones. Nokia knows their phonemaking, expect them to offer a wide portfolio during 2013.

Oh come on... With that logic, all the recent iPhones "looks like Android devices". N9 was the first, then Lumia 800. This is following 100% Nokia's fabula design language, and HTC has nothing to do with it. Only that they have copied it as much as they can.

I disagree with the 800->820 suggestion.  The 800 was the premium device (as was the 900.  The 820 is the mid-range device - missing some of the key features (namely the OIS camera), so more of a successor to the 710.
It would be great if the 830 was the 820 with OIS!  I'd certainly go for that device, especially with a wireless charging back attached. It would be nice to see the higher res screen too, but for me that's not such a big deal in a mobile...  It makes sense to have lower res, smaller screens as co-premium devices sharing all the features other than a larger, higher res screen.  Some of us want smaller devices, not bigger!

While the internal hardware and screen weren't as nice, I still like the 710 design over any other Lumia device. Once 4" HD screens are common I really hope they bring back that design.

Maybe it is the one for Sprint? Weren't they supposed to get into WP8 game early next year which would make this leak to mark the start of production for the device. I guess that only time will tell, but I wouldn't go as long as say that there is any "confusion" on the matter, rather it is Nokia playing by the US rules and serving the rest of the globe with unified product range that is fairly coherent.
Also, it could be that this time around we have to wait for the Lumia 7xx series a bit longer for there is no niche to cover with that. Of course one could argue that on the first wave Lumia 800 and 900 were exactly the same but I guess this had more to do with innate limitations of WP7 than with Nokia's lack of clarity in their product pipeline.

For me is:

- no antecessor -> Lumia 510
- Lumia 610 -> Lumia 620 (to be announced, the Zune like, The Verge reported this)
- Lumia 710 -> Lumia 720 (to be announced, The Verge reported this)
- Lumia 800 -> Lumia 810/820/822/830
- Lumia 900 -> Lumia 910/920...

IMHO there's no true 710 successor (yet)... Remember, the 710 was basically a $250-300 device (in Canada at least), but it had the same internal specs as the Lumia 800 and 900. A true 710 successor would need to remain in that price range, or max out at $350 but it needs to pack the same dual-core CPU and 1GB memory.

I misread the title as announcing a leaked 930, which would certainly upset myself and many other 920 owners.

i was initally in favor of the naming convention chosen by Nokia. A three-digit number that tells how "advanced" a phone is. However it's getting complicated down the road:  A Lumia 900 is NOT better than a Lumia 820 despite having a larger number. The former is a wp7 device and the latter a dual-core wp8 device. IF SOMEONE IN NOKIA IS READING THIS PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING A LETTER NEXT TO THE NUMBER TO INDICATE THE GENERATION TOO. for example Lumia 900a, Lumia 820b. That way there might be a direct successor to the lumia 900a, the lumia 900b

Only problem with your lettering idea is that it could cause more confusion for some. It could appear that a "B" phone is inferior to an "A" phone.
But you're right, the number naming thing is getting a bit confusing.

Please let the 922 or something come to verizon or something. Let some good Nokia phone go to sprint. Sigh if only. 

if Nokia actually named it that way, they've got some serious naming issues... i was kind of hoping to see a 720 to buy for my dad tbh

That looks gorgeous. If the 920 looked like that it would have been game over. lol
This should have been Nokia's flagship, not the 710 replacement.

Maybe the 830 is a variant to the 810, 820 and 822, but for Sprint.  One can hope Sprint eventually gets a Lumia.

There is a complete lack of physical buttons on the side of the handset... does that mean anything?

The phone looks good. It looks more close to the unibody design of the Lumia. That's what I like about it. Its pretty neat. But I bet it'll be exclusive to at&t.

I might have to wait too long to buy a Windows 8 Phone, seems no mid range is available, may be 830 might be it...
8/16 GB
WVGA [I like longer battey life]
Gorilla Glass
MMC Slot
- Definitely 920 is a monster in its class but Im more concerned about Battery, thus I go mid-range...

As long as it a Windows Phone; the need to make the buttons where it is; because it part of Microsoft design of the Windows Phone!

Hope it comes as a 710 successor, a 720 or something. Guess there are enough variants for the Lumia 8xx series already (820,822,810). Anyways let's wait and see...

I like the all glass front and the ultra slim look of the 830.  It will sell a lot base on the look itself!