Unexpected reaction from losing "Blown away by Lumia" contestant's girlfriend

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Nokia has been aggressively marketing their Lumia Windows Phone family of devices, and it was only the other day that we reported on Samsung publicly announcing they believe the "Blown away by Lumia" challenges (much like Smoked by Windows Phone) being ran by the Finnish manufacturer in India are unethical.

Today we've come across another challenge recorded on film and the reaction of the losing contestant's girlfriend is particularly surprising (see below). Notice at the end when she asks both the host and her boyfriend if they can now leave where she throws in the closing comment that his smartphone is a "worthless Piece of s&^t". 

What do you make of the above video? Hats off to Nokia for not editing it, should it be real of course.

Source: Youtube, via: MyNokiaBlog; thanks Rohit for the heads up!


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Unexpected reaction from losing "Blown away by Lumia" contestant's girlfriend


Need to add a cracking whip sound effect to video. That guy probably has more serious problems than his phone right now :)

Dont care about the vids..
I am just wondering why the label "Blown Away by Nokia Lumia" was given for the contest for a Middle Eastern Country...

wait what? that is news to me...
So pakistan isnt in the middle east? they are neighbors...

Yep. Pakistan is considered part of the Indian subcontinent. However, I can't believe someone made the connection between "blown away" and Indians. Terrible...

Yes, never said Pakistan was in the Middle East - merely said India does border it, so the guy obviously has seen a map.

You must be American with geography like that. No offense to Americans who actuall know their geography.. but that was just ignorant beyond everything. 
These countries are considered 'Middle Eastern' http://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/middle-east/map_of_middle-east.jpg
And just because they are neighbours (Pakistan isn't considered a Middle Eastern Country anyways) doesn't mean that it automatically becomes Middle Eastern?
Logic: Iran borders Afghanistan - Middle Eastern. Afghanistan borders Pakistan - Middle Eastern. Pakistan Borders India - Middle Eastern. India Borders China - Middle Eastern. China Borders Russia - Middle Eastern. I could go on, but /Rant over. 

Are you serious? Pakistan and India is middle-east? You need to go out and see the world. Seriously.

Please everyone, here is the answer, India and Pakinstan are both in asia, but it's called south east asian region.
Middle east is ALSO in ASIA, it's just in the Middle east part of Asia.

You're wrong. Indian subcontinent is 'South Asia' not 'SE Asia'. SE Asia is usually Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and few more countries.
Middle east is called as 'middle east' not because it's in middle east of 'Asia', it's geographically 'middle east' of western countries. Geographically, 'middle east' is actually the south western part of Asia.
I don't know how hard for people is opening Google Maps or Bing Maps and understand the basic geography of the world (5th grader subject) we're living in. Sigh.

No surprise, except that the girl must have taken it really hard for her to throw a tantrum over the loss. That video just reminds me of how some people can be sore losers when they lost. :p

Lol!  She's not controlling; she just wants her man to be Alpha.  He just got embarrassed (and by another man, at that) and embarrassed over something that she already discussed with him as being substandard.  And now it's being blasted all over the internet!!!
If only he had listened to her :) 
Oh well, now she doesn't need a reason to dump him; probably best for both of them anyway :(

You could say its scripted but what script calls for cursing over a phone?
For those who do not know, when these challenges are recorded there are usually multiple cameras on site to record the action so thats why you see different angles.
It seems like its scripted becabut that is gold right there.

Looks real. Seems like they have argued over the phone before and she took this opportunity to rub it in by saying "I told you your phone was a piece of s h i t!!!". He looked pretty embarrassed too.

assuming it's real, because even if you try to fake an ad you won't have them cursing in it.
She probably had to wait around with him for their turn (or even worse, he dragged her over there so he could win some money) and being the smarter gender, she probably figured out Nokia won't be doing this if there phones weren't better than his.

He probably paid alot of money for it and his gf was like I van believe you spend so much money on this piece of sht .. So she just rubbed it in when he lost

The woman is nuts and he should dump her. Why would she care so much about such a trivial matter? I hope he just walked away and never looked back, but something tells me he's gonna go back to her and apologize like a wuss.

Lot of android and iPhone can smoke windows phone at certain tasks..do people really buy this smoked campaign? Every OS has pros and cons.

Instead of holding a sign saying your phone got Smoked or Blown Away, she should just stand next to them and "your phone is a piece of shit". She can be part of Rolling Thunder!!!

LOL; like that Frank's RedHot hot sauce commercial played on TV and radio in the USA where the old lady says, I put that s**t on everything"; it's bleeped out, but funny and effective. Check out YouTube to see the commercial.

My best guess is that he's been obsessive about his phone, and she's been pissed off about it. Then she's been all, "You never pay attention anymore, you always have your nose in your stupid #&@%ing phone!"

Then he's all "Whatever."

Then he gets "Blown Away by Nokia Lumia" and her comment at the end is what you get. From her tone it sounds like their relationship's strained to say the least. There's likely a multitude of factors here, but I'll have to side with her, since she made me literally lul.

Anyone feel like this *could* be scripted? 

Point in Case: Samsung has been complaining that Nokia are targetting them. So Nokia responds with this - Where someone 'neutral' say's specifically that the phone which is a Samsung is a POS. If it is scripted, that's hilarious and great thinking outside the box by Nokia. 
If it's not, it's hilarious to all hell. 

Not sure why so many are talking about dumping seems to me they need to be in a real relationship.

The most likely scenario imo...

Man buys expensive phone girlfriend not happy with how he spends his money.

Man takes challenge expecting his wonderful phone to win

Man loses

Women tells him like it is.

And man probably promised girlfriend he would buy her something with the money he was going to get by winning the challenge.

Lol.. Poor guy...
and PEOPLE , why all the hate thing going on in here. ??? Just don't respond to comments that offends you. Best way to silence the person who posted the comment.. Just chip and relax...

Ahh I laugh every time I watch it. I think its real, or incredibly well scripted: at 0:14 you can see her roll here eyes when he starts to brag about the phone's 8M camera. Then you can see how embarassed he was when he had to say to phone was "blown away" by windows phone. it's just classic either way. 

I'm pretty sure it's scripted. The last scene by the girlfriend doesn't look like it's real at all imo. She isn't the best of actors either.

Come on girl, show your man some respect! No need to rub it in. However, I doubt she knew it would go public like this, let alone be published on popular websites.

Well, he seemed really proud of his phone and his "8-megapixel camera", which is probably expensive in an country as India and now he just got his top of the notch phone blown away. And yes, his pride was crancked and the girl didn't like him making a fool of himself. I mean, I told you so, idiot.... That seems to be her line of thought :)

I guess he bet that he can win this challenge, probably to impress her. 
However, i don't know why but the guy and gal feel like paid actors. Their expressions are not natural. 

Rolling Thunder has started!!! Ben the PC Guy must be laughing his ass off. Look at what I started.

Ofcourse they do. Consumers believe Apple products are perfect and infallible. They showed their supposed superiority with their Mac vs PC commercials; they stopped those after Windows 7 launched and curiously when Macs were being infected by malware, which could never happen to a Mac.

Bottom line, I would drop her ass if this isn't a joke as she comes off as shallow and moronic losing her damn mind over a phone. Let my wife act like this in public and it will be known where she can shove the POS phone, lol