New Alzheimer's and dementia care project powered by Unreal Engine 4 and Microsoft's Kinect

Alzheimers Project

There are two serious illnesses affecting elderly around the world – Alzheimer's and dementia. While cures would be the perfect option for patients suffering from said cognitive diseases, until research and science combine to produce such results, we're left with technology attempting to make lives that bit more bearable.

The Forest Project utilizes the Unreal Engine 4, Smart-enabled TVs and Microsoft Kinect 2 to create an immersive experience in the form of virtual worlds. 

As well as helping patients with temporary reprieves, the technology also aims to help improve overall care by providing support teams with simulation to better understand how their patients see the world. The developers are currently running crowdfunding to reach a goal of AU$90,000 and further improve the project with beach or Christmas-themed environments.

Opaque Multimedia (www.opaquemultimedia.com) is working with Alzheimer's Australia Vic (www.fightdementia.org.au/victoria) on the Virtual Dementia Experience (VDE). Be sure to check out respective websites for more information.

The developers will be at the Game Developer's Conference this week, so we could well see more details be revealed for future plans and whatnot. Want to help out? Donate what you can to the project to see it further develop.

via: Engadget; thanks, Laura, for the tip!


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New Alzheimer's and dementia care project powered by Unreal Engine 4 and Microsoft's Kinect


Definitely going to donate to this, I'm sure almost everyone at some point has had a loved one suffer from one of these illnesses. Anything that may help ease things is good in my book.

Donated, i know some colleagues and family members who have been taken by these illnesses... Not nice at all, wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Alzheimer is so scary... I would better die(pfft) then have such illness(pfft) and let my family members see how i get "different"

Really scary shit, i really hope there will be a way in the future to completely prevent this shit, jesus christ im scared after watching this video

Honestly Microsoft should just move ahead and give them the money and the support. I've seen the Kinect being more useful in medicine and science than it has ever been in videogames. Perhaps it would be better to just take it from the Xbox (thus lowering the price) and direct it towards the areas where it can actually make a good impact for both people and Microsoft itself.