US Cellular throws its support behind Windows Phone 8

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US Cellular has informed PCMag that they are looking forward to Windows Phone 8, which will play a major part of the carrier's lineup. The carrier currently holds a single Windows Phone - the HTC 7 Pro. It's a positive sign to see the smaller US carriers positive announce their support for Microsoft's mobile platform.

"We believe in giving our customers the latest technology and device options and we are excited about the Windows 8 phone. It will be an important part of our device lineup going forward."

It's going to be exciting to see which Windows Phone 8 devices go where, and how the carriers play their part in the marketing and promotion of the platform. We're yet to hear anything from Sprint, which has the potential to disappoint loyal Sprint Windows Phone owners who are arguably amongst the most dedicated.

Source: PCMag, via: Engadget; thanks, Michael, for the tip!


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US Cellular throws its support behind Windows Phone 8


The good news here is that this is a CDMA network.
Assuming "major part of lineup" means more than one model, this suggests more choices for a ton of folks who can't really choose ATTMO for coverage reasons.

Ok, now you're confusing me, which one is it? Is it Windows 8 phone or Windows Phone 8.
Although you did mention WP 8 first, then w8p and then back to WP 8.

Well to be fair US Cellular said Windows 8 Phone but the post's author (Rich Edmonds) was consistent saying Windows Phone 8.

True, I just wonder since ms took a poll about what it should be called, if maybe it was just a mix up or just a hint to what it will truly be called by.

I'm not surprised.... With the ecosystem looking as strong as it does, it would be foolish not to support Win 8.

Here's an idea; let just all call it Windows 8 phone and maybe Microsoft will get the hint and change the name. Who's in?

I'd hate the name change just as much as I'd hate it if "ain't" became a formal standard word just because of usage.

All the carriers besides sprint are now all in for WP8. Shows how worthless they are and their network sucks too.

Btw, uscell no longer offers the the THC 7 pro. I got one on launch and love it. So they no longer have wps at all