Verizon Lumia 822 now receiving Black software update

It’s just after 1PM ET, so the flood gates are open for the Lumia Black firmware and Update 3 OS update. We just confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 822, a Verizon exclusive, is now getting that update.

To check, head into your phone’s Settings and select Phone Update > Check for Updates. Users should be on Wi-Fi to do the update, as it contains an OS and firmware update.

Verizon was kind enough to even highlight some new features in a PDF detailing the update:

Lumia 822 – Software Version 3051.40000.1352.0042

  • Driving mode turns off all device notifications with the option of setting text and phone calls to “on” while connected to a handsfree Bluetooth accessory
  • Windows Phone now supports new accessibility features to assist people by reading information that’s on their screen including text and controls for phone calls, messaging, email, contacts and more
  • Bing applications are now supported (includes Bing Finance, News, Sports and Weather) - Apps come pre-loaded for new users
  • Multitasking capabilities have been enhanced
  • Lock screen to portrait or landscape layout with Screen Orientation Lock
  • OS 10517
  • Lumia Black

In addition, Glance support with notifications should be present as well, making the 822 an even better, albeit underrated, Windows Phone.

There are a few more Lumia Black updates now available, so please stay tuned.

Read here for more on Update 3 and the Lumia Black updates. Need help? Head to our Lumia 822 support forums!


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Verizon Lumia 822 now receiving Black software update


i think the reason why it is taking tmobile so long is because of Wifi calling. They have the most customized version of the OS due to Wifi Calling and that is causing the delay. Wifi Calling as is on GDR2 is super buggy and they are probably adressing the issue in GDR3. It will come.

What does Verizon's business activities have to do with T-Mobile's business activities?
Posted from a Windows Phone, the Lumia 822.

May be they r still working on it if u want can take your app backup and go to the nokia care and update it offline. This late update happened to my 720 last time when updating amber

if its with them ,the service people, even we can get it using NSU for retail ... its stilll not available to anyone and hence the question...

Just like it was mentioned that Verizon wasn't realeasing Black for the 822. Keep sending emails and pushing T-Mobile to get it out. Threaten to take your business elsewhere, much easier when there's no contracts involved.

Neither does my 521. This is getting stupider by the day. I already have gdr3, give me black. Does anyone use WiFi calling? It still uses your minutes, just gives a better signal when 4g is weak.

That's why I prefer to buy phones from USA. If people complain about Verizon or AT&T, let's not talk about our carrier.

I feel the same way. Always mentioning the 920/928. 1020, even the 520, always feel left out. Post something about a mid range phone getting an update before their flagship phones and they freak out. We've had ours longer, you'll get yours.

Verizon is doing a pretty good job supporting their windows devices. However, brick & mortar stores are still mostly ignorant about them.

I'm downloading the update with no sim in and on wifi.  Taking a long time to install but I have a ton of apps installed.

So this is newsworthy but the same update for 928 also exclusive to Verizon last week isn't?

How'd you break tour screen? I drop mine constantly and nothing ever happens to it. Dropped on wood, concrete, steel, pavement. I do have a case, not a good one, just a snap hard shell case. I even show people I can drop my phone and nothing happens.

I managed to break my screen too, landed at the right angle on concrete i guess. $60 to replace the screen and it was worth it.

People sleep on the 822 but it was the first Lumia on big red and both teams jumped through hoops to get it released. I'm so glad I'll have the nokia cam. The update was downloaded and ready to go before I even checked WPcentral for the latest news today woo-hoo

Tweet Nokia, the Black Apps were also not immediately available when the 928 update released last week.

The font changes for Glance is to leave more room for the new Glance notifications and to reduce the battery usage of Glance on OMLED screens.

Umm.. why can't I download Nokia Beamer, Nokia Storyteller or Nokia Camera (non-beta)?  Per the Verizon update sheet, these should be available, yet none are available for my device when I go to the store... installed black and got nothing except glance screen improvements?

Tweet Nokia - the Black Apps were also late for the initial release of the 928 update last week.  They were available the next day - so check them later on.


I have freaking Lumia 521 from t-mobile -.- I am NOT gonna get anything from t-mobile EVER AGAIN!

Heck yeah mother trucker. Voiced my concerns to Verizon last week on twitter. Now I'll be thanking Verizon on twitter!

I kid you not, yesterday a user on reddit was telling me I should use the dev preview to update my 822 and I did... great timing right? Got GDR3 1 day before most 822 users, lol

Lock screen to portrait or landscape layout with Screen Orientation Lock? ?? ? Am I missing something here? I just updated and..... my lock screen stays on portrait.

Just finished installing my update. It took an hour and  fifty-two minutes to download and install. So far, everything seems fine.

Is anyone else who got the update unable to download Nokia Camera? The fact that I've been waiting just for that and still nothing really pisses me off.

Okay so I'm a N00b with my 822. Just got it today. Awesome device but even though I know I've got this latest update already, I'm not seeing ANYTHING about Glance in my settings. Thought it was supposed to be in the display+touch menu but all I see there is an option to turn the high sensitivity on or off. HELP!!!!

Is anyone having problems receiving texts longer than 160 characters after installing the Black update?