Vodafone cancels HTC Trophy Tango update due to WiFi issue

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Bad news if you're on Vodafone and were yearning for that Windows Phone 7 Tango refresh. The update was originally due in July but that time has since come and gone with no update. Now Vodafone has confirmed in a blog post that Tango has been canceled:

"Roll out of this update has been canceled. We have now been advised that this update will not be rolling out to Vodafone customers globally. This is due to a critical WiFi issue identified during testing in an overseas market. We expect the fix for this issue to be included in a future update but do not have any information on delivery timeframes."

The good news is it sounds like whatever issue there is with WiFi in Tango will be addressed for the planned 7.8 update, which Vodafone will most likely roll out. On the other hand that update still months away for current users.

Source: Vodafone; Thanks, prodromos, for the tip


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Vodafone cancels HTC Trophy Tango update due to WiFi issue


WiFi works fine on my Trophy here in the US with the tango update. What's different overseas about the wifi?

"Were sorry, your half a year old update will come next year due to WiFi issues." - And i thought companies don't troll consumers.

Truth be told I was so looking forward to the update on my hd7 and indeed my WiFi works with less than half the WiFi spots... :'(

WiFi fine in the UK on my trophy. Mainland EU have one or two channels not allowed, but that's no big deal to localise. Complete rubbish Vodafone.

FYI on wifi prob. My HTC HD7 after the last update fried the phone's wifi to the point where, I have to turn wifi on, then off twice before it works. Never works first time. EVER!

Since the Tango update + HTC update on my HTC Titan, WiFi isn't working fine anymore (like Bleutooth also but that's another story... It deactivate himself and bug ALWAYS)... I must be much more closer of the WiFi spot so my phone can connect... When will the 7.8 update arrive so the problems are going away??

This will be because Vodafone like to charge for tethering. Why they persist with this is beyond me (or why their customers persist with them).
Seriously, you're having to pay for tethering and it's causing updates to be horribly delayed. One of the reasons I left Vodafone(UK). The other reason is that i don't want to give money (that I have earned after paying my taxes) to a company who don't pay their taxes.

While this just sound wierd, I do feel that WiFi never really worked flawless for Windows Phone in general. There have always been something from phone to phone (used 4 of em) although tiny, always that something. So lets hope that WiFi is "finished" in WP8 :-D

Vodafone Australia is useless as well. They just received the award for worst customer service. Way to go Vodafone.