What do you do with a cracked Windows Phone screen?

Cracked Windows Phone Screen

It is a situation none of us wants to go through. We lose our grip and find our Windows Phone bouncing down the sidewalk or we find ourselves in another nightmare situation that sends our Windows Phone into harm's way. The end result often finds our screen cracked or shattered.

Windows Phone Central forums member coip has started a discussion asking what to do with a cracked screen. His wife dropped her Nokia Lumia 928 and cracked the screen. With 9 months left on the contract, the options they are considering include living with the cracked screen, buy a used Windows Phone to make it to the end of the contract or upgrade early to either the HTC One M8 or Lumia Icon.

The response generally support upgrading with it being close to 50/50 as to which would be the better choice, the HTC or Icon. I may have missed it but there were no recommendations to live with the cracked screen or to replace the screen and continue to use the Lumia 928.

Continuing to use the Lumia 928 with a cracked screen can be a dangerous endeavor even with a screen protector covering the cracked glass (as illustrated in the video below). Personally, I dropped my Lumia 1020 and cracked the screen across the bottom quarter of the screen rendering the phone unusable.

I opted to replace the screen at the local UBreakIFix store. It was cheaper than getting a new Windows Phone at non-contract pricing but the phone never felt the same. Everything works fine but the feel of the phone just felt odd. I ended up picking up the Lumia 925 and probably should have just done that from the start.

But what say you? Is a cracked screen the cue to get a new Windows Phone or something you live with or fix? And while we wish no harm on any of our readers, if you did crack your screen and opted for a new phone what would it be?

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What do you do with a cracked Windows Phone screen?



If you actually crack your screen on one of the expensive Lumias, walk over to a Microsoft store and get your phone replaced with a new one for $100. And if you originally bought it at the Microsoft store, then it will cost you $50. Forget replacing screens.

but i brought from flipcart last week in india in chennai.

it got cracked at th top and its touch is unresponsive now.

can i get a new one from store....





Our yellow lab got a hold of my wife's yellow 920 and cracked the screen trying to bring it to her.
I cut my finger on the glass.
We have the insurance on our phones, so I called AT&T they gave me the # to assurion, the women on the phone offered her either a replacement of what she has or a brand new 925 but only in black so she took the 925 for $125.00.
Sweet :) and now she has a 1520 and we gave her 4 month old 925 away, that's how we are.
So my new friend Paul and his wife is are new friends, we gave it to his wife.

This is ridiculous. Nokia have a fantastic network of repair shops. Just look on the Nokia website for your local Nokia Care centre. My wife's 820 screen was replaced, and my 920 screen replaced this way. Both took some breaking! In each case, the parts were in stock and done as a while you wait. It was pretty reasonable, maybe £60 or £70 all in as a Nokia standard service.

Not in the US. I've heard of Nokia's wonderful repair centers, but in the US they don't exist, and unless you purchased a $10/month warranty on your phone, you're out of luck and have to go to one of these cracked screen vendors that do an ok job at best. If you do have the warranty, the deductible is still between $50 to $200 depending on the phone.

Yeah they do but it's not Nokia Centre they send the damaged phones to a Microsoft facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The same place where they fix broken Xbox 360s.

In canada they dont even repair 360's they just swap them for refurbished ones. The company that handles that repairs blackberry's in Mexico

Well, since nokias are officially available only through carriers, it's also up to them to fix it; unless microsoft extends nokia support to their stores too, one day.

They do exist in the US.  My wife dropped her 820 and is was repaired, including the digitzer, for about $100.  All you have to do is mail it in and they fix it and mail it back.  Took about a week, IIRC.

i bought my Icon at the Microsoft Store a few months ago, got the $100 complete warranty.  just a week ago it fell from 4 feet off concrete, hit perfectly on the edge corner of the phone vertically  (the worst way for a phone to land). shattered but still usable. got a new phone with the $50 deductible. that warranty covers 2 years and i think it's a max of 2 replacements per year. you need the insurance for a phone!!!

Actually, if you go to Nokia's website, they show palcocellphonerepair.com, as their recommended, authorized repair agent, in the United States. You pay up front, and send them your phone, and they do the repair and ship it back to you. Using genuine OEM parts. After my daughter broke my three week old 1520's screen, I sent it to them and the phone was OEM perfect when they returned it. Cost me $190, with insured, return shipping, and intact warranty, while the local fixit chain quoted me $365, for the same repair.

I can vouch for Nokia Care Centre. They replaced the screen on a phone I had in under an hour. I would say insure your phone though. I'm glad I did since I dropped my 1520 yesterday, the excess was much cheaper than the repair!

I Russia Nokia have no any service at all. In any guarantee case of repair you need to go weird garage companies. And you know, 920 and 1520 screens replacement costs here more than 200$. It's 3 times more iPhone 5s screen replacement cost. At least it's unfair.

Some people I know have fixed their screen for around 80 dollars in Mexico (third party repair shop). The carrier usually bills you around 200 dollars.

WOW, @ZloiYuri you're here now too! So hating on WP and Microsoft is not enough anymore for you at WMP, you moved now in here. Do you know that another hater from WMP who goes by the name DMC also moved in here? LOL I guess everybody over at WMP already know you two so you are both here now where nobody knows you two yet.

Got my 920 fixed via the official Nokia repair centre here in the UK too. My repair was last month. Service was super fast & slick. Price was around £120 all in. The price was exactly the same for my friend's 1520. In the meantime we had both bought replacement phones, so now we both have 2 :-)

Nokia repair have a screen/digitiser fixing service on ebay in the UK. I posted my 820 off to their place in Scotland and had it back within a few days. It cost me £50.
However I suspected they had replaced it with a second hand screen (because of a very faint blemish when turning on the phone) so I complained, and they gave me a £10 discount. That was a year ago and it still works perfectly!

£60-£70 you must be joking. I cracked my screen last year, L925. It cost me £150 at my local Nokia Care in Manchester, and took over 2 weeks to get it back

Nokia Care in the Arndale is a joke. Sorry I mean Samesung Service Centre.
Spoke to them a couple of times over stuff with my 925 and they weren't remotely interested. So much easier packing it off with Vodafone and getting a new handset a week later.
A real Nokia Care centre is in Chester, brilliant service - but they put a fingerprint under my camera lens which caused me some problems and I'm not often in Chester.

Ok so if i just spent all my savings in a phone that fell and shattered, im not spending even MORE money to get one of the most expensive one (icon). I will have to live with the broken screen or without a phone at least for a year till i save up again. Money just doesnt grow from trees you know?

Or do what anyone with common sense would do, shell out £7 monthly for the network to insure the handset and if anything goes wrong its £25 to fix it.
Or get a bank account that does it - £10 monthly for European wide car breakdown cover, extended white goods/large electrical warranty, phone insurance and worldwide travel insurance including winter sports.
I'd rather pay £84 a year and not need it or notice it, than cough up £150 in one go when I don't have it. Using a broken phone isn't good for me, my image or the prospects of promoting Windows Phone or any other OS - look at all the broken ifails and how people rip them for always being shattered, barely anyone I know with any iphone has escaped a full contract without breaking them. They aren't made to be durable and for me that affects my prospects of ever considering it as an actual contender for my money.

Here here. I have the extra cover on my home contents insurance through Direct Line and it covers all handsets we have at home. Sure, there is an excess to pay but that is far cheaper than shelling out for the full cost of the repair.
Also, two phones we have are on contract from Virgin Mobile which includes insurance as part of the monthly tariff.
It is definitely worth paying insurance just for piece of mind.

Switch carriers, some offer contract buyouts. Better yet, just buy phones outright and get cheaper prepaid plans.

My 1020 screen broke, but it was the digitizer underneath, not the actual glass. It would have been 140 to fix, but I embedded up just buying a new Lumia 1020.

Digitizer is part of the glass (they are one unit), the display is separate... Sounds like your display broke, not the digitizer.

I had the same happening to my 920. The screen was fine, but the digitizer stopped working. No visual damage to the glass.

Most of the newer devices have an LCD that's fused to the glass/digitizer. So when you break the glass you have to shell out $200 for a new lcd/digitizer/glass assembly.

My 920 screen has cracks at the bottom left corner. I had the crack since 2 months ago. If the crack was all over the screen, don't spend anything above $150. That's the cost of a new phone. Windows phone as well.

I've had two cracked 920's...in both cases, it was cheaper to buy a new one...screen repairs in America cost $250-$300 because the screen and display must both be replaced...in one case, I sent it off to a company and they returned it after two weeks because they couldn't get the part...A new one cost me $200 on Amazon

I have had 3 smashed 920s ordered new digitizers for less than $60 a piece. Replaced and they were OEM. Now I have 2 smashed 920s and I can't find that vendor anymore. Most of the ones on Amazon say they are not OEM in the reviews. I have been living with the smashed glass for about 6 months now. My wife even longer. Will probably just wait for the 930.

Maybe I should've been more clear...I bought a new phone on Amazon for $200...a 920, four months later, I bought a new 1520, which I currently have now...I still have two smashed 920's...I gave my good one to my sister-in-law

That's what I did for my 928, screen/digitizer cost about $125 but I installed it easily with a video from YouTube. It was very simple to do. I'd opt for fixing it. My screen works well and hasn't changed my experience. If anything it brought me closer to my phone in making sure it doesn't happen again.

My HTC 8x gas a cracked screen. It would have cost 140 to replace it so I'm just going to bare with it til I can get another

My partner's 8X got a cracked screen. Had the insurance on it and, with the deductible (which decreases now apparently if you don't use it on AT&T), it was only a little more than $60. Best part was they replaced the 8X with a Lumia 925. I think insurance is definitely worth it now for people who are accident prone

That's a situation I was in. $150 to replace an 8X screen or $50 for a 925 upgrade. The choice was simple. I'm still thinking of fixing the screen myself. . .

You can replace it for $25 and it comes with the tools to remove and replace... I've seen glass for the 928 for as little as $6, but I doubt it comes with the digitizer, which is required, so I don't think its legit... But $25 isn't much. If the LCD is broken, then your looking at nearly $100 to replace.

Being that this is Verizon, go online, add phone insurance to your account. Go into Verizon store the next day and get it replaced on your new insurance.

Insurance phones are refurbished by Asurion and are often water damaged or otherwise not 100%.  Repair is a much better option seeing as though it is a one time price versus paying an additional fee forever and ever.

One word: Verizon. They're ripping us off regardless. Anyway, you keep the insurance seeing as how you should have had it in the first place which is why you would you be in this predicament.
Think of it as a pre-existing condition. And, I've subsidized enough Obama-phones, they owe me at least one.

My daughter's iPod is still in a pile of issues because of easy to get parts and a video that shown is getting replaced in 15 minutes. I'll get an used phone before attempting that again.

I just have sprint add insurance again and pay a deductible, as long as it can still function long enough to make a call.

How does replacing the screen make it not feel the same... Just an odd thing say. How did it feel different? Was it thicker, not as responsive, heavier... I just don't get it George!

As for me, I replaced my screen when it was cracked and it wasn't as responsive ..... but Ok. Better than the cracked responsive one.

It is really just a mind thing, not that it add r take from the phone as you imply, I had my phone screen crack before, even though I did a manual replacement it just wasn't the same, the worst thing is I had just bought the phone, but I was lucky after replacing the screen I called ATT tell them the phone wasn't working properly and they did an exchange.

It's often more than just in your mind. Sometimes they don't align or seat it properly, so it's not flush with the edge or sticks out fractionally. Sometimes the glass has a different finish, especially if it's third party glass. For instance the glass on the 930/Icon is polished for 70 hours to get it so silky-smooth, so it's unlikely that a third-party glass (if one was ever available) would be the same.

I would beg to differ.  If you get your phone replaced by professionals it should come out the exact same way it was before the break.

Absolutely, it *should*. But the fact is that it often doesn't. Even official Nokia repair centres get it wrong sometimes. You can always take it back to get it done again.

Again, as someone who has been doing phone repair for 2 and a half years I can't disagree more. It is hardly a fact that repairs "often" don't come out right. Sounds more like a personal anecdote or opinion to me.

I spent over two years working as Nokia rep and one of the constant issues I dealt with were the Nokia repair stores not re-assembling phones as well as they came from the factory. Either loose, rattling, glass out of place, etc. And that's with the official repair centres; this article is referring to third-party centres which can range from professional to dubious.

I completely agree that it shouldn't happen, and that a good repair agent won't make these mistakes, but to say it doesn't happen is wholly incorrect.

I beg to differ again... I have found purchasing the screen chassis,glass and LCD as one unit on eBay and doing it yourself, ends up with a better finish than getting "professionals" to re-glue a new glass to the LCD... Although the first option is a little more expensive, it is almost guaranteed a perfect finish.

That is "if" you don't end up with substandard parts... I agree with Nik Rolls, to presume all repair agents operate at a high level is the same as presuming all crisp packets sold have the same amount crisps in them and are all the exact same size without any sort of deviation whatsoever.

Solution, Look at part upon arrival and send back if poor quality... You can buy genuine Nokia replacements on eBay... And if you buy the whole assembly as I mentioned above, it is a no brainer, bolt on, push plug connections easy repair that you have done yourself (usually with more care and less corner/cost cutting) at your convenience!

No its not. Not if you're going to a reputable place. I own an electronics repair shop and I strive to treat every phone as if it were my own. My repairs don't feel any different than stock although I've worked on lots that others repaired in my area and they are definitely sub-par.

I purchased a replacement "genuine" "OEM" glass for a Lumia 920 and discovered that it didn't have the Clear Black filters and there was lots of banding--unacceptably bad for me. I ended up returning it and purchasing a used phone with a good screw. Apparently the only source for new genuine Nokia parts is Nokia repair. :/

I replace my nokia 720 glass. I can see a far different color therm. And it slighly dimmer. Touch is fine as long you dont broke the touch digitizer as well.

I replaced the screen on a friends 920, it is the first thing put in the phone. It was the hardest repair I've done. If you ruin the double sided gasket tape it'll probably never be the same. There's replacement tape, but its not the one piece OEM part. An OEM replacement of that gasket is what's missing, imo.

Get another, as at the cost of replacing the screen at a phone shop you can buy another 520. Unless you opt to Change the screen yourself.

Get. A 630. Replacing a screen for 520 will cost u $30 or maybe more than that. It's better getting another phone that's 630,525,530 or wait for 730,830 to launch.

I've purchased two Samsung ativ odyssey phones, from eBay, for less than $50, each.
I sold my broken phones, also on eBay.
I've broken every gorilla glass phone that I've owned 8x and 928).
When the time comes, to upgrade, I'll probably go with the icon.
The optical image stabilization just makes to much of a difference, to me.

Insurance isn't worth it, to me.
$10/month, plus $100 for the replacement.
That's a load of crap.
Unless you must have that latest, greatest, it's a ripoff.

That's why I loved my N8. I had it in my pocket and it started ringing. I tried to get it out quick but it slipped out of my hand and went up above my head and landed screen side down on the concrete. All that happened was a few scratches on the chrome bit around the screen and nothing else. Have dropped my 1020 a couple of times. It is still fine but the camera surround scratches really easily

Because most people like their phones to be slim, light weight and trendy lol. So they have to make them like they do to make the sales. Samsung have endless sales with their galaxies and everybody I know that had one had suffered from cracked screen syndrome. My mum and dad both have one and they both have cracked screens. You sneeze on a galaxy and the screen cracks

Lol sorry was supposed to be a joke. Don't know if u r from the UK but there is always adverts on the Tele about replacing your car windscreen if it had a crack. It is free if you have fully comprehensive car insurance but anyways, no way would I claim on house insurance unless maybe if it was stolen

Gotcha! from Aus, we have the same deals with one windscreen repair per year on most car insurance here too. I know someone here who has replaced her phone when she dropped it with he contets insurance.. I offered to fix it for her but she said no and next time I saw her she had a new handset... Worked well for her but I think it would be different in most cases.

The HTC one m8 is a decent upgrade and has a better weight distribution from the blocky icon. However the icon has a much better camera and has Qi just lacks the mSD card which the m8 has. On the flipside the M8 doesn't have Qi.

I've tested and distributed the HTC one M8 to one of my client users and I just can get used to the on screen buttons and no dedicated camera button as well as lack of apps and support provided with the Lumia line. If you can live without those things, go for it!

I agree with you. I really like the way it feels and the 1080p resolution, but the lack of a dedicated camera button is a significant issue for me. I hate having to look at the screen to figure out where to click instead of having the button that's more akin to a real camera button with focus half way through, and capture picture after that.

Qi isnt everything. Until we aren't tethered for things that use alot of power. @ least with the m8 you've got charging cradles & power cases. Plus whenever distributors decide to deliver on qc 2.0 well get a boost that qi cant yet provide

Not if bought through Microsoft, I picked up my 1020 at the MS store and added their 2 year protection and it covers full replacement even for a cracked screen.

Insurance is kind of a ripoff.  You pay them over $100 a year and they still charge you a deductible to make a claim.  Best part is, they are sending you a phone that they refurbished themselves so there is really no difference between that phone and one you get repaired.  Additionally, I have seen countless phones come from Asurion that are water damaged or otherwise crappily put together.

Buy a cheap used one. Happened to my GF, broke her 8x but because Verizon doesn't have any cheap pay as you go WP like Tmo or Att, we opted for a new 822 from Newegg (200$) instead of getting an equivalent replacement for 400-500$. If this was on Tmo or Att just get a 635 until you can get an upgrade but because this is Verizon either replace the screen (~50-100$ with possibility of screwing it up), buy used (100-300$ depending on what you want), buy new (400-500$), or switch carriers (etf but you can get a cheaper replacement).

I once replaced a cracked display on Lumia 620 myself. It was a $20 purchase from Ebay. Not too difficult. There is a bunch of youtube videos on how to disassemble Lumia phones.

I tried repairing a cracked screen on my HTC 8x. Safe to say it didn't go well. I ended up getting a Lumia 1020. It's to bad you have to throw out a perfectly good phone over a cracked screen. Will phone blocks ever take off?

Here's a good tip for people with personal bank accounts, I think they are called current accounts, where you put money in the account which you make every month, in bout sure if you have to play for these accounts or not, but these accounts normally come with perks such as travel insurance or phone insurance, so after my dad smashed his 820, we registered his phone with his bank account and they replaced the screen and Might have also refurbished the phone for free, that would be my choice, or just buy a cheap 520/530, until you can get a better model. And I would choose the HTC M8 for Windows, because the specs are better, the metal is nice to hold and dot view case, although, I do Love a Nokia!!! :p

I replaced the cracked screen of my old Lumia 720 (it was a couple of months new), it was not cheap (150 usd) but it felt like new. Of course it was expensive but cheaper than buying a new one

Unless you cracked the LCD, you should have only needed to replace the screen and digitizer combo, which cost about $25... If the display works but the screen is just cracked, then you just need that, if the display is also broken, cracked, black, off colors, then you replace the LCD as well... But even that should have cost about $100...

I think it was just the screen, now that you mention it,I saw way cheaper options (local fixers) but this one showed me different types of replacements, he explained to me how the cheap ones dim the screen, the touch sensitivity and the bezel quality suffers. I know he kind kind of robbed me but I didn't care, I needed my phone good as new and fast and he delivered. Needless to say,I use ugly covers ever since. Now I have a 1020 that looks like your average Android...

You can just call 718-361-1161 or go to 34-12 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11101 if your in NYC. You can get a price on the replacement of the glass. Easy fix - 6 month warranty (bonded). Phone will look new and
we specialize in phone repair so there won't be any different feel as described in the article. If we break it, your phone is replaced NEW. Extra love given to my windows phone peeps! Ask for Terry! C.P.R Astoria

I cracked my 930 literally a week after I bought it so gutted, how much would it cost to get my screen replaced?

IPhone 6... Might have a sapphire glass....so that would help with dropped phones.....windows phone should get the same

As long as the new screen is an official part it should feel the same. I've cracked my 920 screen and had it replaced for £90, it felt the same but they did guarantee they used official parts.

Well I use thick cases made of rubber they add grip, and take the shock when I do drop my phones one being the lumia520 and other the galaxy note 2.
Yes there's a guy in my office who broke his Lumia520 display, and got it fixed from outside, double tap to wake doesn't work any more.
Yes so be more careful, after all its a slab of glass. And a flip cover is next to useless, a rubber case with raised ridges around the screen has a better chance of survival.
I did once use a thick screen guard on my galaxy note, and I realised it lead to reduced touch sensitivity and the stylus became unusable (I use that a lot)
Armour cases are also a good choice but a grippy rubber or silicon case is a better bet as per my experience

I dropped my 920 off the roof while working and I bought another online for 50$ and replaced the digitizer and screen myself. Just follow le55on on YouTube. It took me thirty minutes. It was the first time I ever open a phone.

My 8X has a broken lock button, meaning the only way to unlock the phone is to use the camera button, and the only way to lock it is to wait for the screen to time out. Any idea what I would do to fix that?

My wife and friend both cracked thier 1020s. I ordered the part (entire LCD screen for 150 each) and replaced the screen to both phones. It was very easy.

jsnod25, you keep saying $25. When the glass and LCD are fused together, the recommended repair is to replace the whole assembly. You're looking a a couple hundred dollars on the high end phones, not $25. A normal user here, is not going to have the equipment to properly separate the LCD from the glass, plus the mold, plus the LOCA glue, much less the experience. Whether or not they repair or replace will be different for each user.

Fix it! My Daughter cracked her screen on her 810 and didn't want to downgrade to the 520 and I did not want to have to pay for the 925, and she wasn't happy with the fixed memory of the 925 either. So she took it to the repair shop and it cost about $80, they got a bad screen from the vendor first time around but second time around it was like getting a new phone. And for a phone that still sells for about 200-300 $80 is a steal.

We sent a client's Nokia Lumia 1520 to Nokia for repair which was rather cheap compared to Apple which if I recall correctly it was approx £100 here in UK, they did something wrong which stopped the vibration however Nokia repaired this after sending it back to them so all back to how it was thanks to Nokia's fantastic service.

I wouldn't know as I've yet to crack a phone screen. Funny though every cracked screen I see is on a galaxy or iPhone.

My wife cracked her SGS III screen to the point the screen no longer came on. She was still able to swipe to answer but nothing else, took it to T-Mobile and just paid the $150 deductible and upgraded her to the Samsung Note 3 (She hates Windows Phones).
But had I known I would have fixed the screen for $70 at our local Swap Shop and then upgraded and saved myself $80.
Live and learn I guess.

I cracked my 920 and good thing I had insurance by asurian thru AT&T I think. $6.99 a month. I got it replaced for $199.

U got screwed my att deductible was 125 and I told them the phone was destroyed so I kept the cracked one fixed the screen now I have two 920s like new so I got two phone for 225 not including fixing the screen

Holy crap!!! My deductible is $50 ($4.99 a month) on AT&T. but I also have insurance through DirecTV which covers all my phones, my computers/tablets and my TVs for $12.99 a month, and no deductible....

Last year, one of my friends dropped his Lumia720 and got the cracked screen fixed at Nokia Care India at about Rs 6,500 (INR). (Cost of new phone was around Rs 18,000)

He wad lucky to get it replaced for 6.5k because when I tried in Bangalore Nokia care they asked me for 8k. So I went with a different service centre and that fellow did replace it for 6k but damaged the magnetometer, vibrator, camera button, down volume button, and it started heating up. After all this my frnd dropped the phone again and the screen broke once again. Now using it for past four months, sometime it freezes and I've to remove the case and unplug the battery cable because soft reset does not work without down volume button. If you can get it replaced from Nokia care for cheap its best option otherwise get a new phone.

Your friend didn't replace the screen for you... What a friend! If I break someone's property, then I feel obliged to fix it or replace it... What's wrong with people these days? If I am not able to accept liability, then I just wouldn't borrow the phone... Just don't loan out your phone, then

For me, it would depend on the damage. My friend cracked his L900 and there was one long crack, but it didn't inhibit the use much. My other friend dropped his L822 on a rock, and the screen shattered. Luckily, his contract ended in a week. For me, I would wait with a small crack but not with a big one. However, I take pride in how well I take care of my phone, and have never cracked the screen (and hopefully never will)

Well, my Lumia 1520 screen cracked across the bottom. Shattered. Phone is useless. I'm now using a 520. The only option I see to fix the 1520 is PALCO. That costs $235. So I guess ill wait until I have the extra cash to do that. Microsoft needs to do something about this. I didn't even drop my device. Very upset and disappointed.

I live in southern California where you can get ANY device screen fixed for 20-150$ There's are placed every where. Except, NONE can fix my 1520. Womp womp. This 520 is bogging down.

I checked ubreakifix and they do not list the 1520 as a device they repair. I'll have to double check that link for the screen/digitizer. No way its $30 for that entire part. My glass and digitizer across the bottom are completely shattered. I'm hesitant to DIY. But not opposed.

uBreakiFix definitely does that repair. Just call whichever location is closest to you and they will get a quote for you.

I cracked my Lumia 1520 too. I sent the phone to be repaired twice and they gave it back with issues every time. My bluetooth and wifi are so weak, I can't use them... The phone will never be the same... :(

Use a cracked screen background and hope nobody notices. Really though, mine has been cracked for better than 6 months. I have been trying to hold out for the next flagship on AT&T. It gets really iffy sometimes with usability. I may have to just get the 1520 until MS releases it's next flagship.

At that point in the Contract I'd buy a used WinPhone 8 on eBay or other site since they don't command a very high price. Possibly another 928, or 822 would work until it was time for an upgrade.  

The one thing Apple is best at, you have to admit, replacing your screen or phone right there in the retail store. If any of us breaks our WPs, we either have to do it ourselves, pay like $200 for a carrier replacement, or get a new phone. Apple charges like $20 to replace the screen and $50 to replace the device. I wish Microsoft did this in their retail stores.

Then again, HTC has HTC Advantage. :)

They do it in house? Because I heard if we order the phone online, it goes through a different company, and it doesn't have Microsoft's warranty. Plus, people with a business plan can't buy contract phones from non-AT&T stores. :'(

Its a reason why I don't see the point buying a high end phone anymore. I'm not going to keep more than a year so why pay a $600 phone when I can get a good mid range for $250. If it brakes then no worries.

I say upgrade because replacing a screen or digitizer is a tricky thing nowadays..
There's a lot to take into consideration..
1. If not product is original or just from some random OEM..
2. If the product includes all of Nokia tech, for example,..the clear black display..
3. If the hardware components are attached properly.. Example the backlight on the home buttons..

Facing all those problems already, I go with upgrade

OEM means original equipment manufacturer, so by definition, it is made by the same manufacturing company that made the original. The clear black is part of the display, and not part of the screen/digitizer combo... So you just have to know what your shopping for, and how to buy... A cracked screen should cost around $25 for OEM. As I've said above, I've seen it for $6 but I doubt it is a legit replacement... But you never know what those Chinese manufacturers can product for such low prices... It might work, but ill go with OEM and not a cheaper replacement...

My 920 felt on a completely hard floor from my pocket height und all that happened was a very unnoticeable scratch at the the left bottom. I thinks Nokias are still as solid as before. Respect.
Ps. No case

Exactly how I feel. While Lumias can still meet very unfortunate ends (especially if the screen lands diagonally on a corner, then it's game over), they are sturdy little bastards.

Which is good, because I'm a klutz. I've never dropped a tablet, laptop or Surface, but I'm always managing to drop phones. I try not to, but stuff always seems to happen during the two seconds I'm not using my camera lanyard. :/

I've realized about some Lumias is while there is no external damage when dropped on a tile floor, for example, there could be internal damage. Like my mom dropped her 920 on a tile floor yesterday, and while the screen and body was fine, the signal in her phone went out, and has no more reception on her 920. :-/

I feel like you're talking about the SIM card being shaken lose. Happens almost every time I drop my 1020 (same thing when I had my 900). Just take it out and put it back in, should work fine.

I just tried that, and tried using my SIM in her tray, her SIM in my tray, and even my SIM in my tray, and still no service. Do you have any other ideas for me to try, or is she screwed?