What Facebook is about to do to your News Feed will SHOCK you!

Facebook, in a decision that could change the course of humanity as we know it, today announced that it's going to "reduce click-baiting headlines." That is, it's going to give less relevance to post with headlines like the one we used on this post, and instead give preference to headlines that actually give facts and allow the reader to choose whether to read the story.

Imagine that.

Writes Facebook:

"Click-baiting" is when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see. Posts like these tend to get a lot of clicks, which means that these posts get shown to more people, and get shown higher up in News Feed.

Facebook says that a survey showed 80 percent of the time "people preferred headlines that helped them decide if they wanted to read the full article before they had to click through. Of course, that doesn't do anything about the fact that we were all gullible enough to click on those links in the first place, but that's neither here nor there.

Facebook today also recommended that publishers share stories not as images with links inserted in the captions, but in the proper link format, with Facebook using hidden metadata to parse out titles and images.

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What Facebook is about to do to your News Feed will SHOCK you!


You are not missing that? The fact someone says that is shocking. I'm still waiting for Youtube and Google Maps! Here Maps sucks very much and those crappy youtube apps as well!

Crappy YouTube apps? CRAPPY YOUTUBE APPS??!! Those YouTube apps are way better than the official one in part because you can download YouTube bids on those apps. You can't with the official app.

As for Here Maps, it could be better I agree, but Here Drive works great.

Jup crappy youtube apps. I have MetroTube, Tubepro, Onetube and 5 other youtube apps. They all suck! Best youtube app was the official one made by Microsoft before it got pulled by Google. THAT WAS AN AMAZING APP! Not these crappy ugly designed third party apps with bad lay out design and everything but simple. I advice you to instal this XAP on your phone unless you got a 1080P phone(it won't work on Lumia 1320 and 1520)


This one was officially made by Microsoft. It was so awesome. AND YES 0 ADVERTIZING AND YOU COULD DOWNLOAD VIDEOS AT HOME AND WATCH THEM LATER. AND THE DESIGN WAS GORGIOUS! That's what you call a Youtube app! Download it! And tell me how awesome it is. It has actually been improved a lot by XDA! This is the reason I hate my Lumia 1520, no support for low res apps!

If you travel at all (which I think the maps are made for anyway) HERE Maps are better than Google maps. If you are around home and have wifi or LTE always on, then Google maps are fine. I have traveled alot with my father in Europe and USA lately. I have WP and he has Android. And my maps have always outperformed Google maps for various reasons. Mostly because of lack of internet access.

google maps need data connection to work ..here drive work in offline mode...ofcourse here drive is better...there is no comparasion grade. 

Yeah hangouts.. What I'd give just for having a proper hangout app.. And I mean a PROPER; IM+ just does the job, but so badly though.. and it's still the best third party available.. 

I did furrow my brow and thought 'This tabloid-like headline does not belong to wpcentral.... Oh of course, I saw the click-bait headline on Facebook earlier!'

You simply "unfollow" that friend. Easy enough. The setting should be in the drop down in the top right corner of one of their posts (on the web interface, I'm not sure if it can be done from the app).

The ONLY reason I clicked the article was to scold and compare this to articles on Engadget or The Verge.... Glad I skim-read the story before I made a fool of myself.

I nearly refrained myself from clicking on this link (as I usually do to clickbaits). Well thankfully WPCentral is still awesome as ever :)

Bata didn't say anything about Google. I believe a combination of Twitter and Instagram is what "the kids these days" are using.

But the present facebook user has more monetary value to Facebook compared to those instagram-twitter using kids. Monetary value is what is important to Facebook, unfortunately or fortunately - you decide.

Yep, because their parents are on FB. The younger generation keeps looking for something more obscure their parents havent discovered yet - or private where the parents cant see what they are doing, like Snapchat.

I dont have facebook anymore because its THE biggest source of irrelevant bs, self promotion, fake news posts and a totally wrong idea of how your life should be compared to the 249 other ultra happy, perfect life friends you have on it. I know its a mouthful

Sounds like the problem is your friends. That content you dont like is what they are posting, not Facebook. You have a lot of control over what gets shown too. You can hide people from your timeline, unfriend, etc.

Never one day did I search for Kim k and there she was in bikinis on holiday. Solution remove FB from my Nokia 625. Problem solved for me.

Can someone explain why the Microsoft Facebook app shows no 3rd party posts. Surely they have access to the main API at this point. If not, Facebook, turn your Windows 8 app into a Universal App please.

I think I like Path better than facebook, Facebook is more like real life now, Everyone is there to annoy you ur ex , friends, neighbors, old school mate n Co.

The worse offender for click bait is the Weather Channel at weather.com.....

Really...I come to see the forecast and I am spammed with ads that say : "You will never belive THIS!!!", "You will NEVER guess what took down that cyclist!", "You've never seen anything like it!" "What makes a nest like THIS???"

Really....the site looks like it is infected with viruses or NSFW!

This is very welcome. Was a bit shocked when I read your headline "now even wpcentral is click baiting" thanks goodness that was only a humoristic decision.

Good. Hopefully I will never see another article from Business Insiders, Seeking Alpha, Forbes, WPMU and others that try to click-bait you with typical anti-MS horseshit headlines.

Yep, pretty much everyone I know is there. I'm not very active, but its a handr framework for finding people and finding out about events your friends are having.

it didnt work, i went to the "why you should buy a surface 2" article instead and now that i dont have anything else to read here am i

Interesting and relevant to those who use facebook, I only have it because some of my friends are facebook addicts... Lol.

I don't care whatever facebook does with its news feed BUT facebook and Microsoft have to concentrate on a serious change of official facebook app of windows phone.It has a lots of lots of flaws.

Facebook admins are completely full of crap if they don't know what advertisers or those that invested for the privilege is up to. They know how they do it.  We just read a story of how Facebook deliberately posted BS stories to gage the publics behavior. No damn way will they ever convince me that the results of those "experiments" are not being disseminated to those same advertisers.  Facebook's Zuckerberg think we are all Suckerbergs.

Clickbate headlines are also free speech and a good marketing tactic.  I guess Facebook doesn't support free speech.  Wait, we already knew that.  That's okay.  They're a private company too and therefore have a right to restrict speech on their platform.  That is why I love the free market.  It's great to see who wins out.

Yet again proving that what people say they want and what they actually want are two completely different things.  Those articles are so easy to spot and yet people keep clicking on them.

What Facebook SHOULD do is do away with click ranking altogether ... just give me my newsfeed in chronological order ... 

The click prioritization thing discriminates against less active posters and less active company pages.

I'm all for free speech, just don't do it right in my face where I can't turn you off. Corollary to free speech is the right to not listen by turning you off.

I use link preview browser addons for this exact reason: Hover a link, open it in a little popup, scroll thru, move on. I hate the clutter that opening tabs for link creates, even though I find myself doing it more and more often. (also partially why I am annoyed by mobile browsing, no hover)

Facebook is bigger and it just focus on people must know about their post what it useful to us,not just running business.

I might actually check my feed more than once a week now. Every time I saw one of those I would get pissed. Got unbearable.

Instagram should be banned. There is to much of social networking now too much its enough. And fb inc should integrate their fb messenger now. We need that fucking good fb integration. Otherwise kill fb inc and google

I wonder how BGR, TMZ, Jalopnik (to some extent) (among other (in)famous click bait sites) will fare after this. Maybe they'll do some proper writing rather than bombastic, half truth blurbs.

Yo estaré sorprendido cuando Facebook deje de desperdiciar su tiempo y entre al juego de los SmartPhones y trate de ganarle a iPhone, Android y WindowsPhone

And again the question is, Do we really need facebook ? Can't we do without it ? Is it so important to post our life on a social network ?

Do people still using Facebook? All friends I know including myself have deleted their accounts long time ago. and it's better for me now that nobody knows my news :D

I guess the writers will tend to post the links on the comments instead of posting them in a real post .....I have seen it alot ... They used to say ,check the first comment to get the link , tricky ha

I was referring to the the official fb app for wp which does not show our friends news feed. What are you talking about?