What's the Word? A picture puzzle of a game

What's the Word?

What's the Word? is a nice Windows Phone puzzle game to pass the time with. What's the Word? presents you with four pictures and you are tasked with figuring out what common descriptive word they share.

I have to admit the puzzles start out really easy but slowly pick up speed and can be somewhat challenging.

What's the Word? is a rather simple game and an equally simple lay out. The main menu has options to jump into the game, view the help section, mute the sound and review the game over in the Windows Phone Store.

What's the Word?

The game has 192 puzzles spread out across nine albums. Albums vary in size and progressively get more challenging. You are given a thumbnail view of each puzzle to let you skip around or you can just start at the first puzzle and work your way through things.

The puzzle page will present you with four pictures with a similar descriptive word. At the top of the page you'll see the album number and your current coin count. Coins are earned as you complete the puzzles and can be used to purchase hints.

Below the pictures is your answer box and letter choices to complete the answer. The Question Mark pulls up your hint options that range from reveal a single letter to remove letters from the letter field (narrows down your choices).

Again, the puzzles start off fairly simple and build in strength. They really never get overly difficult but the game is an entertaining way to pass the time. I can see What's the Word? appealing to a wide age group and it may not be a bad game to add to your Windows Phone Kid's Corner.

What's the Word? is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone that you can pick up here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

What's the Word? A picture puzzle of a game


The "offficial" one on iOS and Android is by Lotum GMBH, so presumably a German company, so this one is a clone, not that it really matters.

Yes a clone. But it doesn't mean it's not as cool. admittedly though the 4Pics 1Word puzzle in iOS and android offers more levels

There's also two more of these type games. Both called 4 pics 1 word. This one has the most reviews.

I got super excited thinking this was gunna be like the old concentraion game I used to play on the pc where the pictures form a word, but after I realised it wasn't I deleted it.

Out of three 4 pics 1 word games on WP, this version has the best presentation but is the least challenging it's almost insulting. It doesn't deserve the pick for review. The others are harder and trickier.

This was the 1st one on windows Phone Marketplace I think. Then about a week later a bunch started popping up that weren't as good.

I like that there's an update about every other week.