Win your very own Nokia-edition Tern bicycle

Win your very own Nokia-edition Tern bicycle

Tern is partnering with Microsoft to give away a Verge P9 Nokia Lumia edition of their foldable bicycles, along with a Nokia Icon. The Nokia Lumia edition of the P9 has a charging station mounted on the handle, letting you charge your Icon while you ride.

The Lumia Icon was introduced in February, exclusively on Verizon. The phone features a 5-inch, 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, and a 20 MP PureView camera. The Icon is currently $99 on-contract at Verizon. The standard Verge P9 bike is a 9-gear foldable bike with an aluminum frame, and is regularly available for $1,100 from Tern.

To enter the contest, you'll need to provide your name, email address, and ZIP code, then answer three questions. The contest is on for another 15 days, so if you want a new bike and a new Icon, head over to the Nokia US Facebook page and enter.

Source: Nokia US on Facebook


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Win your very own Nokia-edition Tern bicycle


You wouldn't ever want a folding bike for BMX.  They're great commuter bikes, but just not going to hold up to the wear and tear of BMX.  (I've got a Dahon folding bike myself - Tern is an offshoot of Dahon after a family rift).

Omg I love WP but Galaxy s5 is killing me. They must add the missing sensors and devices like IR transmitter, heart beat detector, Fingerprint sensor, led indicator, etc. Also more choices with vibrations and ease of access. Ugh I might switch but I feel horrible.

Some reviews I saw (Paul Thurrott i think) said the heartbeat sensor was unreliable and gimmicky as it told him his heart rate and then had no further use for it. He also said the fingerprint sensor was rubbish and rarely worked.

I have a friend who absolutely hates his S5, crashes all the time and nothing really works...

But I guess he was spoiled with the Windows Phone he had earlier ;)

Bad thing is... We don't have any of those things on our windows phones even with the latest ones. We don't have any to show off( except cortana- )

Why do you want something primitive as an IR blaster on a phone? You have old electronics?

I see no use, considering everything is wireless.

Use case: you're lazy and the TV remote is waaaayyyy too much away from you (or lost) => Just use you IR enabled smartphone.
I do this all the time...

You still control your TV with a remote? Just get an Xbox One and use your voice! I love controlling the TV that way, and it'll only get better when full OneGuide support comes to my locale (Canada).

None of those things function as they should in the S5. Just Samsung scrambling to include gimmicky emerging tech so they have a few more bullet points for the box.

At least Apple have the right approach; only include a feature or function if you deem it useful and innovative, and for the love of God, DON'T half arse it.

This is why I don't like Samsung.

Ok, so they're gimmicky. Therefore, I feel more comfy with Windows Phone. Yet, I do wish Microsoft included these features and I bet they could do a better job at it.

I went this week to see the new S5.

After the faith I put in my Nokia, I was wondering when would this toy split into thin sclices! the feel and the looks just don't seem right!

Damn it, there are many countries that are lot more loyal to both Lumia and WP, why are they still so unfairly focused on the US?! Italy, China, India, post-Soviet, Mexico, Brazil, UK finally... Why?!
US WP share can't still get out of 3% BTW, but all the tasty things are still made for the US, not even Canada.

And what is this reason? Why to release a top phone only for one carrier of one country? I really don't know, can't see the reasons.

Those kind of promotions are supposed to atract new customers in struggling markets. There's no point in wasting marketing money in regions where Nokia is doing fine.

There are no regions where WP or Lumia is doing fine. Why not to focus on regions where they are doing less bad? And if under doing fine you meant doing less bad, why are Canada, Germany and Japan stay out of this? ONLY US do get this.

Obviously their working hard to consume more market share here so the promos are done here as it is prime time for them ss the Galaxies are loosing their appeal and the iPhone is stagnate. Wp8 needs a much better perception out here as most people tend to think of them as lesser devices.

Yeah because Europe, Asia and Russia are such small markets.. Please shut up about 'prime market'. Remember that you must keep customers too, or else they leave again

Tell it to Chinese and Japanese. 1st are 1 bln, second are payable lot more than EU, US and post USSR all together.

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Actually read a persons comment before you go running off at the mouth and Please, be more polite about it.
If you cannot at least be polite then you "Fade_z" eat your own words and just shut up.

Yes and its powered by the constant dick pics you send her using the Nokia Pocket Magnifier app.

Exactly!! I have better things to do with my time than read people whining and posting pictures of whatever it is they're eating. Same goes for Twitter, Instagram and Google+. I have absolutely no use for them.